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Below are the blog posts from my previous Foolish Fish attempt on typepad.

March 01, 2009

Who is Fooling Who

The thing that amazes me most about the world now that I have finally matured enough to see past my nose is how absolutely stupid people are. Even the most apparently successful amongst us are so blind to reality that it is obvious success comes down to a mixture of blind luck and DNA which in itself is pure luck.

When I look at TV I am totally amazed by the one sided rubbish that passes for news. American media news is no more than magazine at best, tabloid at worst. News from an American media perspective is propaganda.

If American media is controlled by Rupert Murdoch and American public opinion is controlled by the media doesn’t it naturally follow that American public opinion is shaped if not controlled by the venerable Mr Murdoch.

From the perspective of a disillusioned dreamer, I hold out little hope for the failing empire that is America, when it’s people are intent on believing what they want in the face of a reality that is saying the opposite.

A military that hasn’t prevailed in a conflict since WW2. A world perspective that still believes that it is the big brother to the rest of the world sticking its fingers in where it can do no good. If the people of Columbia want a change then why is the US State department sending military personnel to prop up a regime that is not popular. Like always the people will prevail and they will remember who their friends are.

Does anyone really think that Israel has a right to exist. This is the real world. No one and no thing has the right to exist let alone a 50 year old state that is formed on the lands of dispossessed people. I am not pro Jew or pro Palestinians. I am merely looking past the end of my nose. Without American support Israel would already be gone and the Twin Towers would still be standing.

America armed Saddam Hussein and then had him hanged for using the weapons they gave him. The guts of a million people died in a search for WMD that only found billions in profits for corporations friendly with the administration who manipulated evidence, congress,the public and the media to get its hands on the oil in Iraq and went into Iraq without the blessing of congress.

Doesn’t anyone think that it would be a good idea to get this country’s mess fixed before we looked to the rest of the world. Poverty in America is rampant. A for profit health care system. Predatory banking. A huge portion of the American people being thrown out on the street so banks can balance their asset sheets. Lest we pass this by as a mere sentence in a blog. We are talking about millions of people, men women and children that are being dispossess in an effort to prop up a failed banking system. Now you may say that they deserve what they are getting. But if America is attacked then you might just change you attitude from a “those people” to “us”. This is America. You are an American. The dispossessed are Americans. Together we stand-divided we fall. And at the present rate we are speeding at a reckless rate down a highway to hell.

It just appears to me that world is on course for a future that will not be pretty. It’s like it is OK to have disenfranchised poverty at a massive scale once the proverbial you is not effected. But alas in the self contained snow ornament world in which we exist you are effected whether you care to acknowledge it or not. As the sage salesman once said: “Seeing is believing. Trouble is most people believe what they want and then go ahead and see it.” Just because you believe a white shark is friendly does not stop it from seeing you as dinner. White shark unlike people don’t believe. They merely exist.
I’m too depressed to go on.
Gotta go

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February 27, 2009

Success Tools They Don’t Teach at Harvard Business School
So you’ve read all the self help and how to get ahead books and you are still useless and still firmly rooted to the bottom rung of your chosen ladder.

Sounds familiar to me. You probably don’t know this but I am directly responsible for Amazon’s meteoric rise to fame and it’s immense stock price. You see it was me who bought all the books.
I have found that all the success and self help manuals have one thing in common. They are all the same. It’s like a song with the same words merely rearranged to a different beat.

There really is no secret to success. Look at five so called successful people and compare them to five so called unsuccessful people and you will find one major dissimilarity.
Successful people don’t blame anyone or anything for their problems. This is because they don’t see their problems as problems. They merely see them as chores, things on their to do list. And when something is on your to do list what do you do. Yes you’re right first time. You do it.

Now if you can find someone to blame for your current situation then you can luxuriate in the misery of your hard done by ness and do nothing. And as we all know doing nothing is the perfect recipe for getting nothing done.

So you want a cup of coffee but it’s snowing and the coffee shop is like a mile away. Now you could whine and curse the weather for depriving you of your favorite beverage. Or!! Yes!! Or you could get into your 4×4 and drive to the coffee shop for your brew. Don’t have a 4×4. There you go again finding excuses to feel sorry for yourself. You do have snow boots don’t you.

The truth of this scenario is that no matter how sorry you feel for yourself it will never ever get you your coffee. Remember as the sage said: “No one is coming to save you.”

Another thing the Amazon faithful tend to do, and I know this because I am that soldier, is to focus on problems. Successful people don’t focus on problems they focus on solutions. If you want money because you are poor then you should think money not poverty. Almost no one is capable of this without effort. You have to train yourself to focus on your goal and not your present difficulty.

Worrying is focusing on a problem. The only thing this achieves is to help the problem grow. Focus is like water and fertilizer to your thoughts. That which you tend to thrives, that which you ignore withers and fades.

Successful people don’t think about problems they think about remedies and thereby the remedy is nurtured and the problem is left to die.
You on the other hand are focused on your problems and worrying yourself sick hoping that Amazon sends someone to save you.

Now as my old Irish mother used to say, and I quote: “If you want a hole you had better start digging or die.”


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Stupid People
There is nothing wrong with being stupid if you are aware of the fact that you are stupid. In fact some of the brightest people I know are stupid but as good fortune would have it know of their mental limitations. Stupidity only becomes problematic when you are stupid but believe otherwise.
Some of my best friends are one or two bottles short of the six pack, in fact some of the greatest people who ever lived were gray matter challenged. Brain cells are only a small part of the recipe. Do you have the heart for the job. Do you have the empathy that allows you to be human. Do you have the courage to be successful. Can you bear to be you.
In the end it turns out that the greatest factor in gauging intelligence is the ability to see through the myth to the man on the other side.
Believing is all and good and many a brilliant mind was branded stupid by virtue of it’s inability to look beyond opinion, which is what belief turns out to be.
Better to know a small measure with certainty than to believe you know everything and walk the corridors of power with a large “D” for dunce pinned to you back.
The reason it is pinned to your back is to keep you in the dark regarding the common knowledge that you are thick and to also inform the uninitiated of the true level of your ineptitude, lest they believe the spin. Are you listening no spin zone bill.
As always have a great day and please remember if you are not sure then it is better to keep your mouth firmly shut and risk looking stupid, than to open it and confirm the reality of your stupidity.


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February 26, 2009

The Future is so Predictable
Within a closed system all things are predictable. The universe is a closed system.
If all considerations are taken into consideration then all outcomes become apparent within a closed system. The problem for human consciousness is that it does not have the operating capacity to take all considerations within the closed system (the universe) into consideration and therefore is limited to a best guess scenario when considering future outcomes.
Another barrier to the human consciousness in foreseeing future events is perspective. If perception is the seeing or viewing of events and outside data, then perspective is the limits that the viewer by way of beliefs and opinion places on the data that is perceived.
In basic English this means that one does not see what one is looking at. Rather one sees what one is looking for. Or worst still what one wants to see based on beliefs and opinion which is another way of saying perspective.
If the universe like a snow ball ornament is a closed system containing only itself then by the laws of action/reaction or cause and effect then at any given moment or cross section there is only one possible configuration. If an observer is in possession of the sensory equipment to monitor all data within the system then that observer would be capable of knowing the configuration of the system at any chosen moment. This is to say that the observer would be physic.
The basic fundamental logic beneath this argument is that the course of the universe over its eternal journey is pre set. There is no free will. All future events can be known. And because it is a pre set system carefully planned therefore there can be no sin or wrongdoing by the helpless participants who are merely playing out a predefined role in a universal masterpiece. Just like the characters in a novel are placed between the covers whether they like it or not. The mere mortal living out his dismal existence, praying to his god for crumbs and forgiveness for daring to want a slice, has no choice in his/her plight. They are included despite themselves.
So worry is useless except of course that you are worrying about whether or not you guessed right.


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Justifiable Homicide verus Property Rights
A quick thought:
If under state law there is justifiable homicide but never justifiable theft then could it be surmised that in the eyes of the state property rights hold a far higher priority than the right of the individual to life.
The question is: Is it ever OK to steal or is it OK to kill if the circumstances merit, like if someone is stealing from you.
I suppose the reality is that life is granted by a higher power than the state so the state leaves judgment over death to that higher power.
However being the granter of property rights the state views the contravening of such rights a threat to it’s authority and therefore existence and as such always requiring sanction.
The first law of government is: Thou shalt not mess with the state.
What is between you and your god is your business. However what is between you and the state is the states business.
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February 25, 2009

The Limiting Effects of Conditioning
There’s nothing wrong with being a good person. But being a good person to your own detriment is detrimental to your well being. Notions like morality, conscience, goodness, etc, are all well and good if you are capable of knowing them for what they are, ie notions. Just as morality is a notion so too is immorality. The problem from a human existence perspective arises when you choose to label one as good and another as bad.
Human behavior is human behavior period. By choosing to admonish some behavior and cherish another you have chosen to section off a portion of normal human behavior and call it abnormal. If it is human behavior it is neither normal nor abnormal. It is human behavior. The description of normal or abnormal is yours and stems from your prior conditioning.
The purpose behind conditioning is a purpose. This statement sounds like I am having trouble with spell check. But this “purpose” is exactly why another person would want to waste their valuable time and energy conditioning you. They have a purpose, there is method to their madness. Why would Pepsi spend a million dollars on a 30 second super bowl ad.
Some people notably your family condition you for your own good. They want you to be aware of the dangers that abound in the natural world. It is good to know that you shouldn’t swim with white sharks, be it in the ocean or the playground. Your father knows that predators are everywhere and he also knows that he can’t be with you every moment so he conditions you to smell danger.
Others have different motives for conditioning you. If the person that you will grow to be, could be conditioned to believe that certain behavior was not approative, not nice, unacceptable, bad, immoral, choose your terminology then you would refrain from performing that behavior and you would also be denied it’s beneficial results.
Some of your conditioning which is labeled good is limiting. It’s only purpose is to limit you and thereby keep you off the playing field and allow certain groups within society to achieve their goals without competition.
Morality is a limiting condition. Its purpose is to begin the onset of a guilt emotion when you consider performing certain activities which are normal human activities otherwise you wouldn’t be considering them and others would not be practicing them.
A huge problem in how the average human interacts with their world and how they view themselves is that they are looking at base reality through conditioned glasses. Nothing that a human can do is bad. It may be perceived as bad, but if you have the innate ability to perform that behavior then it is natural, normal human behavior. If you choose to molest my child that is normal behavior. However the fact that I choose to kill you for messing with my child is also normal behavior.
Cause and effect are the ground rules of life on this planet. Fear of reprisal isn’t a bad thing. It is always good to know that fire burns, so therefore you will refrain from the activity of putting body parts into contact with it.
The above extreme language is used only for the purpose of illustration, to make a point. I am not advocating child assault or murder. Mostly the problems humans suffer due to adverse conditioning are life limiting conditions. How many people live out mundane lives because their conditioning prevented them from living out their full potential.
Conditioning is always limiting. As previously mentioned your family in an effort to keep you safe installed limiting conditioning. Society in an effort to keep society safe and operating in status quo mode installs limiting conditioning. Religion in an effort to keep control and maintain it’s position of power installs limiting conditioning.
So you can see that by the time you reach adult hood and enter the societal game as a fully fledged member you are severely limited. Like a race horse is handicapped by placing lead weights in the saddle you are carrying the weight of your conditioning around with you. You are conditioned to stay within the limits of your birth family and its environment. If your family was poor, societal and religious conditioning is designed to see that you stay that way. Conversely if your family is rich then societal and religious conditioning is designed to see that you maintain the family position.
Conditioning is designed to uphold the status quo. In reality society doesn’t really exist. It is a game, a frame, a model, we humans play at. For society, like any pyramid to exist, it requires a large base or foundation to support the ever narrowing upper levels which climax to support the supreme being at the top. Now the order of the pyramid, it’s very existence depends on this orderly formation. If too many people decide to up and change their position in the pyramid, which is their position in society, the pyramid is in danger of collapse. Hence the panic of the government and it’s lob sided efforts to prop up the economy. So much more effort is being expended propping up banks and stocks markets compared to ordinary homeowners. This is because if rich people fail the integrity of the pyramid will be compromised, whereas it is normal for poor people to be poor and their failure is in keeping with pyramid theory.
As with conditioning, all this, because it is human behavior is fine. Where we must draw the line if we are to be successful in living a normal emotional and mental life is in the blind acceptance and belief that our conditioning is who we are. You are who you are. Your conditioning is in place to limit who you are to behavior that is acceptable to society for a being of your status and background. So do not question yourself or find fault in yourself. Better to look within and ask why you believe that you are bad, why you deserve so little, why it is your duty to bow before the rights of another.
You are the greatest person you will ever know. Knowing this, others decided long ago that the only way to deal with such greatness in their midst’s was to severely limit you. Wouldn’t it be really cool if only for one moment you knew the truth of who you really are? Just one glimpse.
Just a glimpse.


Posted on February 25, 2009 at 10:34 AMFebruary 24, 2009
Initiative within the Corporate Structure
So I’m reading this amazing book “Deep Survival” by Laurence Gonzales. It is basically a study of the psychology of survival.
One idea from the book is that if you go into the wilderness without a plan you are in trouble. However if you go into the wilderness and stick with the plan you are in deep trouble.
The basis of this is that you need a plan to initiate and complete a journey but as the journey progresses you must adapt to the requirements of the journey. A vital piece of the survivor make up is the ability to adapt. In reality in the wilderness if you can’t adapt you die.
Now although it is hard to believe the greatest wilderness know to man is the urban landscape. Adaptation is vital for survival. If you don’t believe this set a tribesman from the Serengeti loose in Manhattan and see how long it is before he is John Doe with a toe tag. He is adept at surviving lions and all that his environment might throw at him. But what does he know of 4 lanes of traffic or the dude with the habit who needs a fix.
So now that we have established that the urban landscape is a jungle and that a skill necessary to survive is the ability to adapt which is sometimes referred to as initiative enter the corporation.
Corporate America and the corporate structure appears to be the recipe for success in the modern era. However if you have a structure that contains fifty to one hundred thousand people then success depends on a rigid structure and the adherence to a strong plan. In the corporate culture not alone is initiative frowned on it is in fact the number one enemy to the structure. Corporate success depends on everyone within the structure blindly following the plan within their job description. If any Tom, Dick or Harry decides to do it his way then the hull is breached and the survival of the vessel is threatened. There are no exceptions there is no initiative allowed ever. Adaptation is a dirty word a cardinal sin.
This would be great except that all the corporate employees are people who have adapted to living in the urban jungle. Their primary number one claim to fame is their ability to survive which is characterized by the ability to adapt. They are humans they adapt for a living. They rose to the top of the food chain over the millennia courtesy of this one gift. They weren’t the biggest, they weren’t the strongest but they had a neuro function that allowed them to do what so few other creatures could. Adapt to changing environments, climates and food sources. So what do they do when faced with adapting to the corporate structure, simple, they adapt to not adapting.
Repeat they adapt to not adapting. For the corporate buck they sell their soul and become something they by DNA and design are not. And this isn’t a small detail. They do actually lose their soul in this bargain. They become empty role players with no sense of empathy, with no emotional balance and no meaning. They are performing a role like a cog in a machine. Their only purpose is a paycheck. They are owned body and soul. They sold out their humanity for the corporate buck and the promise of security.
And then the day finally comes around when the pink slips fly like confetti at a wedding, and people who have forgotten how to adapt, how to be essentially human are terrified by the challenge they face. Imagine being out in the cold without a corporate structure to protect you, to nourish, cherish and nurture you.
Well my lovely that’s life that’s how it is supposed to be. You in your majesty ruling over your jungle. Rejoice the king of the beasts is free from his/her corporate cell, jail, prison. Now there will fun. Now the party begins.

