A Brief History of Pick Pockets

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Good morning girlfriends! Are you awake yet! Where you ever awake my sleeping beauties!

Just a little note to let y’all know that you and your children’s children are getting so screwed that it’s not funny.

To the chase—-

In mother Ireland which has been cleared of all shrubbery to make way for cattle there are no “bushes to hide behind” and being honest Ireland’s politicians make Pinocchio look honest, so they didn’t even try to hide their actions when the established “NAMA” the National Asset Management Agency.

The National Asset Management Agency or NAMA is a cross between a dustbin and an ATM machine. Basically a bank dumps a non performing assets which it has acquired through foreclosure or repossession into the dustbin “NAMA” and the dustbin/NAMA spits out enough cash to cover all the banks losses and expenses.

America being America the land of the free and all, proclaims liberty and justice for all under God. Well God must be rolling in his grave to think that he was crucified for this lot.

You see in the financial epicenter of capitalism, lying thieving cheats like Pinocchio wear a type or Burga to conceal their immense noses.

Did you know that we are in recovery, did you know that the banks are doing good, did you know that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are de facto federal agencies owned and operated by the Federal Government of the United States of America.

Better yet did you know that the American word for NAMA is Fannie Mae.

The federal government of the United States of America is in fact the:

  • largest owner of foreclosed homes in the history of earth
  • the moving party in almost all eviction cases involving foreclosed homeowners in the US

All foreclosed homes  in the United States or repossessed homes in Ireland which are not worth what is owed on them are transferred to the State. The preceding statement is fact that should be fiction but in our sorry world it is reality that you, me and our children pay through the teeth for the ugly side of capitalist.

Imagine that Irish and American taxpayers are paying attorneys to foreclose on average working taxpaying people who are causalities of a financial meltdown that they had no hand act or part in creating.

And then the taxpayer funds the eviction of their fellow taxpayers and neighbors, and this is to underpin the fallacy “too big to fail” tell that one to the dinosaurs.

So I know that no one reads this blog except some spam bot in Russia. The sleeping masses nourished on drip fed rhetoric by a malignant media may deserve what they get but do unborn children deserve to be asked to pay the bill for robber barons just because they fund the election of our politicians.

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