Actions Show Who You Are

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Somewhere in the development of the human species it became apparent that humans are a much more successful species when they work in groups rather than alone. This gave rise to the tribe mentality which in turn gave rise to the great state societies that humans reside in today. Basically speaking a society like the USA is nothing more than a super tribe.

The tribal system success is based on the idea that no matter what your skills or talents are you can add to the greater good of the tribe and rather than being isolated you become part of the greater organism. Like trees form a forest people form a tribe or society. Each member contributing what they can for the greater good of the larger whole.

Fast forwarding to 2009 we find ourselves immersed in a society where the common good aspect has being lost to the individualism required by capitalism.

What does Wall Street and the financial system it worship’s actually add to society. It appears if one cares to look deeply that the only purpose of the Wall Street Scam is to drain the life blood from society and place it in the vaults of a few privileged individuals.

The rhetoric of a post 911 America is that we are all in this together. The actions of a post 911 America seem to show a totally different reality.

The main purpose of the spoken word is to manipulate the listener into accepting the point of view being offered by the speaker. I believe this is called propaganda. This point of view isn’t necessarily the point of view that the speaker him/herself actually holds rather it is a point of view that it suits him/her for the listener to hold.

To gain a true insight into what is in the heart and soul of a person you merely need to disregard the deceit that flows from their mouth and look at their actions. Actions speak louder than words the old adage says. Actions are who a person is. Words are who they want you to believe they are.

The actions of Wall Street show that rather than being a part of the tribe that is America, Wall Street is cancer bent on its destruction.

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