Posted on February 24, 2009 at 10:37 AM February 23, 2009

The Possibility of Change
For the last ten years or so I have being contemplating change. I guess when your world isn’t exactly in sync with the beautiful image you have of how it should be then you look to what needs changing to bring about the utopia you know you are entitled to.
So we think, we make decisions, we rush here and there, and the truth is that nothing ever really changes exception your emotional state. This is the kind of life cycle that produces yo yo diets and depression.
Here’s what I think I have discovered through countless years of butting my head against a 2ft concrete wall. Make that a 22ft wall.
When you decide to change you are most probably focusing on rearranging yourself so that you fit in better with this image you have of how the world should be and more pertinently how you should be within this world.
So firstly you want to change the world which means you have to control billions of people and trillions of other creatures, not to mention the weather and everything else that is influencing your world. Of course you aren’t stupid enough to believe that this is a possibility, are you. Well when I look back at myself I have to admit that I was. True I didn’t look at it from the perspective of controlling everything outside of myself. I was more or less annoyed that things weren’t going to my plan and was intent on sulking until they changed their ways.
Secondly and much more pertinently your focus of change is on changing yourself to fit in better with the requirements of your perfect universe. To become a well adjusted societal member. This is tantamount to admitting to yourself and any God who cares to listen that you are not happy with yourself as you presently exist. Or to put it bluntly you don’t like yourself.
So my great remedy for change is to look to what you can change.
You can’t change the world.
You can’t change yourself.
You can however change how you look at yourself.
Michael Jordan was a below average baseball player, an average golfer and the greatest basketball player possibly ever. And in this is the cusp of self investigation.
If Michael had decided to dedicate his life to being a great professional baseball player he would have struggled to achieve his goal and would have looked to change to achieve his goal. If he had looked to change baseball or to change himself then he would have achieved little. However if he looked to accept himself or change the way he looked at himself and put the person that he found himself to be in situations and environments best suited to the person he was then he would have discovered that he had a natural talent for basketball and by dedicating his life to basketball he would achieve his goal of being a supreme athlete in his chosen field.
So many people accept the environments they find themselves in and go about changing themselves to attain a modicum of success. So few look to who they are and change their approach to suit the individual talents that they are.
You are not Joe Blogs or Jane Doe. Rather you are a talent pack that has been give an identification tag. We don’t expect a tractor to race in the Indie 500, we don’t expect a Ferrari to pull a cart through mud. Horses for courses.
So instead of looking blindly at the world and bending yourself out of shape in an effort to fit in. The trick is to look at yourself and place yourself in situations that best suit your talent package and thereby present you with the best opportunity to operate to your maximum potential.
All stress is a choice. You are choosing to not accept the reality of the current moment and because you are a minuscule dot and the universe is immense you are in fact wrecking your head because you in your dotness can’t control the immenseness that envelopes you.
Recipe for the pie of your life
1. Choose to accept the inevitability of the moment and the reality that the universe is.
2. Choose to accept the inevitability of who you are and know what you have to offer.
Instructions or Method:
Add 2 to 1 and mix thoroughly for 70 to 100 years.
Final revision:
• You cannot hope to change the universe. It is what it is.
• You cannot hope to change yourself. You are what you are.
• Therefore your only hope for change is to change how you see yourself.
You cannot be anything other than what you are. Change how you look at yourself from faulty and needing change or adjustment to fit in, to absolutely perfect but applied incorrectly.
You are a Ferrari trying to pull a heavy load through mud. The load is how you see yourself. The mud is the universe resisting the adjusted you (how you see yourself).

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Fiat Money

Being the genius that I am I knew that fiat was/is motor car company. Hell I even know that they built fighter planes during world war 2.
Then some superior genius on craigslist wrecked my happy little universe whit a rant on fiat money.
Now if you don’t know what fiat money is then you should google it. Here is a hint. If you are an American and you don’t have some in your wallet. On second thoughts whether or not you have some in your wallet you are broke.
This quote is from Woodrow Wilson the 28th president of the United States 3 years after he enacted the federal reserve bill.
“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world — no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

Posted on February 23, 2009 at 02:22 PM February 22, 2009

Massachusetts RMV Issues Licenses to Donkeys
I don’t know about other states but I can now confirm that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is issuing drivers licenses to donkeys.
Although intensive investigation of Mass RMV literature and careful perusal of their web site did not confirm this fact, I can assure you from driving the highways and byways of Mass the the majority of vehicle operators are failing to display any of the characteristics of human intelligence in their driving techniques.
This I have deduced resulted from the erosion of the frontal cortex due to cell phone radiation. The onset of this minor physical malfunction results in donkey like behavior rendering the subject incapable of displaying the decision processing capacity of the normal human being.
If as careful observation has shown the majority of Massachusetts drivers are not displaying human behavior, it therefore follows that they must be donkeys. This is inferred by the obstinate nature of the driving model and the mule like sounds emitted in regular bursts from their vehicles.
This being true I have no difficulty in concluding that the State of Massachusetts is indeed issuing driving licenses to Donkeys.

Posted on February 22, 2009 at 03:58 PM February 21, 2009

Listen Up Washington
The problem isn’t that there are 9 million Americans living in homes that they can’t afford, as the newsreader has just announced. He like most overpaid commentators doesn’t know what he is talking about.
The problem is that the price of the homes that 9 million Americans live in are to high.
Doesn’t anyone get it. An uncontrolled spiral in housing prices basically priced the average American home out of the affordability range for the average American worker.
If people can’t afford to live in this economy then the problem is the economy. The government needs to let market forces control and decide the direction of the economy. Propping up failed institutions is a mistake of momentous proportion. You cannot merely bale out one sector. Once you start bailing out then you need to bale out all sectors.
Cut the chord and let the strongest survive. All propping up the lending institutions is achieving is maintaining the overpriced housing stock.
Let there be a fire sale and let the market forces decide the true price of homes.
Merely by looking at the market index’s it is obvious that the economy is crying out for a correction. Propping up the banks is merely putting off the pain for another day. If greenspan had allowed the pain and not kept interest rates artificially low we would have corrected and be healthy now.
If we don’t allow the correction to happen now then when it finally happens it could be catastrophic.
Thought of pulling out the rug from under the failed institutions which is basically all the banks and US auto companies has the stock holders in panic. They don’t want to be poor, so to keep the party faithful and contributors happy Mr Obama is administering mouth to mouth resuscitation to a corpse in the latter stages of rigor mortise. His platform was change and the average Joe swept him into power. His greatest regret will be that he turned his back on the people who voted for him.

Posted on February 21, 2009 at 11:30 PM

Economics 101
Economics 101
Scenario A.
Anne is selling apples for 10 cents a piece but no one in her locality can afford to pay 10 cents for an apple. Anne has two choices.
1. Eat the apples herself or
2. Reduce her sale price.
So Anne being a shrewd business woman reduces her apples to 8 cent but still attracts no buyers. After many frantic sleepless nights she is enlightened by the notion that unless she prices her apples in a range that her customers can afford she will never sell a single apple.
So she commences a campaign of price reductions until at last her apples start to sell. She realizes that once the price is right she can make a great living in the apple trade.
Scenario B.
Anne is selling apples for 10 cents apiece and no one is buying, but they do look good and the fact that Anne has an overdraft from her local money lender allows her to continue pricing her apples above market value despite the fact that she has no income.
Eventually one shrewd lender hits on the idea of offering apple loans to the salivating public. Soon everyone is buying apples. In fact such is the demand for apples that the orchards can’t keep up with supply and Anne is forced to raise her prices again and again until the price for apples is now 50 cents and it appears that nothing will ever stop the apple consumption habits of the people of that fair land.
So Anne ever the shrewd business woman takes out a huge loan to finance a large apple order. To facilitate Anne’s order the orchard takes out an even bigger loan to plant more apple trees and improve efficiency. The future is sure looking rosy.
Then one day out of nowhere a low paid tree hole digger with a particularly veracious appetite for apples discovers to his dismay that his income is not sufficient to meet the payments on his apple loans.
And like a single snowflake falling on a mountain top of unstable snow, that one lowly paid hole digger started rolling downhill. With every passing moment the snowball of “unable to meet their commitments apple lovers” grew till at last it was bigger than the mountain that had birthed it. Yes you guessed right, there was more debt than money. The whole apple economy imploded and everyone did not live happily ever after.
It happened slowly at first. Anne noticed that apples sales were slowing. The orchard noticed that Anne’s orders were down. The money lenders noticed that payments were late. The apple index fell like a whores knickers on saturday night and the rest is history.
The moral of this story is that greedy buyers will pay any price their means permit to get what they want and desire. Greedy sellers will charge any price they can get away with. The interaction between greedy buyers and greedy sellers is balanced by market forces and always finds its optimum level.
It is the addition of credit to the dance between buyer and seller that inflates the bubble that eventually always bursts.


Posted on February 21, 2009 at 02:29 PM

Is Your Life a Lie
Lest the motives behind this blog be misconstrued let me point out the reason behind my spending countless hours wearing out my fingers and eyes at this computer.
I have no problem with the fact and reality that lions eat wildebeest. I have no problem with the fact that the people of this fine country elected george bush president and I have no problem with the fact that he destroyed the economy and our public image abroad.
I have no gripe with reality. Period.
The purpose of this blog is in its efforts to enlighten the delusional masses who choose to believe what they are told by their puppet masters. By choosing to believe without thought, discussion or investigation you are choosing to be controlled, hence the previous reference to puppets and their masters. You who chooses to believe without inquiry are puppets. You are controlled by the very information you chose to believe just as a fish is controlled by the reality that worm he swallowed without proper investigation turned out to be a hook.
I do not want anything from anyone other than to upset their pretty little applecart world.
If you want nothing from an interaction then you say nothing. Any and every word spoken by a human is an effort to manipulate reality in their favor. This is not some far fetched notion. This like law is set in stone, immutable and incontrovertible. It is.
So the next time you hear your favorite politician or commentator speak ask yourself what is the motive behind their words. The purpose at the base of all life is to survive and thrive, therefore all action at the base of animate life must support this fact. Life is in essence self promotion.
So if you think that at the base of their existence anyone has you best interests as their motivating cause you are sadly mistaken. This does not mean that life sucks, it just means that this is the way it is. Life is so much improved by truth. All the great one asks of you is to give freely of who you are, and not who you would like us to believe you are. Base truth and honesty though it might not be pretty is beautiful.
The problem that faces the average human animal is that they tend to believe. And by its very nature belief is placing your trust and hope in an unproven and untested ideal. No one believes that the sun will rise tomorrow. Until time runs out sunrise is a base reality. So therefore there are no wars or arguments based on sunrise and sunset. It is not a belief or opinion it is a reality.
If you have a belief then you have an opinion which by process of deduction almost always turns out to be false or a lie.
Because you do not want to overtax you gray matter you are willing to believe anything that suits your presently accepted beliefs. You are in fact living a lie and like the fish with the worm that turned out to be a hook, you are paying homage to a false but powerful puppet master. He/she owns you. You are enslaved by the beliefs you choose to accept.
So my purpose is merely to ask you to engage your redundant gray matter. To look at your cherished beliefs and opinions. To at least on a mental level be a free man///woman.
To gauge the change one free mind can bring about look no further than Mahatma Gandhi.


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Human Slave Trade in America
Have you noticed how the editorial content on Fox seem to be pointing towards ethnic cleansing. In the perfect world according to Fox all the poor people would be gone. Now what do you think that would do to the value of walmart stock. Worst still what do you think that would do to the balance sheet of the fox viewers who like santelli and coulter think there should be a mass extinction of anyone who is polluting their air space. You make your money off their backs but you want them to go away. My mother used to call that “cutting off your nose to spite your face.” she really was a wise woman hence me.
The thing is that just like pork bellies and coffee the poor are a commodity and as such are traded. You take out a loan with your local bank to buy a house you can’t afford or a worn out car you need to get to your $8 an hour job that pays the mortgage you can’t afford that the media told you that you deserved. Next thing you know you get a letter in the mail telling you that your mortgage has been sold to some entity you never heard of and that all future payments should be forwarded to them.
Now if selling a mortgage isn’t trading a commodity (a mortgage) which is the labor of a human for twenty years, then I am talking through my you know what.
Most people think that the bank gives you a mortgage to buy a house. The truth is that you the borrower give that lender the mortgage. Mort for death gage for pledge or promise. You pledge to pay till the debt is dead. Now for most members of the human race this death pledge can only be fulfilled by the fruits of their labor, which in turn means that they are pledging their labor to the lender until the debt is satisfied.
This is from Wikepdia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indentured_servant):
“An indentured servant is a form of debt bondage worker. The laborer is under contract of an employer for usually three to seven years, in exchange for their transportation, food, drink, clothing, lodging and other necessities. Unlike a slave, an indentured servant is required to work only for a limited term specified in a signed contract.”

Doesn’t that sound a lot like a mortgage. Don’t you think that you have been had. Don’t you think that you in the eyes of the bank you are no more than a mule or some other commodity to be traded and here you were thinking that under the constitution all men where created equally. The truth is that if you are willing to believe anything you read in the paper or hear on TV then you will continue to be a commodity. The purpose of the media is to proliferate the propaganda that is designed ot uphold the status quo.

And the status quo is that the rich stay rich and you do all the work for peanuts.
The whole idea behind lending is that you get to own and thereby control a person for the foreseeable future. It is by its nature slavery and as history will sadly tell you, slaves are a tradable commodity.
Do you think Bernie Madoff was ever inside a walmart. Do you think most rich people would be seen dead inside of one. But I bet most rich people have walmart shares in their portfolio.
Any time I have a chance during the day I watch cnbc.My reasons are two fold. Firstly I get a great kick out of watching the indexes plunging especially the price for oil. But secondly to see if any of the trumped up fools show any remorse for leading their viewers into poverty. Looking at the stunned blank expressions on their faces when the dow drops a couple of hundred points shows that in reality they haven’t got a bulls notion about the game they claim to be experts at. I mean anyone could make a buck in a bull market, but a bear market points out the folk who are players.
I really haven’t got a clue but it seems to me that Meredith Whitney does. I listen to her and like a perfect recipe it just sounds right.
Also Nouriel Roubini really seems to know what he is talking about.
Now I don’t know if there is any truth to the Bible but growing up in Ireland as a young catholic boy you have no choice but to be exposed to its contents. Now by all accounts Jesus was a compassionate man, he last words were “Father forgive them for they know what they do.” Here we have a dying man asking forgiveness for the people who have just killed him.
If you examine the bible thoroughly you will find that the only time he shows anger is when he encounters money lenders. Man Jesus did not like money lenders. And as you probably know the present day descendants of those very money lenders that Jesus chased from the temple are running chase, wells fargo, bank of america, etc. Jesus if he were here today would not approve of banks.
It is also worthwhile noting that he didn’t have a lot of time for tax collectors. Note to all IRS agents: You better have your papers and alibi ready when you encounter the pearly gates. Bankers don’t need to bother Jesus already chased you from the house of God.

