A New American Revolution

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After 8 years of Bush and 8 years of Obama it should be patiently obvious to anyone who cares to look beyond the hype that the problem facing America isn’t who or which party is in power but the actual system itself.

That is why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have so much support, they are outsiders with a message that says the system is corrupt and isn’t serving the American people.

As presently set up the governing system is the USA is totally about protecting capital, hence capitalism.

What seems to be forgotten in all this is that America is just a piece of land that doesn’t need to be governed, What makes up and comprises the United States is 300+ million people.

As Clinton famously said to George Bush senior “Its the economy stupid”. Well if you think the economy is money and wall street and banks then you are missing the fact that the economy is actually the 300+ million who are the bricks and mortar that make America. Take away the people and there is no economy.

The present political system is set up to serve the very few who control the money and totally ignore the vast majority who are the actual country, the actual economy. Without main street there is no wall street.

Right now in late February 2016 we are seeing a political revolution in America happening right in front of our eyes. In October perhaps the establishment will win out but the need for change won’t go away until Washington realizes that they aren’t elected by money, rather they are elected by people, people they are supposed to be representing.

The revolution will happen and it will be won by the people regardless if it is at the ballot box or on the streets, we can only hope that the politicians wise up and start representing the people who vote rather than the few who pay.

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