A Brief History of Oppression

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Driving back from King Richards faire the other night I overheard one of my sons friends who I had stored in the trunk say that Massachusetts was such a left wing state, and I bit my tongue!!

I was going to entitle this little article a brief history of left wing politics but after doing my best Oscar Wilde impression and spending all morning pitting in a comma and the afternoon taking it out, I settled on the oppression option as I guess in the end that is what right wing politics amounts to.

So for all the tea party idiots out there who drank so much cool aid that it intoxicated them let me explain a few relevant realities re left wing politics.

First just because China or the Soviet Union decide to label their oppressive regimes as socialist or communist doesn’t mean that they are anything of the type.

The Soviet Union may have been a socialist state for like 5 minutes when the idea was first perceived but in reality the Soviet Union was a far right oppressive regime masqurading under the guise of socialisim, kinda like the wolf in sheeps clothing.

Calling the Soviet Union or China left wing socialism or communism is like calling gang rape serial love making.

It is unfortunate that we live in a world where total ignorance rules the day, where total dolts rule by feeding the masses fabricated lies masquerading as rhetoric and the saddest thing of all is that the masses will gladly believe anything that their puppeteers tell them without question.

A brief inquiry into left wing leanings will reveal that they are most prevalent in areas of higher learning. In fact the prevalence of  education appears to lead to open mindedness which is the fertile ground of left wing ideals.

I would like to add that a university degree does not necessarily imply learning. The one size fits all model that presently operates within our society discriminates against individuality in favor of spewing out prefabricated idiots to fill the cubicles of those driven insane by the corporate version of the battery hen farm.

The same kids in the rear of my car who scolded Massachusetts left wing leanings appeared to have great difficulty swallowing the Patriot act which if examined carefully is more akin to something that would have originated in the Soviet Union or China than in the cradle of democracy.

Right wing politics is the politics of oppression and just because you label a rose as a daffodil doesn’t mean that it will not fill the room with fragrance.

Go figure!!

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