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Rick Santelli a Man of the People
So Rick Santelli is pissed that Obama is throwing 75 billion at the foreclosure crisis. Now Mr Santelli is good with 750 big ones to the banks for their bonus fund and another 700 to 900 big ones to stimulate his economy.
The fact that the economy is the people and not some market index escapes him. And also the fact that “these people” as he refers to them are Americans with kids a wife’s and husbands just like the him doesn’t seem to register in his dollar cost average mentality.
Now if the US was invaded it would be a we are all in this together scenario, but that is a different post for a different day.
The reality behind the fuck up that is the US economy is that successive half arsed attempts by successive half arsed administrations has only succeeded in putting a sick dog into intensive care.
Why not do this. Why not let everyone including homeowners, banks, motor companies and wall street stew in their own shit. Why bale out anyone, make it an even playing field. Then we would have a case where houses would be worth what they are worth, and then maybe the bums could afford to have a roof over their heads. The reason house prices escalated so much in value was artificially low interest rates in a sellers market. Talk to your buddy Greenspan for the dope on that one Santelli.
But then I suppose in a Rick Santelli, Ann Coulter universe the homeowners are to be held responsible for not only fixing interest rates but also pulling down the utopia that they built on foundations of sand. In Santelli’s world the only crime Bernie Madoff committed was getting caught.
I am sick of the Santelli’s and Coulter’s of this world believing their own rhetoric and labeling the rest of us dead beat bums.
So Santelli is lucky and works for a TV station feeding shit to the average small American investor. The very investor who has been creamed listening to fool know everything, know nothing commentators, who the present demise proves never had a clue what they were talking about.
And if history proves that Mr hot Shit Santelli was talking thought his ass for the previous years then it naturally follows suit that he is talking through that same orifice now.
Have a nice day America and remember if we are not in this together now, then don’t expect unity if and when the shit really hits the fan.
I bet that if you traced the families of the hero’s killed in the Iraq conflict you might find that they are disproportionally represented in the housing market downfall.
Rich jerks like junior bush who hid in the national guard to avoid combat are not so affected. These are Mr Santelli’s people.


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Obama The Great stoops to Conquer
Hasn’t anyone told Obama that the only country in the world that has never been conquered is Afghanistan. Obviously not, seeing as he committed an extra 17,500 troops to that country this week. I thought he was anti war and here he is bombing a sovereign country in Pakistan.
No let me pause for a second and get my head around this. Obama has decided the best way to cooperate with a so called ally, Pakistan , is by bombing it. Now it’s current leader might be OK with this but what about the people of Pakistan who are fiercly Islamic.
Not so long ago the US thought it was a good idea to back the Shah of Iran (Persia) and that brainwave morphed into the Islamic republic of Iran with a totally hostile relationship with the US
Now Pakistan as you probably don’t know is a nuclear power. That means they have nuclear weapons. Me, well I personally just don’t get the present or previous administrations approach to foreign relations. You might ask why does everyone hate the US. Because we are bombing them stupid, we are interfering in their region, we are sticking our dick in places most people wouldn’t put an umbrella
Bach to Afghanistan. The Russian pre the fall of communism tried and failed. The British also tried. Now Obama thinks it’s his turn. Me, I believe he has his head up his ass so far he has lost connection with reality.
Bring the troops home, they deserve it.


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Obama’s bill is a boon to billionaires!!!
I did not write this. Repeat I did not write this.
This is an article posted on craigslist that might be worth looking into. It is reproduced exactly as posted which means I copied and pasted. All the credit goes to the author who at time is unknown.

Reply to: pers-1041253273@craigslist.org
Date: 2009-02-19, 10:54AM
Billionaire Paul Allen is a Microsoft co-founder, the owner of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and the owner of the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers.
And, thanks to the stimulus bill President Obama signed this week, he’s also about to be as much as a billion dollars richer.
Here’s how:
* Allen owns a majority stake in cable provider Charter Communications.
* Charter Communications this month said it would reduce its debt load by $8 billion and enter Chapter 11.
* Normally, partners at a firm like Charter Communications would have to pay taxes on the amount of debt forgiven in this process, which is, in a sense a one-time income windfall. Tax law calls it a “deemed distribution.”
* But under the new bill, companies like Charter Communications will be able to avoid paying taxes on forgiven debt until 2014. Even then, Paul will have until 2018 to pay it completely off.
* Paul owns about half of Charter, so his share of the Charter Commuincations’ $8 billion debt forgiveness is around $4 billion. At a tax rate of 25%, Allen could avoid paying as much as $1 billion in taxes until 2014, tax expert Robert Willens told the WSJ.
We’re not clear how a corporate tax benefit would be passed through to Paul’s personal tax payments, but that’s what Willens seems to be saying. Any tax experts out there care to clarify?
For what it’s worth, one of Paul’s representatives told the WSJ the billionaire didn’t lobby for the windfall. It just fell into his lap, lucky dog.
• Location: Andover, MA
• it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Original URL:http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/rnr/1041253273.html


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Ann Coulter what an Absolute Bitch
I just saw Ann Coulter on Larry King live. And I have to say that I am shocked and believe me I don’t shock easy. Such hatred and venom.
How great it must be to be that perfect that you can lecture to the rest of us.
I honestly don’t think that Hitler was half as mean as this lady. If this is womanhood I’m taking the abstinence path.
Do you honestly think that single mothers are the nub of America’s problems. And to be honest she was really talking about black single mothers. Isn’t it funny how many kids follow their parents into family businesses. Or how many kids go to the same college as their parents.
Well if America in its wisdom has decided to enslave and then oppress a race of people and even in this the year of our lord 2009 subjugate the majority of African Americans to ghetto slums and then have an absolute bitch like coulter have the audacity to judge them.
I honestly think that coulter should look in the mirror of her own soul and judge her own bitterness before she decides to judge the poorest and the most oppressed amongst us.
I am lost for words, I can honestly confess that I did not think such a person existed. She must have some real issues hidden in her closets. If ever a woman needed deep psychotherapy this is her.
God protect us from evil like this.
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Ivy League Crooks
Isn’t is a strange world when it is easier to get high than it is to get laid, yet drugs are illegal. Maybe if they outlawed sex we would be all going at it like rabbits.
And isn’t law the funniest thing. If you can’t break them, they don’t make them, and it is only a crime when you get caught.
So you go to school and they teach you a whole pile of crap that is totally useless in the real world. I mean other than basic reading and making change who needs to know what a noun or alliteration is. It’s like when I’m talking to my honey and I go “I love you like Lassie loves to lick his lad,” and she goes that’s the most beautiful piece of alliteration anyone ever said to me, you made me horny lets get high. I mean do I really care that someone can dissect what I just said and tell me that I’m a verb cause I’m moving.
Don’t you think it would be a whole lot more useful for the schools to teach kids how to break the law and get away with it. You know like they teach the rich kids in Harvard law. And Yale must have a great program after all if a half door like the junior bush could hijack a country and get away with it well that’s the kind of info I want from a school.
Now if you do happen to find out where Cheney went to learn to shoot give it a miss. Cause I don’t people going around mistaking 250 pound humans for partridge in pear trees.
Obama got elected, isn’t it great. Now all our troubles are behind us. I can just smell the change in the air. Well he did promise didn’t he and he did go to Harvard didn’t he.
I’m beginning to think that you can’t trust anyone who went to ivy league. They are a whole bunch of scoundrels. Just look at the chain of command in the fortune 500, in the banking sector, in Detroit. All ivy league and all useless except when it comes to paying themselves, and bribing the legislators.
If I had it all back I’d be a lobbyist. Wining and dinning the captains of industry and the leaders of the land. Cocktails and hen tail. I mean what a life high as a kite and all the booty you can deal with, then we pass a law or two and the Harvard Grads who pick up the tab are happy and we can get on with the lobbying and partying.
When you think of it not a lot has changed since Henry the 8th except the terminology. Back then you had the king now you have the president. The court is now DC, the lords, ladies, dukes and what have you are senators, congressmen and lobbyist. Now we have the fine citizenry then you had peasants. And tell me is there any difference between a serf who toiled for bear existence and some poor dude working his nuts off at walmart for like 8 bucks an hour and then just when he thinks he has the hours for benefits they cut him.
Life would be great if we all woke up and realized that we are being fucked royally by the powers that be. They live high and we do all the work. They throw us a crumb and we thank them profoundly. I think we should have a revolution. Get out madame la guillotine and start chopping. Now if we could get the police and the army behind us it would be great fun.
We could start with the banks, chase, wells fargo, b o a, stand them in line like at a tellers window and let them confess to their sins against Joe Six pack and walla like a production line heads away.
We could also put the politicians onto a pirate ship and make them walk the plank somewhere off the coast of South Africa where the white sharks are in abundance. Wouldn’t that be poetic justice. Feed the shark to the sharks and seeing as the most of them are white, white sharks would be a good choice.
However if you tried to make Brian Cowen and Mary Harney walk the plank between the two of them they would probably sink the ship and get away masquerading as whales. People think that the Irish economy is messed up for the same reasons as the rest of the world. But it’s not true. Between them Mary and Brian ate and drank the country dry.
All that’s wrong with england is that it’s 2009 and they are not allowed to go and take over some country and rape and pillage it’s riches and bitches. Since is became unfashionable to be a colonial power britannia has really shit the bed. The truth is that the only thing the brits where really any good at was beating up on underdeveloped people and stealing their shit. The typical school yard bully. When it came to fighting they had no problem with the Zulu and their spears. I mean can you imagine the Zulu armed with a spear charging a forty pound gun, and the brits claimed a great victory.
But when it came to a couple of hundred armed rebels in mother Ireland well I guess they were just no match for Adams and McGuinnes. To be honest the only good thing about england is the soccer.
On a finishing note let me let me switch directions and put a myth to rest. Other that understanding your product and the data systems of your profession, training is a useless exercise used to help useless people attain the position of sales associate. If you know your product and how to do the paperwork then the only other thing you need to know is that you cannot make a sale in any of the following ways: (a) playing pacman, (b) surfing craigslist (c) reading the sports page (d) planning your weekend (e) daydreaming that you are rich or getting laid. This list is endless. The way to get sales is to communicate with buyers. There’s nothing else you need to do. Know your product, dress for success, be with buyers and be pleasant.
The principle broker of a real estate office I nearly worked in one time told me that training was the key. Every day the industry changes and you have to be trained to move with the changes. He then proceeded to show me some 10 year old tapes that he uses every day for training purposes. Now I don’t know if you get the point here. You need to update your training everyday to keep up with the changing market and him with 10 year old tapes. I rest my case with training.


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Housing Crisis

It’s not so much that the housing crisis is the problem as it is that America seems to want to sweep it under the rug and hope that it goes away. But like most cancers that are ignored they tend to end up being fatal.
I can understand that most people who have been fiscally conservative can’t get their head around the notion that people who have not been fiscally wise should be baled out in anyway. The prevalent attitude seems to be if you messed up then you should pay the price. And if that policy where to be followed on a level playing field basis then everything would be good.
The problem is that the playing field is not level. Firstly we have no problem bailing out the banks because we have been led to believe that if the banks go down the the whole economy goes down. Mostly we can even live with bailing out Detroit, but the ordinary homeowner member of the public no way.
If you asked the average American on the street: What is the economy, they would probably say the stock market, jobs, corporations, banks, and an never ending list of fabricated entities. The reality that no one seems to get is that the economy is you, me, the guy next door, the guy who pumps your gas, the girl who pours your coffee. People are the economy. And it is this very commodity “People”that we are so reluctant to help.
You can start a corporation tomorrow for the state filing fee. You can call it “The Mortgage Corp” and walla you have an entity. The day after tomorrow you can wind it up and walla walla it’s gone. Companies and banks come and go.
Anyone remember Bank of New England. That was one big sucker and it went under. It was swallowed by Fleet Bank who morphed into Bank of America. As long as there are people to serve there will be businesses. That’s why there is no “Bank of the Antarctica.” No people only leopard seals and penguins and they don’t make laws and without laws there is no economy. You just eat who you want .
One day Bank of America will be gone, such is the nature of made up things. But you or your children or your grandchildren will still be living here in this great country. The question you need to ask yourself is how great can a country be that stands idly by while some of itself, what it is, its People are trampled over by made up entities that exist because of law your elected officials enacted are and herded into the cattle cars of foreclosure.
How many stood idly by in 1940 Germany when they had their perceived problem swept under the rug. You might say that this is different this is just foolish people being thought a harsh lesson. Maybe that is what they thought too. I’m all right Jack.
The difference is in perception. The pain and subsequent societal scars will be borne by America for years to come.
When you disenfranchise whole swats of a nation the disenfranchised swat doesn’t disappear, like the cancer that is ignored it thrives under the cover of ignorance until finally it destroys its host.
So Keep throwing money at corporate entities and make the rich richer and the poor more numerous and when the tipping point is reached and the rich are living in luxurious jails built to protect themselves from the rabble that they created and your children are thinking how did we create this awful mess, remember the Foolish Fish told you so.
There is no such thing as good or bad human behavior. There is merely human behavior and perception.
You see, and you perceive as per your beliefs and opinions.
Or possibly based on your beliefs and opinions you see what you want.

