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The Wizard of Oz

There is a variety of human person commonly referred to as “one born every minute”, however with the worlds population numbering in the Billions it appear that the euphemism needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the modern era and should read “one born every second”.

The reality of life in the 21st century is that almost everyone is willing to believe anything and everything that they see or hear on Jersey Shore, Fox News or quoted by Ossie Osbourne or Kim Kardashian.

From the perspective of people there is real and there is made up stuff. Breathing eating and staying warm are examples of real stuff. Politics, society, the legal system and banking are made up stuff.

I can tell you without doubt if hostile aliens landed in Scituate the 25 mph zone in Norwell would not be observed or enforced.

Didn’t George Bush go into Iraq without congressional permission and no one bothered to prosecute that crime, because a crime is only really committed under law when it is prosecuted and proven in a court of law. Other than that there are no crimes and no laws are broken.

There are reputedly 310 million souls sucking oxygen on US soil. I wonder how many of this mass have actually read the constitution which is the framework for the society in which they must live and survive.

How may of the 310 million know or care that the currency which they are required to use by government mandate is manipulated at the pleasure of a small group of international bankers who coincidentally also control and manipulate the money systems of all western nations.

The US debt is in excess of $14 trillion, the US people, all 310 million of us owe in excess of $55 trillion.

In the year of our lord 2011 we as a nation have already racked up $3 1/2 trillion in interest payments and its still only February.

The interesting thing is that the Federal Reserve money base is only just over $2 trillion.

So we owe over $55 trillion, in just under 2 month of 2011 we have paid $3 1/2 trillion in interest to banks and yet deposits in the Federal Reserve are only $2 trillion.

We as a nation in the months of January and February of 2011 have made interest payments of 1 1/2 trillion more than the total amount of money in the Federal Reserve.

Guy’s wake up, it is a Ponzi scheme of mammoth proportion, it makes Bernie Madoff look like a grain of sand compared to the Sun.

There is no money there is only debt. Without debt there is no money. The whole thing is designed to keep regular ordinary people, all 310 million of us, at the grindstone 9 to 5 to pay interest to people who keep a ledger.

The whole banking system is nothing more than a ledger. You borrow the amount of your loan is recorded in the ledger. Or you deposit and the amount of your deposit is recorded in the ledger.

You make interest payments and pay fees and the only thing the bank ever gave you is the privilege of being an entry in their ledger which controls the debt of the world/nation.

If everyone who thinks that they have money in the bank went in and asked for it in cash the whole banking system would simply disappear. It is like the kings clothes, they are there and beautiful for as long as the people are willing to swallow any old crock of shi*.

The wizard as in the Wizard of Oz is just some trumped up crook hiding behind a cloak of secrecy manipulating our fears with the full participation and assistance of a Government which has the gall to call itself democratic.

We are a nation ruled by the rich for the rich! Period!

This scam will continue for as long as we the people sleep or at least until the next season of Jersey Shore comes to a end.

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Who puts money in the bank and what is this grind stone people have been telling me about for years..

January 2nd, 2012 at 3:29 am

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