A Brief History of White Sharks

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The Analogy

For the more seriously deluded of you out there this is an analogy so try to put your preconceived stupid accepted beliefs on hold for a moment and you might learn something re the reason that your stupid life sucks!!!

The Law of the Ocean.

So there is the ocean and white sharks patrol it in an incessant search for fools who break the laws of survival and changes their description from seal or human to shark food.

The funny thing about the ocean is that there are no boundaries to entry you just mosey up to the shore line and enter.

And as any beach goer knows your chances of getting eaten by a white shark are slim.

However your chances of getting eaten by a white shark increase if you insist on swimming with seals and increase further if you dress up as a seal in a black wet suit and float around on a board waggling your hands and feet doing your best seal impression.

The law of the ocean simply states that you can do what you want if you are prepared to accept any and all consequences,  however if you exercise some caution you will in all likelihood come to no harm.

The Law of Society.

Being a well conditioned, well adjusted member of society I have fumbled and floundered from here to there mostly sideways, occasionally backwards and the main and only reason is this; to use the ocean analogy, I have been remiss to go into the water for fear of being eaten by a patrolling white shark.

Like the ocean society is there free for anyone who cares to enter.

Like the ocean there are rules that you must follow in order to survive.

Unlike the ocean there are laws that someone made up to keep you from doing stuff that limits their (not your) ability to thrive.

Because we are human and top of the food chain, with no natural enemies other than other people, it is deemed necessary by people who want to assume power and control over all resources, which happens to include the vast majority of humans, to create threats in the form of laws to keep the majority under control and allow them (the tiny minority) carte blanche freedom to do as they please.

Most people are so afraid of the consequences threatened by these created laws/rules that they limit their actions and possibilities.

However just like the ocean if you obey one or two essential rules you can do what you want with impunity. Remember that the law of society in most cases are merely unenforceable threats designed to force compliance by playing on the natural fear of the unknown.

Rules that are man made are hype that rely on the gullibility/ignorance of the observer for compliance. It is the urban myth status of the law enforcement community that convinces the gullible majority to comply with rules/laws that are not in their best interest, that where in fact written with only the interest and welfare of a tiny minority in mind.

This is the minority which controls the government by deciding who gets elected.

Get to the Point You’re Boring me

Within society law acts out the role that the white shark holds in the ocean.

However the white shark in the ocean is a natural predator created by God or the universe or whatever, whereas law created by society is merely a threat that relies  on arrest and conviction for enforcement, but more on conditioning and fear for compliance, and remember that compliance is the goal of the legislators who write the laws that control the majority in favor of the minority.

Without the threat there is no  urgency or need to comply with societal laws.

The Premise

Is there a greater possibility of being eaten by a shark in the ocean or being tried and convicted of a breach of law by society.

Seeing as most reported crime goes unsolved and almost all solved crimes come as a result of third party “tip offs” sometimes referred to as “rats” it would appear that any crime comitted with absence of witnesses has zero possibility of detection and/or conviction.

Therefore it would appear that it is far safer to break societal laws  than to swim in the ocean.

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