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February 19, 2009
Stock Market Scam
You do know that the stock market is like a three card trick don’t you. You know the game they play at the fair ground to separate suckers from their money. So you have a guy shuffling three cards or three shot glasses and every one is getting it right until you try and all of a sudden the dealer is golden. News flash you are the sucker that is being played by a team. Everyone who you saw win is in on the scam.
And just as the only ones to win at three card trick are the ones shuffling the cards, the only ones who win at the stock market are the ones shuffling the stocks.
Today the futures for the Dow show it up by some 100 + points. It opened up by 40 something points. All the analysts are proclaiming a buying opportunity.
Think with your head and not your you know what for a minute. If the market is up it is up because someone is buying stock. But for someone to buy someone has to be selling.
Who is making the money here. The seller is most probably taking profit the buyer is betting that he knows which card is the winner.
It’s like Mike Golic said of the beginning of steroid testing in the NFL. You knew you where going to be tested, you know the location of the test, you knew the time of the test. To test positive you had to be an idiot. Hence the term “idiot test.” Only idiots failed.
An old Greek guy who traded the flea market scene selling electric tools he bought from hardware stores going out of business told me this and I quote exactly: “The day you buy is the day you sell.” Meaning that if you pay too much you don’t sell, and if you do eventually sell you will do so at a loss.
When you look at the rich list on wall street you don’t see the names like Joe Bloggs. That is because the only reason for Joe and his kind on wall street is to make Warren Buffet a billionaire.
Think of a shoal of fish darting this way and then that way in unison. Then think of the pod of dolphins working the shoal into a tight bunch to make it easier to eat. The shoal of fish numbers in the millions, the pod of dolphins is like 20. The only ones benefiting from this dance are the dolphins, the only reason the fish are invited to play is because they are dinner.
So ask yourself; Am I a fish or am I a dolphin. If you are a fish then your only reason for playing the market is to enable the dolphins to eat you alive.
Before Donald Trump was The Donald, in his first biography he said that he never made a single cent in a boom or up market. Like Mike the Greek he bought other peoples problems in downturns and sold when the market was rising. So you might say Mr Trump made money in the upmarket because he sold in the upmarket, but because he is not a shoal fish and because he is wise, he knew that he did not make the money when he sold. He made the money the day he bought.
If you believe a company is quality and stable and you also believe that it is way under priced then buy and wait.
Someone said the way to get rich in real estate is to buy and wait and not to wait for the right price to buy. There is some kind of good reasoning here except that real estate has carrying costs which must be factored in. But generally if you can buy low and wait you cannot loose. The problem is waiting.
On craigslist today there is a thread about the origins of the phrase “Stupid Americans.” Well put simply there are as many stupid Americans per capita as there are stupid English, Irish, French, Germans, etc. It’s like the dolphins and the fish, there’s one born every minute.
Here’s what defines a stupid American. Someone who believes that the guy who just guessed the right card wasn’t a plant.
Do you really think that the reality shows aren’t scripted. Hey! in the biggest looser when someone is voted off they immediately show how they have done at home over the next six months. Now they are either psychics or it is scripted.
The stock market is scripted. Every commentator and adviser is saying what you want to hear. “Oh! the Dow futures are showing up, this is a buying opportunity.” Shut the fuck up liar. It is a selling opportunity. It’s rope a dope time and you my dearest friend are the dope.
What would happen to the companies listed on the stock exchange if not a single stock was ever traded again. Nothing. They are already funded. They already have the investors money. If the stock market disappeared into thin air and all the investors vanished with it the listed companies would be untouched. Only the economy and the buying habits of the public have an impact on the listed companies. They may twist and turn to please share holders but this is only because the current management wants to remain in place. The stockholders do have the power to pink slip management, but if the stockholders and the market vanished that would not be the case.
The stock price of any company at close of business today is merely an indication of what their stock sold for at the last trade in that particular stock. If a stock closes today at $9 a share and never trades again for two weeks what do you think the price will be in one week. $9 daw!!!
A stocks price has literally no relationship, ratio or bearing to the companies well being. It is merely the selling or buying price of the last trade. Now if a group of well meaning investors decide to buy a certain company or hype it and then off load to the fish taking a huge profit by seperating the sucker form his money, this is an illegal activity. But just like speeding it is only illegal if you are caught. And when you are a dolphin you are wise and the fish are “Stupid Fish.” And because you are wise you have the senate and congress in your back pocket. You funded the presidents campaign and you also own half the lobbyist in Washington.
Now you my dear boy have been reading to much scripted type print (newspapers) and watching to much Fox and Bloomberg and American Idol and to be honest to the point of bluntness you would believe almost anything because you are Stupid. If you’re American then you are a stupid American, if you are Irish you are a stupid Mick and if you are English you are a stupid Brit.
It’s like the fairytale your mother used to read you at night and happy ever after ville. It’s like religion. The only purpose is to scare you into playing the game by their rules.
But in real life the only ones to live happy ever after are the crooks who don’t get caught.
So forget the hype. Forget the analysts, brokers, commentators and experts. Their reason for existing is themselves. If you can’t pick a sound company yourself then you shouldn’t be in the market. If you must gamble go to the track or buy a lotto ticket.
Better still ask yourself what do I love, where do I shop, what do I buy. Amazon, Toyota, Nokia. If you buy it, or buy from it because it is the best quality and service then why wouldn’t you like to own it.
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February 18, 2009
The Obama Illusion
So they give the banks 700 billion to ensure that their bonus structure remains intact.
They give another 700+ billion to pork projects to make congress happy.
And now they are going to solve the housing crisis that has buried the economy with 75 billion.
These people are amazing in their stupidity or is it hard neck.

From CNN:The program contains a mix of carrots and sticks for mortgage servicers and investors, both of whom have been seen as resistant to modifying loans. The program would not only give servicers $1,000 for each modification, but would give them another $1,000 a year for three years if the borrower stays current.
So for every loan modified the banks get $3000.00 and this is a homeowner package.
From BBC: The summary said it could provide a buffer of up to $6,000 against declining values on the average home.
So you owe 400K on a house that is worth 325K and Obama the Marvelous Math Man has the answer:
325+6=400. Like I said; “Don’t believe everything they teach you at Harvard business school.”
If you didn’t know it before then you know it now. The platform of change that swept Obama into office was at best an illusion and at worst pure deceit. It is without doubt business as usual in Washington and unlike Bush who was a puppet dancing to the tune of other string pullers, Obama appears to be a reasonably intelligent man. And in that fact is the indictment.
He totally misled the American public and now that he is in office has no intention of being a man of initiative. Change may have got him elected but that is where change ends.
He promised whatever ws necessary to get elected. He treated the American public like a drunken whore, tell her what she wants to hear and when the deed is done you can get on with doing what you intended to do all along.
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When I was a kid my mother used to say; “As sure as the pitcher goes to the well it will get broken.” This was supposed to deter me from some practice that she determined was a risk to my well being like drunk driving, wild partying or indiscriminately sleeping around. I didn’t realize back then because I was still sleepwalking that she was afraid to let me live in case I died.
And isn’t that life. We have this crazy gift called life bestowed on us by some universal benefactor and we place it in a china cabinet for safe keeping. It is so precious that we are intent on safe guarding it from any and all risk and in the process of protecting it hardly get to use it. Like driving a Ferrari at 25 mph.
So we grow up with stranger danger. Go to the best school that we can’t afford. Get and unbelievable education and then get a safe job to hide in until pink slip time comes to shake up our safe comfortable illusion.
Now if you are lucky the reality that life is a crap shoot will dawn on you before you commit to a spouse and family. This is not to deter one from union and kids. Rather it is to deter one form union and kids with a similarly deluded member of the dream club to yourself.
Now that I am old and borderline useless I find that time and its passing has some uses. For one your wisdom teeth grow in and in addition to the ability to consume tough steak the onset of wisdom teeth elevate ones awareness to a level where one might become aware of an awareness that one was not aware of when one was unaware that one was unaware.
Enough of that shit. It probably isn’t obvious to you that you are not really awake, that you are merely conditioning which is a program installed on your hard drive (mind) reacting to a series of outside forces (events) as they occur. Because the mind can only process data on an individual basis your world appears to be sequential or time based.
So now you are thinking just exactly where is this going. I only came here to read about sales, because this guy knows more about sales than the people at Harvard business school.
And the truth is that just like you, this is going nowhere. Just because your very limited mind is processing sequentially doesn’t mean that the universe is sequential. Action reaction, cause and effect dictates that after the initial cause all future effects become causes. So therefore every cause is an effect and every effect a cause. If we could grasp this we could realize that in effect the whole of existence has already happened and we with our limiting limited processing capacity are merely viewing it one frame at a time.
It’s like a movie or a book. It is already complete but we experience it one word or one frame at a time.
What this means for your sales career is that it is already predefined and that if you achieve a miracle and turn your abysmal conversion rate around that your miracle was predefined and therefore was already in the script and by definition wasn’t a miracle but a mere plot line.
Back to awareness. If the average person was to be aware of the reality of existence beside the fact that their gray matter would melt the whole purpose of human existence would be undermined. The reason you are asleep is to allow you to dream a life in a mind that is as separated from the world it appears to be in as you are from the movie that you watched and became engrossed in last night.
Life isn’t real. It appears to be real, it appears to be happening, but it is not.
Think of the word imagine. When you think you imagine. If I say pink elephant you immediately see a pink elephant in your mind or you could say you produce an image of a pink elephant in your mind. But there are no pink elephants in existence and yet you have one in your mind. You also have a purple dinosaur and a one eyed giant with no teeth. The reason is because when you read the last sentence you imaged the words.
Science has shown that imagined or remembered events are every bit as frightening as real events. This is because from the minds perspective there is no difference between imagined and perceived reality. Could this be because there is not a difference between imagined and perceived reality or to put it differently between imagination and reality.
You can be anything you can imagine, what has reality to do with it.
So I drove my pitcher to the well, and yes my mother was right it did get broken. And sometime in the not to distant future the big break will come. But until then feel free to imagine anything your little heart desires. The only thing that can ruin your dreams is the little worms, the trojans, the viruses that are slipped into your processor by well meaning but messed up people.
Anything that can be imagined can be brought into reality. It’s like looking at a reflection in a mirror. What you see is what you are looking at. But which comes first. The seeing or the looking.
You put on your beautiful new red dress and turn to the mirror to admire your self and lo and behold your reflection in the mirror has a red dress on.
Now if you are color blind and all reds appear to you as blue then in reality you are seeing a reflection with a blue dress that you imagine to be red because every time you see something blue it is referred to by others as red.
Now a person standing beside you viewing your reflection in the mirror sees a red dress that is red but you are seeing a blue dress that you are referring to as red just to appear normal and fit in.
Is the dress red or blue or what you imagine it to be. Do you see a red dress because you just put on a red dress and so therefore when you look in the mirror you see what you are expecting or what you want.
Remember the traveling salesman who I quote as saying “Seeing is believing, the trouble is that we believe what we want and then go ahead and see it.”
So you met an old friend in the mall and say “Hi Jeanie.” And Jeanie ignores you and walks by. You have a major headache. What did I do to her, why has she a bee in her ass, stupid bitch. All day you are upset until that evening when your friend Anne calls to let you know that Jeanie’s four kids were killed in a roller coaster collapse.
Oops! So Jeanie isn’t a bitch after all, you just imagined that. She was besought leaving the undertaker after making arrangements to bury her kids and because her mind was elsewhere she didn’t see you greeting her.
You created a false reality based on your perspective which is how you saw events or how you imagined the meeting in the mall.
It wasn’t true but your feeling were just as crushed and your headache was just as bad. Your reactions to an imagined reality were exactly the same as if the imagined reality had been real. There is no difference. Real, imagined, who cares the hurt is just as bad.
Now of course if you are stuck in traffic moving in reverse at 2 mph and your blood pressure is rising and by some miracle your thoughts turn to a night of pleasure you had 30 years previously and you loose yourself totally in the fantasy then that will be the best traffic jam you ever experienced.
Change your mind change your experience. When you’re feeling bad think of something good. Feelings/emotions always mirror thought. It’s like looking in the mirror at a beautiful evening and seeing it. If you look in the mirror at the worst traffic jam in the history of earth then that is what you will see.
The reflection always reflects the thought. If you believe you are wearing a red dress you will see a red dress. If you believe you are useless you will reflect a useless you. If you believe you see.
As you believe you see in your mind, As you believe you imagine. As you imagine you see in the mirror which is reflection your life back at you.
The world is a mirror. In it you see the images that are in you mind reflection back at you.
Which comes first…………..The image or the reflection…………The cause or the effect
Are you the image or the reflection.
Are you the cause or the effect.
Are you.
And it is a vicious circle the reflection reflects the thought, but each reflection creates or induces an new thought which creates a new reflection. So you can spiral out of control in either direction. Just by having one good thought you can ride a wave of euphoria and just by having one bad thought you can initiate a tidal wave of despair and depression.
Watch those thoughts. I guess the lucky are the ones that get to think good thoughts.

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February 17, 2009
Ezine and Excessive Profanity
So I submitted an article to ezine ( http://www.foolishfish.com/2009/02/devalue-the-mortgage-stock.html) which I thought was pretty good. For the purpose of making a strong point I used one (1) profanity namely the fuck word.
After careful consideration Ezine rejected the article for excessive profanity. Now if they had rejected it for the use of profanity I would say OK with a shrug of my shoulders, it is 2009, but to call one fuck excessive was rather on the excessive side don’t you think.
It would make you wonder though, the country is fucked and I am giving them free original content and they are put out by one fuck when everyone is fucking everyone left right and center. I wonder if you had just lost like a gazillion bucks to Bernie Madoff or some other corporate crook would you be within your rights to feel fucked. Would you be using excessive profanity if you came right out and said that you had been fucked royally by Mr Madoff.
People get fucked nowadays instead of having sex. They get fucked when something doesn’t go right. I mean is there anyone this side of Hyannis who hasn’t been fucked.
Well Ok it is their site and they can do what they want. But excessive is excessive and once is once and when I tried to edit it and put in an extra couple of fucks to live up to their assessment the submit page was experiencing difficulties. Could I say that ezine’s submit page fucked me.
Anyway is it only me or does anyone else think that Obama’s only goal was to get elected president and that he has no interest whatsoever in fixing the economy. His stimulus plan looks to me like a business plan I developed for a business that went belly up years ago. It’s like lets spend a whole pile of cash in way that can get past congress and see what happens.
Have a nice day. I guess my ezine days are over and to think they rejected the first article I presented to them. This could scar me for live.
But wouldn’t you just be sick of how corporate the web is becoming. Craigslist is gone to the dogs, EBay sucks, and now you can’t get fucked on ezine. It’s like the double standard of television is coming to the web.
Public broadcasting was fined like $5 million because Bono used the fuck word in a live interview. I mean isn’t there something weird about a country like America where we are guaranteed freedom of speech under the constitution and neither me or Bono is allowed to use the fuck word. Could it be because we are both Irish. If so that is racism, and the truth be known fuck is the most used word in the Irish vocabulary.
What do you think Cheney’s hunting buddy said when the VP shot him. “What the fuck Dick” I bet.
What do you think Hillary said when she found out that her hubby was F————ing half the white house. What about Gary Hart or the Governor of new york Eliot Spitzer all fine citizens who lost their jobs for F——-ing.
There’s a British comedian called Catherine Tate who appears on one of the cable channels. Anyway one of her characters has a punch line that goes like this and it reflects how I feel about ezine.
“What a fucking liberty.”

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Sales Psychology
In yesterdays post I made the seemingly foolish claim that fast food counter help are probably the most successful sales people in the world.
Now you are probably thinking that standing behind a counter handing out burgers is not really sales, that the customer is already sold and that the counter person is merely taking orders and dispensing burgers. But,,, and this is the point, the razor edge that slices the amazing form the ordinary, the salesman, any salesman, every salesman is merely taking orders.
Us Air is in the market for a new jet, they are already sold. The home buyer is in the market for a home, they are already sold. The car buyer is in the market for a new car, they are already sold.
The person who isn’t already sold is the salesman.
I asked the top sales person at an insurance company what was her best sales tip. She looked amazed, her expression said it all . There are no tips other than showing up looking professional and knowing your product. After a brief pause she said; ” I go to every client meeting expecting to convert.” Period with a capitol dot.
The art of selling is viewed by most sales professionals as the process of getting the customer off the fence. Reality shows that most sales don’t happen because the customer can’t get the sales person off the fence. In the sales person version of sales 101 the art is in getting the customer to commit. The reality is that the customer tires of the sales persons inability to commit and walks away.
If you have been ardently reading my posts you will know what commitment is. For those who missed that lecture here is a brief outline of commitment.
Commitment has two factors:
1. Belief
2. Want.
If both belief and want are present commitment is assured.
But here is the second cutting edge factor that they don’t teach in Harvard business school.
The customer isn’t buying a jumbo jet from Boeing. They are buying it form the sales person. The sales transaction takes place between the person ordering the hamburger and the counter assistant processing the transaction, not the company employing the counter assistant.
Now just because the customer is committed doesn’t necessarily mean that the sales person is committed. Boeing might be committed but the customer isn’t dealing with Boeing. The customer is dealing with the sales person.
Is the salesperson committed. Does the salesperson have belief and want.
Is the salesperson sold.
Regardless of what you are selling or who you represent the sales process takes place between you and the customer. The customer is sitting at the table with you, who he/she knows to be a hamburger salesperson. The customer is already sold. So what is the problem where is the signature.

