A Quiet Moment Thinking of Oil

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Imagine for a moment that you could quell the propaganda echoing in your mind, that you could shut up the opinions that are whipping up your emotions into a firestorm of angst. Imagine that you have become a calm clear day free from clouds of doubt and shadows of fear and you that you are free totally free to ask simple questions and dwell on answers without interruption from the ghosts of conditioning past.

So here you are free from the burden of opinions that must be honored and beliefs that must be fed with naked fear and you ponder; short of a conspiracy theory why would a group of people from a country over 7,000 miles away take the time and effort to learn to fly large commercial airplanes and then go to the trouble of hijacking a plane full of people and fly it at 500 mph into a building.

The only answer that works is that they must be really mad at you. I mean the religious beliefs theory doesn’t work, America was a non fact when the Qur’an was written, so what are these people so mad at.

Most American people would have no issue with Islam except that people claiming to represent it flew a couple of jetliners into the twin towers.

Most Muslims would have no issue with America except that (a) our foreign policy requires a stable mid east region to facilitate and feed the oil beast and (b) our unconditional support of Israel regardless of its behavior and treatment of the indigenous people in the land it has occupied since 1949.

Hold on there tiger I thought we had decided to take opinion and belief out of this discourse, and rely only in facts and stuff to try to come to some conclusion as to why someone would be so mad at you as to fly a plane into a high rise.

OK so you are mad at me now but all I did was mention Oil, Israel and Islam in the same breath.

The holy trinity of Ground Zero, Iraq and Afghanistan rests on a foundation of Oil, Israel and Islam. Fortunately or unfortunately this game is still in the first quarter and neither team is playing like a Superbowl winner. Is either side willing to admit that so far they have got it so totally wrong that there can be no winner and adjust their tactics to make it a win win game.

In the end as usual I guess the winner will be the ones with the biggest guns and the loudest propaganda machine/media, leaving truth and conspiracy theories to dine alone and discuss the relevance of “gaining world’s and losing soul’s” by candlelight with a glass of Chablis and Buffalo wings while in the background the Patriots spank the Jets!

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