The core of problem is you dummy. You are sitting at a table with a client who wants to buy and if you don’t sell they will go somewhere else to satisfy their needs. There is a fast food joint on every corner and you are playing chicken with your companies survival. Sell the poor guy a burger. Take him out of his misery and let him get on with his life.

Most sales are not consummated because the sales person doesn’t believe (a) in the product or (b) in his/her ability to sell it. But remember the customer by being present is screaming I want the stupid jumbo jet and there is no surer fact than that if you don’t satisfy their burning desire that they are going to Air Bus.

At the risk of sounding repetitive let me be repetitive. The sales process just like making love takes place between two people, the buyer and the salesperson (not, repeat not the seller). If both parties aren’t willing to commit then the date is off. The mere fact that the buyer is present signifies the fact that they are undressed aroused and lying on the bed. The fact that the sale is not consummated signifies that the salesperson is hiding in the bathroom worried about the size of his pecker and his ability to perform. To put is mildly the salesperson is having erection problems.

Your lover awaits. Sell him/her.

Have you noticed how sales people who never reach their quota blame the product, the economy, their company, their territory, their manager, the stupid customer, the weather, the price of turkeys in Senegal. They blame everything except themselves.

One last time.

1. Because your client is present they are sold. Period.
2. Because they are sold and have not committed signifies nothing other than you are not committed.

Look no further than yourself if you are not selling.


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February 16, 2009
Sales Success
The most successful sales people in America are standing behind fast food counters throwing out orders as fast as the kitchen can prepare them, being paid minimum wage and with all the job satisfaction of a dog in heat being pursued by a rabid mob.
Most fast food employees see their current position as a transitory step in their journey to somewhere. But the startling fact remains that these underpaid under valued people are by volume America greatest sales people.
The reality of sales is that it is very easy to sell people what they want. It is relative easy to sell people what they need. When neither want or need is present it is virtually impossible to sell. That’s why sales people at fast food outlets are paid so little. They are selling a product with a high want factor. Try selling your next door neighbor a jumbo jet.
By showing up at a car dealership you announce to the world that you are in the market for a car. The salesman knows that you are going to buy a car very soon perhaps today. By this amazing process of deduction he must deal with the harsh reality that if you leave his lot without committing then you will definitely buy from his competitor. It’s like a primeval hunter with dinner in his grasp. If he doesn’t eat his nemeses will. So up to and possibly including physical abuse he will do anything to ensure that you buy from him.
He knows that the want or need is present otherwise the average mortal would rather swim with white sharks that venture withing 100 ft of a car salesman. The difference between fast food and auto sales is brand and pricing. You go to a large fast food franchise and you get the same burger for the same price, its guaranteed no problem. You visit your local car dealer and the first line on the salesman job description is fuck your customers as hard as you can.
I sold cars for a while and during training the manager asked me; “Do you know how you know when the customer is lying,” I hummed and hawed. He looked at me like the gullible underachiever I was and said; “You know the customer is lying when his lips are moving.” I love that one. I was possibly the worst car salesman in the world. I should write a book with that title.
OK so the secret to sales is want. Most people would think need but how many people choose to go for the beer they want over the food they need. You can substitute your own need/want categories.
If you can create want you can sell anything. In fact you won’t be selling they will be standing in line.
So how do you sell a hook to a fish. You wrap a worm around it and fool the fish into believing that he is getting a great deal.
You have to be believable, you have to create trust, you have to offer something that looks like a big win for the fish (customer).
Sales by the creating want/need method is no different than fishing. You are not trying to help out the customer. You are trying to help out yourself and the customer is merely there to service your needs. Like the fish he may be going to die to service your needs but hey that is the nature of reality.
There is only one truth in human existence and I quote; “If your not alive you’re dead. If you’re not consuming you are being consumed.” You might not like it but that is the way it is.
It is impossible for even the number one PETA member to get away from this reality. You can only live by consuming other living things.
Back to sales. Your number one priority as a member of the human race is the survival of your line. The first requirement in the survival of your line is your own survival and health. So every other human becomes a competitor and resource.
If you are not prepared to fuck your fellow man then you will be a poor salesman. There is a lot of talk of integrity in sale and just like team work in a real estate office it is just that talk. Integrity in sales says that if you don’t bring in your quota you will be fired. On the team work notion. You start in an office and the broker gives the usual speech on the importance of team work and ethics in his office. The mission statement hanging on the wall promotes the customers needs as the reason for the existence of the company. Meeting these needs for their valued customers is the companies mission statement.
Then reality dawns, you only get paid if you sell. So you can sit in that office for twenty years being a good person and a great team mate and you will be paid a grand total of nothing if you don’t sell. Team work my arse. Good team players find out really quick that their team mates are making sales while they assist and get nothing but a thank you and an honorable mention at the weekly sales meeting. Then they are pulled into the managers office to see what is wrong with their approach.
What is wrong with their approach is that they were gullible enough to believe the hype and actually believe that their mission is to serve the needs of the customer and be a good team player.
Get out there and do what you need to sell. Fuck the customer and fuck your team mates. If they are eating you aren’t.
So the first step in becoming a great salesman is to listen to the grumbling in your stomach that tells you that it’s you that is hungry and that it’s you that needs feeding.
Rule 1.Think of yourself.
The second step in becoming a great salesman is give gracious and enthusiastic lip service to all office politics. Agree whole heartily with mission statements and any other shit that comes your way, then go about doing what you want. A great Chinese philosopher said thousands of years ago; “You can have what you can take. You can keep what you can hold.” Think on that one for a year or two.
Rule 2. Remember all mission statements and corporate policy are for effect only. You will only be rewarded for sales.
The third step is get out and fuck like crazy. Just like speeding tickets. You only break the law when you are caught.
Rule 3. Do anything you can get away with to achieve the sale.
If you want to add further rules please feel free to comment.
As always have a great day. And remember if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. If you would rather believe that steak grows on trees and that no animal was hurt in the production of your dinner then keep your head firmly lodged in its current position. The reality is that most people are not cut out to be good at sales. They just don’t have the heart for it.

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February 15, 2009
Most Americans have no idea who Roy Keane is. On the other side of the Atlantic regardless of your tribal allegiance it is hard not to admit to his greatness.
Roy is probably the single greatest Irish sports person if not ever then of a generation. As a driving aggressive midfield general he pushed Ireland to the world cup finals and Manchester United to numerous premiership crowns including many doubles and the famous treble of Premiership, FA cup and European cup.
For the bulk of his career he was matched up against Patrick Vieara the great Arsenal midfielder. During their careers with the top English clubs no club other than Utd or Arsenal won the Premiership.
Arsenal never recovered from loosing the steel of Viera in midfield and are now merely a top four presence not the perennial favorites that they once were. United continued success is based on their ability to form a team of some of the greatest talents in the world. However talent is a sorry substitute for heart and sheer will to succeed.
In the realm of potential which is the realm of the human mind anything that is potentially possible is possible. There is a thin line between achievement which we sometimes refer to as success and non achievement which we call failure.
That thin line is commitment. Anything you commit to you will achieve. There is not doubt about this. There may however be doubt about the depth of your commitment The last erroneous statement is typical of the common misunderstanding of what commitment is.
There is no depth or strength to commitment. You either commit or you don’t. If you commit you achieve. If you don’t commit you don’t achieve. It really is that simple.
What is commitment?
Commitment has two distinct ingredients:
You must believe that you are capable of achieving that which you commit to. If you don’t believe you will give lip service to your desire to achieve, you may make decisions and statements of intent but you will not commit and you will not succeed in achieving your desired outcome.
Belief by itself is useless. You must also want to achieve your goal enough to pay its price. If your want does not outweigh your desire not to commit then you will not commit.The nature of the human mind is habit or pattern and as such the mind will do almost anything to resist change. The want for change must be more powerful than the pattern that is resisting it.
Most decisions people make have a short life span and before you know it it is business as usually. Old habits die hard and change within the personalty of a person is a miracle (A Course in Miracles). A decision is the trick we use to fool our self int believing that we are going to attend to an issue that is having a restricting effect in our life. We proclaim that we have decided to change and that proclamation eliminates the need to act. Action always follows commitment.
“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.”
William Hutchinson Murray

In the realms of achievement decisions are ten a penny and always amount to nothing. Commitment is different than decision. Most people mistake commitment for decision but they are wrong. A decision is a fire cracker, commitment is an atom bomb.
It should be noted that need is a poor substitute for want when you bake your commitment pie. Many people die from need. They just can’t motivate their broken spirit to crash through two foot concrete walls. Remember the song; Once there was a silly old ram, thought he’d punch a hole in a dam, nothing would make that ram scram, he kept butting that dam, cause he’s got high hopes, high hopes, high apple pie in the sky hopes. So anytime your feeling low with no get up and go just remember that ram and oops! there goes a billion kilowatt dam.
The ram had high hopes, he believed and he also had want which motivated him to keep going despite the apparent impossibility of his dream. Oops! there goes a billion kilowatt dam.
Kevin Garnet played basket ball with an uncommon intensity level all his career. Obviously like any professional he also wanted to win it all but despite being a perennial all star he never won a championship until he teamed up with the Boston Celtics and Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. The difference was that now he believed he could win.
On every great team there is a warrior who refuses to loose. A close observation would suggest that many warriors never achieve greatness for they do not have the resources around them to allow them to believe that they cannot lose.
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February 14, 2009
The Demise of the American Dream
In organized society the rule of law is upheld by a combination of sanction and incentive. The citizenry are either afraid of the consequences of breaking a law or see some benefit in compliance. Why else would you pay tax or drive through Norwell at 25MPH.
1. Sanction implies a penalty
2. Incentive implies a reward.
In oppressive regimes such as dictatorships and modern communist communities the use of sanction by far outweighs the use of incentive. Hence the overwhelming desire of the population to escape their homeland to more benign regions.
A look at United Sates population growth since its inception as a country shows that its incentive based society is very popular with the natives of other societies.
All the above sounds great but it is based on pre Bush history.
America is running out of incentives and it is starting to look like a non choice for any but the poorest migrants. For 200 years America was the choice for Ireland’s greatest export (it’s people) now Irish kids on the whole avoid America. It is far easier to have a good time in Australia than Boston.
Immigrants aside, the incentives for the average American to comply with the rule of law are diminishing at a rapid rate. You can’t even go bankrupt at the drop of hat anymore. So why would you want to have initiative and be entrepreneurial .
The credit or Fico system is used as a weapon against the ordinary citizen. I wonder does Bill Gates or The Donald have to worry about their credit number. 405, 750, who gives a shit when you have more money than God.
And now you have an underclass of foreclosure’ees who can’t even rent a decent apartment because their credit sucks. Most corporate jobs require a credit and background check and even insurance companies are checking credit profiles to adjust auto and home insurance rates.
Wake up America and smell the coffee. These are not “those people”, they are your people, Americans!!!!!!!!!!
It’s like the country has a cancer eating away at it’s soul and like Marie Antoinette found out to her discomfort suggesting cake just doesn’t cut it (except if you are talking about your own neck of course).
A population of 300 million is probably like 150 million functioning adults (excluding children and older people). What percentage of that 150 million needs to become disenfranchised before a tipping point is reached. And the thought that doesn’t want to be thunk (intended) is anarchy, rebellion, Madame La Guillotine.
The chairmen of the British banks appeared before Parliament last week to explain their part in the economic meltdown where contrite apologetic and for all intents an purposes came across as children being scolded by annoyed parents.
Their counterparts the chairmen of the large US banks appearing before Congress were forceful, non contrite and showed very little if any remorse. Of course the fact that the bankers were some of the largest contributors to the congressmen’s election funds meaning that they owned congress explains this anomaly between American and UK bankers.
In most countries campaign funds from individuals or groups who are interested in controlling legislation are seen as bribery, and as such are illegal and carry harsh sanctions. In the US it is the order of the day.
This country is fast becoming the Corporate States of America where the role of the ordinary citizen is to be a resource for corporate consumption. Hence the emergence of the $8 and hour job with no benefits.
So you work for minimum pay with no benefits and are expected to live in an overpriced home and pay for health care and eat and send your kids to school and heat your home and drive to your $8 job and on and on.
The rule that 2+2=4 seems to hold no matter what the condition. So therefore 8x40x52/12= 1387 per month before deductions with no benefits. I’d like to see Michelle Obama managing on that kind of budget.
Wake up America before it is too late. I can smell anarchy in the air. You know even the mighty Roman empire found out the hard way that the graveyards are full of indispensable empires.
A good rule of thumb is that if it looks like shit and smells like shit than in all probability it is shit
The image below is from:http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/rnr/1034107682.html

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Economic Collapse
Somebody needs to tell Obama that if you have a pain in your foot because your shoe is too tight that regardless off all the painkillers and assorted medication you might take the pain will exist until you remove the offending shoe.
He can have stimulus packages and tarp funds till the cows come home but nothing will improve the economy until he takes off the proverbial badly fitting shoe.
The answer is to remove the cause not to threat the symptoms.
Also for a guy who was elected on a platform of change his chosen method to repair the Bush fuck up appears to be an extra helping of Bush.
OK back to the cause of the economic woes. The greatest half door of our times Greenspan thought he could keep the good times rolling by simply keeping interest rated in the sewer. He did achieve his goal partially by putting a required economic correction on the long finger. The trouble with the long finger was that it ran out of real estate (no pun intended) some time last year.
Low interest rates meant that the repayment costs for a mortgage were kept artificially low in a period of rampant price inflation allowing buyers to afford more expensive homes. The trouble was that it was a sellers market and so therefore the buyer didn’t get a bigger or better home for their low interest buck, the merely got a more expensive one. In reality they got a 400K home for 750K.
So in the end the market like any pyramid scheme ran out of steam and now the 400K house that sold for 750K came falling back to earth with an almighty thud and found out that it was really only a 400K home after all. The reverberations of this crashing, crushing revelation sent shudders through the whole economy and brought the money edifice tumbling down all around us.
This would not be any big deal except the brain boxes at Chase and Wells Fargo hadn’t bothered to do their due diligence and had lent 600K on a home with a max value of 400K.
The tight fitting shoe is not that people bought into the dream at vastly inflated prices. The root cause of our present problem is that the wonder boys at Chase lent too much and are now stuck with the proverbial toxic asset.
So stimulate if you must, throw dollars like confetti at a Jewish wedding at the banks, do what you want, who cares it will do no good.
The answer is not to absolve the banks of their toxic assets. The answer is to underpin the housing market collapse with a two fold approach.
1. Have the banks put a one year moratorium on foreclosures in return for the remaining 350 billion tarp fund money. This will have the effect of lowering the quantity of under priced bank owned homes on the market, which will in turn allow the housing market to stabilize.
2. Use future tarp funds to lower mortgage amounts on upside down homes. This will allow the lenders to reclassify the loans as non toxic and also allow homeowners who cannot afford the home anymore to sell the home at market value without the need for short sale or foreclosure.

As previously mentioned all the methods put forward by the Obama administration so far are merely a rehashing of pre collapse economics. To alleviate the pain in his foot Obama merely needs to remove the offending shoe. The flow of bank owned homes onto an already glutted market. Adding extra inventory to the housing market at this time of crisis is like adding fuel to a fire or water to an already flooded river. All that can result is catastrophe.
As Mr Clinton would say: “It’s the economy stupid.”
And the economy is the people living out their lives in the towns and cities of America and definitely not the stock market game.

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February 13, 2009
Emotional Cripple
A dog with three legs who chooses to deny his deformity will eventually tire of falling over and refrain from walking. When the pain in his heart reaches drowning level he will decide to hide himself away from a world he perceives as harsh, unwelcoming and unaccepting.
If he is lucky one day he will come to recognize the fact that he is at his core being a total complete dog who just happens to be missing a leg. In this moment of enlightenment he is offered the opportunity to claim ownership of his deformity and reform his perspective of himself from who he was pretending to be, to who he actually is. By accepted himself for who he is, he can adapt to his deformity and offer himself freely to life as a three legged dog.
Physical deformities would seem a much harsher condition than emotional disability. After all your condition is on view to the world every moment of every day. But the blessing of having something out in the open is that you have no choice but to accept it.
An emotional condition because by its nature it is hidden within, allows you the option to deny its existence and offer a pretend you to the world. The trouble with this scenario is that not alone are you denying the jewel that you are to the world you are in essence disowning yourself.
The horrible reality of a fit in or fuck off world is that most people choose to deny their emotional conditions and spend an empty aimless life in the shadow lands of in-completion.
If you can recognize your short coming and accept it, own it, be it and by so being become the totality of yourself, regardless of reaction, then life just might become the joy it was meant to be.
The trouble with a strategy of denial is that regardless of the reality you choose to try and create, the real reality exists. The real reality is that you have an emotional disability and you are denying it’s existence.
Now you are like the dog with three legs. Your persona is contrived to conform with the delusion you have created to hide yourself from yourself. You are not free to be. And the truth is that everyone knows that there is something not right about you. They might not be able to put a finger on it but they know. They can smell the deceit.

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February 12, 2009
Perception is Reality
If you don’t believe that perception for most if not all people is reality just examine the curious case of the New England Partiots.
In the first quarter of the first game of the 2007 NFL season the New York Jets management reported that the New England Patriots where using an illegal camera positon to film their signal calling.
What conspired was that Bill Belich the Patriots head coach was fined $500,000.00. The organization was also heavily fined and their first round pick in the 2008 draft was forfeited.
This alone would have been unusual punishment for the “misinterpretation of NFL rules”. But for the rest of the year on every sports channel the organization was lambasted as cheats. Spygate was to be their legacy. Their previous Superbowl wins were called into question and it all culminated with their Superbowl week turning into a circus with leaks of a camera at the Rams pre game walk throug prior to the 2001 Superbowl and with senator Arlen Specter blowing about all kinds of hot air. This despite the fact that the economy was about to implode on his watch.
What no one cares to examine is the facts, it is far easier to get your opinions in three minute sound bites from scripted news shows.
Now if you accept the so called informed “commentators” New England was the only organization who would stoop so low as to film an opponents signals. But what the uninitiated fan doesn’t seem to get is that film is more a part of footballl than anything other than the football itself.
Every single snap is filmed from every conceivable angle. The patriots offense was to have a camera running film that was construed to be for the purpose of giving them an advantage during that particular game. The rules allow for any film to be shot and used for future games.
Now where reality starts to disappear into delusion is in the fact that no other franchise ever did this. There are however pictures of the Jets filming with a video camera from the sideline of Foxboro Stadium the previous game between the two teams.
Also when the Bronco’s fraudulently broke the salary cap to enable them to sign John Elway and in the process win two Superbowl’s their sanction was confined to penalties levied by the NFL.
The real reality of the situation was that the Patriots filmed from the sideline and were adjudged to have broken a rule by the commissioned and were harshly dealt with for a crime that went unpunished for the other 31 teams in the NFL including the Jets who openly illegally filmed the patriots.
Almost every week in the NFL the audio system for the visiting team mysteriously fails. The referees don’t seem capable of making correct calls. General managers of certain teams are on the rules committee and can change rules to suit their personnel and the only team that ever cheated on football is the New England Patriots.
Perhaps 2007 is a long time ago and no one really cares about Belicheat and his team but what holds in this curious case also holds for life in general.
For as long as the American public chooses to believe as reality (a) what they want because it suits them, or (b) reports on media outlets that are scripted to advance editorial opinion then perception for the average American is indeed reality.
And the reality is that reality doesn’t really care what you believe,the fact that you choose to live with your head firmly lodged in you Hyannis only conspires to lower the quality of your life and those poor unfortunates who through no fault of their own must share air space with you.

Posted on February 12, 2009 at 01:17 PM  
Urban Legend
So I woke up today, again, as usual and to my great dismay discovered that I was still myself as usual.
Did you ever dream that you could fly, or hover just above the ground? Did you ever fly with golden eagles over placid green waters in search of giant salmon whose flesh held the secrets of knowledge?
Did you notice that the easiest jobs to get aren’t really jobs? If it’s completely commission based then who wants it. Commission based means that it’s not a job, you are actually self employed and now you need to be self motivated.

Why aren’t corporate CEO earnings commission based and therefore subject to performance.

If you win the lotto and get an interview for a paying job for like 8 bucks an hour they want to run your credit, your police records, and have a detailed list of what you had for breakfast. Is it only me or is it becoming apparent that there is a clear and present threat to the common man.

I mean even in Ireland which is like a dot of a country they have just pumped 7 billion Euro into two banks.
Where did this notion come from that the way out of this mess that we find ourselves in is to give money to the banks. Two or three years ago the major Irish banks where making obscene profits and now they need 7 billion of taxpayer’s money. Meanwhile every social service in the country is stretched to breaking.

It really is a significant question to ponder; Where did the idea/notion come from that the way to save the global economy is to give gazillions to the banks for free?
Is this one of those ideas that someone threw out there and like a snowball racing down a hill to hell just took off.

Is this the epitome of urban legend.

Is there any evidence that this strategy has a snowballs chance in hell of working?

Let me state unequivocally that my political tendencies are pro Democrat. I got drunk when George Bush was deported to Crawford and I would brave the horrors of a hangover again if he and his shotgun Cheney where indicted for grand theft country.

All this being true I just wonder if Obama is the proverbial snowball in hell. It appears to me that he has even lost his great talent to power out a speech and enchant the mob to dance on his every word. He looks like a dead duck bobbing about with no idea how to avoid the tsunami that is racing towards him.

Someone in the Financial Times said yesterday that the world cannot survive another failed American Presidency. Well you better start building an Arc because the flood waters will not be held back by re liquidating the banks; rather I believe this strategy will only serve to elevate the waters that we are already drowning in.
There is a theory out there that if you don’t have something constructive to offer that you should shut up.

So I will.

Posted on February 12, 2009 at 09:36 AM  
February 11, 2009
Time Line
If it is really true that a huge asteroid smashing into the planet was responsible for the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, forever altering the biological history of the planet, let us pose a question or two.
One hour prior to impact presumably all was well. Grazers grazed, hunters hunted and so on. The real meat is in the notion where was the asteroid and where was the impact one hour prior to collision. Was it like a mighty oak stored in an acorn, merely waiting for a predefined time to occur.
If such an event was to repeat itself today we would probably know it was coming months if not years in advance. But what about one hundred years in advance. Just because we don’t know doesn’t mean that it is not imminent.
And if an asteroid strike on earth is scheduled for say May 28th 2222 at 12.15 am the fact that we as humans are unaware has no bearing on the asteroid or its mission. The human brains work by processing available information and creating an image of a perceived reality. Reality to a human is the known. But do you really think that the broader universe cares about our perceived reality or about the information that we are or are not privy to. Do You think that a crocodile cares that you don’t know his whereabouts as you decide to take a plunge into the cooling waters of his lake. And if you knew of the horror that awaited you would your perception of the cooling water change.
Seeing is believing. The trouble is we tend to believe what we want and then go ahead and see it.
A further question is when did the asteroid begin its faithful journey to destroy all life on earth. And if by tracing its journey like any journey to its origin you will find that if the big bang theory is correct then the asteroid even though it wasn’t formed started it’s journey towards a planet called earth that was not formed the very instant nothingness exploded into being.
So much for free will. It’s like when your play pool or snooker. You set the balls up for the break and at the instant the cue hits the cue ball all is in play. Each break is akin to a mini big bang. The reality is that taking the pool table, the balls and the strike of the cue into consideration there is only one outcome. The final layout of balls on the table after movement stops is predefined or predestined by the break. Balls might collide and change course, some might fall into a pocket but regardless all action, motion and collision was stored in the design of the break.
An even better question is what was nothingness up to before it decided to fart reality into existence.
Because mankind is all wrapped up in his own importance he/she finds it hard to see beyond his/her nose. Do you really think you choose who you fall in love with, who your parents are, religion, intelligence, color or for that matter anything about who you are. And if you were an alien sufficiently advanced to fly a space ship a gazillion light years from your home planet to earth would you really have headlights and a revolving beacon on you craft.
A man is who he is despite himself.
Karma is the eastern science of action reaction or cause and effect. That is if you sow a seed you get to reap whatever is in that seed. But because we as people have a defined beginning and a defined ending we tend to look at the universe from a beginning and ending perspective. That is why we have such trouble comprehending infinity. That’s why we need a big bang theory to explain the universe.
If you start with an apple and start dividing it into equal pieces there are infinity number of pieces in a single apple. However if at some stage in the division process you reverse course and start putting the pieces together you end with an apple. The point is that infinity only applies to separation. When you reverse separation you eventually arrive at “1” and it is all over.
So you have “one “and you decide to split it and then you decide to believe that each tiny piece is separate and in control of its own destiny. In a sense each tiny piece becomes a universe of its own subdividing down into its own infinity.
There is no end to the infinity of division. Regardless of how many pieces you split an apple into, in the end it is still an apple. It may be in a trillion pieces but just like the asteroid it is not subject to a time line. Time lines are the dominion of mankind. The rest of the universe is happy to just be.
Man lives in a fishbowl of his own choosing (that is if choice is an option) By choosing to believe we automatically deny or cast as untrue anything that is contrary to our beliefs.
If you choose to believe that you are unpopular then regardless of the evidence, in your own perceived world, which ot you is reality you are unpopular. On the contrary if like Mr Bush you choose to believe that you have something to offer regardless of reality you just might be called Mr President some day.
But the core of this is that we produce imaginary worlds within our mind based on perspective, belief and opinion and then believing that our imaginary world represents reality we play out our life in deluded bliss/horror.
Because we can not get past the assumption that we are the actual center of the universe and that all creationrotate about us, we cannot grasp that in the scheme of things we are of little to zero importance except that the dot that we are is necessary to complete the whole. It’s like a single cell within the billions of cells that make up your body is deluded enough to believe that not alone is it of prime importance but that it is actually the center of the known universe which from the cells perspective is you.

Posted on February 11, 2009 at 09:44 AM
February 10, 2009
Speaking Reality Into Existance
Today is Feb 10th 2009
Two quick observations.
1. On Obama’s conference last night a reporter who seemed to be from this planet asked if he knew of any middle eastern country that had access to nuclear weapons. Now I do understand that technically speaking Israel is in Asia but it is generally accepted to be part of the middle east region.
Obama skirted the question which I believe he did with every question last evening. They used to call Bertie Ahern the Teflon Taoiseach (Irish for leader) now I think Obama must have attended one of his seminars, for he has this uncanny ability to stick with his message and ignore everything else.
Either Obama (a) doesn’t know Israel has nuclear weapons which is frightening as he is now our fearless leader, (b) doesn’t know that Israel is part of the middle east which is equally frightening or (c) like most Americans chooses to believe that Israel is an American satellite community and as such like America is not subject International law.
2. Yesterday on Squawk Box or Fast Money some big shot being interviewed on the downturn asked: “Why should the banks be held responsible for people not paying their mortgage.”
Well let me tell you buddy that a mortgage is a security instrument given as collateral for a loan. The quote should be: “Why should the banks be held responsible for overvaluing collateral taken as security for loans.”
Now let me get my head around this for a moment. Firstly the bank has the money, the underwriter and the appraisal, not to mention the five hundred dollar and hour attorney and accountant and oh! the lobbyist who see to it that the playing field is stacked in their favor.
Fuck yes!!!!! the banks are responsible for giving money out willy nilly. They are corporations formed within the law and staffed by the best talent money can buy hence the gazillion dollar bonuses.
The borrower on the other hand is just some Joe who came to be despite the law of the land. Yes he/she is subject to the law but unlike the corporation is not formed to benefit from the law.
A human is subject to the law. A corporation is law and only subject to law as chosen by its design.
It seems that the prevalent belief in America is that you can actually speak reality into existence.

Posted on February 10, 2009 at 09:32 AM
February 09, 2009
Useless Blog
The reason this blog is so useless is that I just sit down and write whatever comes into my head and other than spell check and grammar that is it. Now you might say that I can’t even do the grammar and spell check and you just might be right. The point is that there is no planning, no goal setting, nothing but me or whatever I am flowing from my fingers to the page.
Yesterday I had a survival expert fresh from mornings skiing visit me for lunch. Now let me tell you that this is one accomplished individual. Success follows him like a shadow. Anyway the key to survival I am told is planning.
Know where you are going, know your destination, know the environment, know the hazards. All things absolutely totally correct and necessary from a standpoint of survival in a crisis and in this harsh reality we call life.
Anything that holds for survival in the wilderness or in a crisis scenario also holds for the ordinary person going about their ordinary mundane life.
So now we have a blueprint for success or survival and a blueprint for failure or death. And by the looks of things this blog is doomed to dismal failure. I know I get about three hits a day but I secretly think that my daughter is giving me pity hits. So simple math or sums as we used to say in 1966 Dublin says that 3 hits minus 3 pity hits equals your brutal.
OK enough of this shit and back to survival. The thing is that if you work hard and learn all the tricks necessary to survive, be it on Mount Everest or the mole hill you call your life, who exactly survives. I could plan this blog, pick a direction, know my content, etc. But the question remains who would the visitor be reading. ME or some robot designed to survive or god forbid even thrive. Is success worth your soul. Would you rather die as yourself or survive as an entity you created merely to live. Is depression a lost soul crying out in the wilderness for its lover.
Something tells me that the only way to have joy in your life is to live from your heart. Years ago when I used to pray to my Christian God I always asked for happiness. Being the manipulative whore that I am I figured what is th point in asking for a good job or money or whatever. You just might get paralyzed in a car crash and get a big cash payment. But with happiness you couldn’t go wrong. All your family would be good, you wouldn’t need for anything, you would have the perfect mate and job. I don’t know what happened I guess I took my eye off my goal (happiness) and it was lost in the crowd of wants and needs and I never found it again.
Anyway if I were standing in front of a classroom of high school seniors on graduation day anxiously waiting for me to go away so they could get on with the party, my words would be simple. If this life is a gift then it is only a gift if you give it what you have in your soul to give. A man is like an envelope with a message inside. That message is who you are. You didn’t come here to be successful, famous or popular. You came here to be what you are. Have you ever seen an acorn that grew to be a chestnut tree. Have you ever seen a tiger with spots. Have you ever seen a truly happy person. Be true to yourself always and life will be the gift it was meant to be.
If on the other hand you listen to the shouldn’t and the don’t you will become “well adjusted” and be rewarded with your personalized copy of societies one size fits all cap. Then as the Buddha proclaimed all those thousands of years ago Life will be pain. Actually the Buddha’s quote is reputedly “Life is pain” but I had to be mindful of grammatical concerns. Ever the conformer.
I want you to have a nice day now.

Posted on February 09, 2009 at 10:17 AM
February 08, 2009
Don’t Tell Me It’s Today Again
Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and after the split second of no oneness bliss passes, the horrible reality dawns, yes it’s today again.
And isn’t it always today again. I guess the only real impossibility for human potential is to get away from yourself. We have all these people worrying and fretting about an after life and if the truth be known and there is an eternal super being, a god person, then he/she most probably created the illusion of mortal life in a futile effort to get away from the fact that he/she was stuck with being their own boring self for eternity and beyond.
Face it, the only thing good about life is that it is going. “You only get one chance,” this is no dress rehearsal” and such quotes point out mans perspective on life. It’s like standing in line for a roller coaster ride. The prevalent emotions are excitement anticipation and fear, which are exactly the ingredients that make life worth living.
Now if you knew that you were an eternal being and that no matter what you would still be here tomorrow exactly the same as you are today, well it would be just like being a piece of furniture standing in the background watching the mortals having all the fun worrying about getting hurt and dying.
And if you were eternal then there would be no sex because how could you have any offspring when eternal works both ways and a child has to start and eternity doesn’t start or end.
Most people will tell you the greatest thing in life is their children. The eternal being is deprived of this premier love.
And also if you are eternal you wouldn’t have any need to eat, so no burgers, no chocolate, no cheese and curry chips.
You get the picture, eternity is so so boooring!! So god is just like some peeping tom getting his kicks from watching us mortals having fun. Like watching a pay per view movie or a porn clip online.
But in the end I bet you that when God wakes up in the morning and realizes that it’s today again and that he is still stuck with himself, that he just can’t wait to get to the TV and loose himself in his favorite illusion.

Posted on February 08, 2009 at 12:17 PM
February 07, 2009
How High Can You Dream
So you get a chess board (which has 64 squares) and you place a quarter on the first square.
On the next square you place 2 quarters.
On the next square you place 4 quarters.
On the next square you place 8 quarters.
On the next square you place 16 quarters and so on untill you reach the 64th and final square.
The question is how high will your stack of quarters be when you reach the 64th square.
While you think of this for a few moments I will ramble on. Did you know that in Ireland we have harbours and neighbours. We write cheques to pay our bills and we spread jam on our bread and mix our jelly with ice cream. We have aluminium. We queue for the bus which in Dublin come in bunches of three once a fortnight.
On a different note did you know that the pint of Guinness (the premier Irish brand alcoholic beverage) you drink in your local American Irish bar is brewed in Nigeria. Well it is a global village isn’t it now.
OK so back to our question.
The answer is that your 64th stack would stretch to the moon and if you had the audacity to add a 65th square the stack of quarters would reach to the moon and back.
So if you decided as your new years resolution for 2009 to buy one investment property this year and double your investment units for each of the next ten year, then at the end of the ten years you would be the proud owner of 1024 investment properties. If you decided to keep going on the eleventh year you would have 2048 properties.
In the 20th year your properties would number 1,048,576
It would seem to be a reasonable request to give a twenty year old man or woman a dollar bill and tell him/her that it was theirs to keep on condition that it was doubled every year for the next twenty years using the chess board strategy laid out above.
Every person in America could forget their IRA and 401K. At the age of 40 they would be dollar millionaires and by the age of 60 God knows you do the maths.
Anyway so much for common sense and know how. Me I’m long past the 1,048,576 mark and flat broke. A kind benefactor picks up the tab for the Type Pad subscription which powers this so called blog.
Anyway the real message behind this nonsense is that it doesn’t really matter what you know. It’s action that produces results.
If you want daffodils then you had better plant some bulbs.
Posted on February 07, 2009 at 09:30 AM
February 06, 2009
Devalue the Mortgage Stock
Being of the older variety I have some bleak memories of Ireland in its hair shirt days. Back then everyone needed to tighten their belts except the lesser spotted rich folk that is.
Ireland was a third world country then, the Celtic tiger was an unimaginable dream. Now Mother Ireland is under the spell of an unimaginable nightmare.
Back in the good old bad old days I did just what most of my kin folk had done for generations. I took a flight to America with a six month holiday visa stamped in my passport and the rest is history.
What I seem to remember form the old country and the great oppressor next door (england) was that when things got bad the currency was devalued.
Now I’m not suggesting that Obama devalue the dollar, but might it be a good idea to devalue the mortgage stock.
It appears that what is mostly bothering the US economy is the housing market demise. So like any good surgeon maybe it is time for Obama to cut off a limb.
I have noticed from watching Obama’s speeches that he is hell bent on driving the fact that he was landed with a huge crises into the American psyche.
It looks to me that he is more intent on cementing his get out of jail card (a crisis of unprecedented proportion) than he is in fixing it.
So here is my plan to fix the Us economy. It may be bold but.
Without notice next Friday evening after the markets close Obama will hold a state of the nation address and proclaim that the value of all mortgages under one million dollars will be reduced by 50%.
As a sweetener to the banks he will offer the one trillion dollar stimulus package funds to be distributed among them on a pro rata loss basis. Any losses not covered by the stimulus funds would be taken by the banks and their shareholders. Surely every gambler knows that when your horse comes in last you crumple up your ticket and throw it in the trash.
I know people who have no mortgage and worked hard all their life and scrimped and saved will whine and whine but such is the nature of a fuck up.
Continuing to go the present route is like putting a poultice on a cancer. This death wound calls for a great man and I just wonder does Obama fit the calling.
Posted on February 06, 2009 at 10:34 AM
February 05, 2009
Just an Unfortunate Turn of Events
So you are walking down the road minding your own business eating an ice cream when from out of nowhere an engine falls off a Jumbo jet and splatters you.
Meanwhile on the other side of town a guy pulls a gun in a police station and is shot dead.
Now some would say that in your case your death was an unfortunate accident and not in any way your fault.
Whereas almost everyone would say regarding the guy with the gun in police station that his death was his own fault.
Can both of the above scenarios be true in reference to fault.
What if the whole world was having a party and an innocent comet just happened to be passing by and slammed into the planet vaporizing it and everyone on it. Would this mass extinction be every ones fault.
The reality with rules is that if there is an exception then everything is good. And as we know rules are the brainchild of people. We make them and we break them and we pay the penalty and it is deemed to be our own stupid fault.
But life isn’t subject to rules, it is bound by immutable laws, that means that there cannot be any exceptions. You are either alive or dead. You are either consuming or being consumed. Life doesn’t like arguments so it made its rules/laws exception proof
So to dole out blame and say that something is someones fault really means that they have broken some man made rule and therefore paid the consequence.
But a much higher law than any man could conceive holds sway over life.
So therefore the only answer to the fault scscenarios posed above is that in neither case is their death the dead persons fault.
It is just a turn of events. You win the lotto and you perceive a fortunate turn of events. You wake up to find yourself dead and perceive and unfortunate turn of events.
The perception is in the choosing. Some cheered at the twin towers demise some mourned in shock, reaction is always in line with perspective.
Regardless of reaction or perspective 9-11 happened and the twin towers fell, and that was a turn of events.
So tomorrow when you want to feel bad and swear at the traffic and be cruel to your bosses dog remember it’s not any ones fault no no no its just an unfortunate turn of events.
Posted on February 05, 2009 at 10:57 PM
February 03, 2009
The foolish dreams of an over exuberant Adsense Publisher
Did you ever wake up one morning and discover that you weren’t really a millionaire in fact you weren’t even liquid. And this after all the seedy promises in all the seedy web master forums.
Believe what you want and I guess I did, but the only way you will make money on the web is by being a con artist which is probally what fifty percent of web sites are about or by having relevant first class content.
If you are trying to make a living from adsense then you better have a great site with tons of traffic. The same goes for affiliate marketing.
So you buy a domain name and this could be the best thing you ever did if you are wise enough to buy something with meaningful keywords and not “isatupallnightdreamingyouwouldcomeback.com” (If this is a real name I give in so don’t bother clicking on it.) OK so where was I, I keep losing myself running off on tangents.
So you buy a domain name and you set off on a Google search to become the latest cyberspace millionaire, and if you’re like me what you will find is that almost everyone on every forum has a perspective and its their own. The name of the game is to get you to buy something from them that someone else stuck them with. And tell me If you really knew how to get to number one on any Google search would you really be selling this piece of gold dust for $49.99. I think you would be guarding it with your life while you launched site after site and made million after million. Why not sell it (your secret) to Google or Microsoft for like a billion.
Let me enlighten you with words from the foolish.
The best way to get rich on the web is to buy any top quality dot com name that you can. Park it somewhere for free or put it on a mini site that you build yourself with relevant content related to something you know about. If you are lucky your names will generate enough revenue to renew themselves for ten years and then you will know what rich is.
Last summer (2008) I could have registered some family member first names for registration fee. Right now like eight months later you can not find any first name in any decent extension. It is almost even impossible to find a first name.ws.
The point is that ten years from now “isatupallnightwonderingifyouwhereevercominghome.com” might just be worth something.
Right now you can buy www.DiscountWindows.org for registration fee.
So go to Google and search discount windows there are like 6,350,000 results and 11 ppc (pay per click) ads on the first page.
Is it only me or does anyone else get it. Ten years from now someone will be paying $10K for DiscountWindows.org. It’s like who doesn’t start the search for real estate on the web. Almost all Realtors will tell you that that like 90% of new buyers come with the homes they want already searched out on Realtor.com or some such. Yet if you ask that same Realtor do they have a domain name they will give you a blank look and say yaaah! and you will say ohhh! what is it. And she will say it’s JudyBranchSellsHomesFast.com or JudyBranchSells.com. Sells what? (Judy branch is a ficticious name I just pulled out of a hat. Any resembelance to anyone living or dead is not intended. This is a work of fiction.)
If you’re not Google, Yahoo or Amazon then you have to realize that Domain names are all about Keywords.
Now seeing as Judy lives and works in Escondido Ca a nice city with a population of 136,246 and the excellent domain name EscondidoRealtor.com is available as I write for registration fee (less than 10 bucks) don’t you think that $10 dollar investment would be a great idea for Judy.
Maybe I am a gobshite but if Judy baby is still selling homes in ten years she will most probably shell out like $10K for the name that she could buy and use today for $10 dollars. In fact with the real estate market the way it is now she might make more just by buying the domain name that she will this year in commissions.
A Google search of Escondido Realtor shows 4,870,000 results and 8 PPC ads.
Heres another genious! A certain auto dealer (who shall remain nameless) operating an 8 dealerships chain all trading under the same domain name (R——Auto.com) was offered the exact same name as his in plural version for a very modest 4 figure sum (less than 2K) and was found to have no interest.
For purposes of clarity let me run this again. The auto dealers domain name was
The domain name offered to him which he had no interest in was
Now it appears that on most pre owned sales the dealer will clear 2 grand. But less than 2K was too much to pay for the plural version of a name that is serving 8 dealerships. I don’t know do you. Just like real estate most buyers today start off their car search on the web.
I’m sure most of his competitors would be more than happy to snap up the name and with it I’m sure a good portion of his customers.
But the real shame of it is that R——Autos.com was bought for 7.49 like two weeks ago.
I tell you in the not too distant future there will be an awful lot of hindsight crying salt bitter tears for lost dreams.
Posted on February 03, 2009 at 09:13 PM
January 10, 2009
Domain Names
So you just woke up and realized that a whole new world has been discovered and you have been left behind. Yes we are talking about the internet and though it has been around for I guess it seems like ever, most people think that it it just some cool place to hang out on a MySpace, Face Book, or Bebo page.
Well I guess that is true but truer still is that the web is the future. Ten years from now most people will be sitting stunned wondering what happened and just how they were so blind as to miss the greatest opportunity in the history of opportunities.
Think about the house you live in. Well in internet terms your house is a web site. But there are other houses on your street and other streets in you town. What makes your house findable is your address. Well a web site just like your house needs an address. On the internet an address is a domain name.
Think about your town again. There are some great places where the rich folk live and medium places where most people live and then there are some not so great places where the less well off live.
Just like real estate with Domain Names the old adage location, location, location holds.
.com is where the best folk live, .net and .org is for the middle class, .info and the likes is for the poor and .cc and .ws etc is for the poor.
Also like real estate there are some great places where the super rich live, so with the .com’s there are the super names. Things like pets.com and Pizza.com. Even within the realms of multiple word .com’s there are jewels like creditcards.com etc.
The first thing you need to know is that your chances of acquiring a top class .com are equivalent to finding a suitcase with a million dollars. Your chances of acquiring a second tier .com are just as low.
So what to do for someone like you who has just woke up and saw the boat leaving for the Promised Land without you.
If you go to a registrar like www.GoDaddy.com and start searching for names that you like you will soon find that anything with two meaningful English words is long gone. So where do you find names when investors, squatters, hoarders, own everything that is any good and have it parked (explanation to follow).
The answer is expired or dropped names. Each day thousands of domain names are dropped by their current owners for various reasons. Most are useless, some by accident, some for purely investing purposes (you can only support so many names in a portfolio and come renewal time you must decide what to keep and what to let go.)
Realize that competition for expiring names is fierce and that you might have to bid against an investor who has a lot more money than you. Recently I bid for the name “craft kitchens dot com” but at a selling price over $500 it proved to rich for me. However I managed to acquire http://www.PremierCashAdvance.com/ for $10. As you can see craft kitchens is a superior name and the bidding reflected this.
The domain name on this site http://www.expirex.com/ was bought on www.GoDaddy.com aftermarket for $5.
So where arw the auctions? www.GoDaddy.com is probably the largest domain name registrar and so it holds that most dropped names are with www.GoDaddy.com . For a minimal monthly fee, less that $4 you can peruse and buy the names that are expiring with www.GoDaddy.com .
Also you can buy or bid on names at places like Sedo.com, afternic.com and fabulous.com.
Sometimes though not very often you might find something worthwhile on Ebay.

An absolutely great resource for finding expiring names is http://www.freshdrop.net/.
Things to keep in mind when buying domains:
• Keywords are king, they are the location, location, location of a TLD
• Age, an older domain will most probably be well traveled on the search engines.
• Back links, other sites linked to the name
• Archives, pages linked to the name that have been archived by the way back machine. http://www.archive.org/web/web.php

Other resources to help with your search are:
1. http://www.who.is/
2. http://www.domaintools.com/
3. http://estibot.com/
4. http://www.backlinkcheck.com/
5. http://dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm
6. http://directory.sootle.com/website-worth/
7. http://www.checkpagerank.net/index.php?
8. http://www.domainswithbenefits.com/search/credit/pg=15;search=credit
9. https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
10. http://www.namedeletion.com/
11. https://sedo.com/login.php3?linkurl=/member/dnmanagement.php4&tracked=&partnerid=&language=us
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Happy Hunting

Posted on January 10, 2009 at 03:21 PM

Who will complete me
Years ago when I was young and knew everything I had all the answers.
Now that I am old I have come to realize that answers just like questions are like two bit whores lying around in the seedy part of ones mind hoping a fool just like you comes along.
It is the job of any good whore or question to keep you guessing and therefore keep you coming back to the watering hole, no pun intended.
So there you are in your prime, machete in hand hacking out your very own path through the jungle that is this fearful place we have made of life.
It wasn’t meant to be easy someone said or if it was easy everyone would be doing it.
Well the reality is everyone is doing it and it would be easy if some fool who knew no better hadn’t told us that it was hard.
Even the Buddha in his infinite wisdom tells us that life is pain. Is it possible that even the Buddha could be wrong and because he misinterpreted his illusions and because you think he is a great one then you have decided to live out his illusion for yourself and so therefore for you life is pain.
Imagine you woke up tomorrow and you didn’t have a craving somewhere deep inside your emptiness for security.
Imagine if you decided that there was no one or no thing that you needed to complete yourself.
Imagine if you yourself were enough to complete you.
Pain comes about when you feel you are incomplete and so the journey to completion begins.
First there is a career, then a nice house or condo, then there is the proverbial mate, then children, cars, cats, dogs, stuff to collect, wide screen TV, and on and on and on.
You know I could be happy if The Red Sox slapped the yankees and Manchester United reigned high over the Premiership.
But then I think no this wouldn’t be enough The Pats would have to win the super bowl every year to complete me.
Do you get my gist, Tom doesn’t have a clue who I am and Giselle wouldn’t p…. on me if I was on fire, so here I am looking for completion form a source outside of myself who itself is looking for completion from a source outside of itself.
We have a whole universe of beings looking for completion outside of themselves.
It might even be possible that there is someone out there dumb enough to be looking to me for completion.
And in that is the reason why life is pain, we as people are infected by the question what/who/where/how will I find completion and that in itself isn’t so bad except for the one stupid flaw that in our quest for an answer we are looking to others who are in the same boat as ourselves.
The essence of the problem is that you are looking for completion in someone who is also looking for completion which in fact makes the answer to your question a question.
The answer to the question where will I find completion is where will I find completion.
But do not fear Pat is here with the remedy to your ills. And like most remedies it might be a bitter pill to swallow. The answer is that there is only a question if you ask it and if you don’t bother asking the question then there is no answer.
Now there is just you living basking in the reality or non reality of yourself.

Posted on January 10, 2009 at 12:57 PM
January 09, 2009
Someone is the boss of me
Did you ever wake up one morning and realize that someone else owned your life. You look in the mirror and you appear to be you, but you can’t go back to bed because you have a job to go to, you have a car to pay for, you have a mortgage to pay, kids, college, food, dog, cat, the list is never ending, just like time it goes on and on and on.
Can you imagine all the fools out there who just because they met a Realtor and a mortgage broker think they own their house. News Flash dummy, the bank owns your house, you are just a live in servant cutting the grass and vacuuming the floors. Miss a payment or two and your will see just who owned the property.
It’s amazing how popular you become when you owe people money, so many phonee calls offering you help, so much mail offering solutions. And then the heavy artillery takes aim, summons, sheriffs, bailiffs. The next thing you know there’s a tow truck outside you house taking away the car you thought you owned.
Bankruptcy followed by foreclosure and now the movers and the sheriff arrive and you who were once a valued member of capitalistic society find yourself on the dung heap.
Strange really you did nothing wrong, you went to the same job for years, you worked diligently, you were never late but oh! Poland just got into the EECor Mexico and the American Free Trade Agreement meant the the corporate slave masters can shave a dime or two off their bottom line by giving your job to someone who will work their ass off for half nothing.
So here you are fucked!!!, you played by the rules and in that is the problem. The rules are not made up with you in mend. Didn’t anyone tell you that the laws are in place to protect property and capital. And since you don’t own your house, car or life then the laws are actually in place to keep you in place.
Where’s your lobbyist. If you can’t afford a lobbyist then you can’t afford your life, period.
It is a sad fact that in the greatest country in western civilization, the land of the free, where you are free to do as you are told, the corporation is king. The vast majority of the population are peasants, a few percent of the folk are invited to the royal court, a handful of CEO’s are lIke lords and dukes, but the real royalty are the corporations.
When they set up America and institute the constitution it was supposed to be all men are created equal, but the evidence proves thatto be anything but the case. Try getting into Harvard if you are broke, you will need to be smarter than Einstein, but on the other hand if you Papa is holden folden (rich) then any dummy can go ivy league, not alone that but even become president.
I don’t know do you, but as long as the corporate owned media keeps up the incessant brainwashing telling us at every turn that we are free to pursue the American nightmare oops! I mean dream then nothing will ever change.
Until you (yes I really do mean you)wake up and accept the fact that in the eyes of the powers that be, you, your loved ones and children are a mere resource, then the status quo will continue thrive.
Did you ever ask yourself how the money got so unevenly divided. Why some sleep on park benches in subfreezing temperatures while others live in absolute opulence feeding fillet mignon to their dogs. Is it because all men are not created equally. Maybe though I doubt it we are equal in god’s eyes, but in the eyes of capitalistic society equality is just like Santa, made up to keep you in line.
Didn’t you know that they have a place where they put people who think they are free. It’s called prison.
Posted on January 09, 2009 at 09:14 AM
November 08, 2008
Hello Ireland
Some days just like today I sit here and wonder just what this is all about. What is it exactly that I am supposed to be doing, is there something special or does it not matter one iota what you or for that matter anyone does in their life.
So this September ( I am making this up) with the falling of the leaves readying for the stillness of winter and birth anew with the coming springtime I decided that I like nay tree would surrender to the demands of a force far greater than me.
I decided that I would conform to the design of the universe and go with its flow never more to follow my heart but instead to follow the raging rapids of mother time.
So here it is November and here I am waiting for a new land to arrive at my door, but the funniest thing is that I have discovered that nothing changes, there are no new places or times. No there is just you as you are immersed in the flood of a raging life, not your life but life, all life. Nothing changes because there is nothing to change, it’s just the way you are seeing things that changes.
New day, new place, same old you, merely perceiving differently.
So what to do, well I don’t know but this I do know that all the worrying, conniving deceiving and doing in the history of black holes alters nothing .
Better to take what the defense gives you as the great football coach was heard to say.
Saying that you are going to achieve anything, anything at all is like a fish deciding to spend two weeks vacationing in the sunny climes of the Sahara.
You might want, you might decide but the great force who really decides has baked scrod on his/her mind.
So believe,,, but I have found that you receive in direct proportion to how much you give that which is wanted from you. Giving what you want is like peeing into the wind, giving what is required is the golden rule.
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There is a mouse living in my basement ceiling
The long road through the woods is dark and endless, fraught with the terror of transition. Each step mired in the uncertainty of second guessing itself.

I have walked its paths, felt its chill in my veins, kissed its mist that vanished at my touch.

You who would walk now in my footsteps, who would trod the very pathways I knew and feel the very questions that where the wind at my back.

Do you laugh at the thought that some other fool dreamt your dream, and left no marker that you could glide safely through the dark night.

For yes this is the darkest of nights, the dawn threatens but seldom rises, the day stirs but seldom wakes, for the night, the mighty night is omnipresent and all powerful.

Would that you could see clearly the path that must spring open before you. Would that the light from a single star point you the way that you regardless must pass. Would that you might know that the dream will be dreamt, that destiny is not in the choosing or the knowing but rather in the flowing of a river to the sea. Like a book it is already written and now awaits to fill the reader with its trills and pains.

Passion is in perceiving, fear is but passion turned on itself, love is passion consuming fear.

Truth my love lies hidden in questions, answers hold nothing but pain, they are the wine of the false prophet, drawing you to slumber before the harvest is done.

If you seek truth, then know that you will walk the great wood till eternity grows weary of itself, better yet to till and sow your fields with the fruits of your craving and dream of harvest time. Better yet to plant a boy and let the man grow into himself.

Once from the great lake that holds the forest a vision of what a dream should be emerged. Translucent and bewitching it held me for a lifetime of lifetime and drew me to the walkway of the maze some call life.

Trod slowly for you step on the grave of nights I never lived. On stillborn days that never knew the light spilled on frigid gravesides. No tombstone marks the passing of a dream just old men telling tales of dread to frightened children from sowing fruit deprive to them by fear.

Regret is an old man in a field of weeds. Fear is the slayer of fertility, the reaper who never knew the bounty he held in his aching soul.

So at last your day has dawned, noisily engulfed in light that hides the waiting dark, you flitter on your own endless way through awkward streets that drop their eyes lest you see the fear laughing in their souls of stone.

The ancient waits for the new to feed its hunger, for any chain will tell you that the weakest lies side by side with the strong.

Don’t you know that your dreams are sorcerers spawn woven to draw you silently into the mouth of the waiting night?

Did you believe that this day was yours to eat, that life was for living while you waited for death, did you really believe that you were really you.

If life is the only question then death by default becomes the only answer, mired in the darkness of itself, triumphant in its finality.

Life like any dead sun pales into the insignificance on nothingness in the ever present glare of ancient night. For in the end when all but stillness fades and death returns to itself, then and only then will darkness banish light from its kingdom and reign in restful sleep.

Do you believe the stories told by dreams, that death waits to swallow life, that death is dead.

Posted on November 08, 2008 at 09:43 AM
September 19, 2008
Is it really the economy stupid?
If your head is lodged somewhere deep between your anus and your lower intestine it is probably easy to understand that all the problems facing the US economy are mundane things like sub prime mortgages, credit liquidity and a whole host of fixable corporate things.
You are most probably right now on line with your favorite discount broker buying into the hype of the markets being stabilized by government and central bank intervention.
But let me ask you, have you ever wondered about the economy in the Sahara or Antarctic. No you haven’t and the reason that you haven’t is because stupid places like that don’t have economies.
Because there are no people there dummy.
No one including bankers, presidents and Wall Street types seem to get this overlooked point.
Economies aren’t about stock and mutual funds, 401K’s or the price of oil.
Economies are about people, interacting, going about doing what they do with and for each other.
Economy 101 states: “Without people there are no economies.”
So when the average home costs more to run than the $8.75 an hour paid by the average corporate slave master, the economy has to put it bluntly: “Shit the Bed.”
You can bail out every robber baron who ever got a boner dreaming of white collar crime and all it will do is a Greenspan, pushing back the inevitable with interest rate manipulation.
You can’t fix what is wrong with the system, because once again it’s not the system, it’s the people.
Don’t you get it; it’s the people who are fucked!!!!!
The system is there to serve the people, but the fools running the country think that the people are there to serve the system. Splashing out tax payer dollars like confetti at a hookers wedding, forgiving the sins of the rich while they throw the working Joe out on the street because he lost his job and missed a few mortgage payments.
All the interventions and bail outs in the world will only succeeded in pushing out the day of reckoning, there will be hell to pay and it will be paid.
In the end when the call goes out for Madame Guillotine the only system anyone will be worrying about will be their circulatory system.
Posted on September 19, 2008 at 04:52 PM
July 29, 2008
Is Conscience Really Only Conditioning
Perhaps my head has been lodged in a dark place for to long but it had its rewards, I think. Don’t you think that humanity is infected by a wogus case of superstition some call it religion.
Take the case of the person who believes that Karma is god getting his own back on you. Karma is merely a foreign word for cause and effect. You swim with white sharks you become dinner. Is this a great shock to anyone. You can drop an atom bomb and wipe out a city no problem but steal from a bank and god is coming to get you. What we as foolish fish take to be Karma is actually conditioning. When we do something that is not in line with our conditioning we feel bad to guilty and bring the wrath of god to bear on ourselves.
Believe me if there is a god he/she doesn’t care about me/ you or anything we do. He is not waiting to judge. He leaves that to us.
Based on our conditioning we judge ourselves. And based on the crime we presume ourselves guilty of we punish ourselves.
Karma is simple logic that the god virus in our conditioning turns into a weapon.
Conditioning is an emotional castration showered on us by our betters to keep us in our place, which is usually the gutter. This ingenious plan keeps us from under their feet while they scale the mountain of gold.
Yes you have been had. There is no right or wrong, only conditioning, there is no law that isn’t made up.
Someone told me long ago and I quote “Its the exception that proves the rule”. For twenty years that stupid phrase came and went through my head. I never really got it, until I got it. Now you being far brighter than me probably understand the meaning of this phrase, but if you don’t I am going to tell you.
The exception that proves the rule, equates to there is no rule that cannot be broken. Here’s what it is: The speed limit says 30MPH but you can drive at 40. The sign says Don’t walk on grass but you do. For a rule to be a rule it has to be made up. It’s not really real, it’s not like you stop breathing you’re dead, you put your hand in the fire you get burned. Now they are real unbreakable laws.
The world is simple your born you live you die. But that is not good enough for some people. See they want to live in extreme luxury and that means using your share of the bounty. But they don’t have to take it from you, no, silly you, you give it to them because they tell you it belongs to them, the bible told them so.
It’s not theirs but you are so afraid of breaking the rules that you would rather live in abject poverty than risk annoying a superstition. And don’t forget that they made up the rules to suit their purpose.
God if he made the world made it for you too, but the wise guy in the suit messed with your head (conditioned you) and now you believe he/she has every right to privilege at your expense.
Lets recap
1. Karma doesn’t equate to what goes around comes around. You only reap what you sow when you are to scared to steal what the other guy sowed.Karma is cause and effect—-only.
2.Conditioning is the tool used by your betters, the privileged, to ensure that they remain privileged.
You have 2 choices enjoy the gutter or take out your brain and beat it with a carpet beater, then put it in the spin dryer on fast cycle for a week or so. It might work.
Oh and by the way have you ever thought that god just might be Santa Claus for adults.
Posted on July 29, 2008 at 12:06 AM
July 23, 2008
First Blog Ever
So I opened this blog and was immediately attacked by a severe case of writers cramp. Just to get off the mark I have decided to copy and paste a poem I wrote a while back.
Just like Fu Manchu however I promise I will return.
Here goes:
What’s to be done
Now the dice has been tossed
But tumble and wait for the fall
Too many moments
For numbers to count
Too many turns to call
Fate holds a promise
Spun from the past
Tomorrow is yesterday’s need
Quivering eons
Bound by a cast
The bloom defined by the seed
The thorn in the grasping
The pain in the want
The journey like mist on the morning
Neither sword nor decree
Nor the prayer of the night
Can hold back the day from it’s dawning
As always please forgive spelling and grammar, and if you must have perfection then look to yourself.

On a closing note is it possible that the pursuit of happiness is all that stands in the way of happiness.

Are you so busy looking out there for the myth that you just can’t enjoy.

Is it true that the Guy who coined the slogan “Life is Good” is a Buddhist with a bad memory. It was supposed to be “Life is Pain”

One guy gets filthy rich and the other gets to live forever (at least for as long the pursuit of happiness enables us to turn life into a misery)

For other poesm visit http://EpicBallroom.com
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