All Crime is Created by The State

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All Crime is Created by The StateJust as all sin is created by religion all crime is created by the state.

Without legislation there is no right and/or no wrong, therefore crime is merely a symptom of law, but law does not exist rather it is created by the state for what it believes to be the greater good.

Therefore it should be perceived that because law is created for the greater good, that crime is a bad thing.

So a fourteen year old girl is publicly lashed to death in Bangladesh for adultery, I don’t know what happened to the man but seeing as this was a punishment sanctioned by a Muslim tribunal I presume he was not indited for any crime as Muslim law seems to have been written by men for men. However somewhere lying in the funeral pyre with the ashes of this martyr to truth is a law written by someone to promote their own cause.

Back to law and crime being a good thing.

In the United States where law is written and enacted by the legislature, a body which is elected by the people in the true spirit of democracy to govern the people for the people.

However in the United States we have this quirky grouping called lobbiests who are basically guys in suits sent to Washington to tell the people elected by the people how they should write law.

The United States electoral system being what it is, requires vast amounts of money to get elected and who do you think supplies this money, well who knew the very people who send the lobbiests to Washington to guide our venerable democratically elected officials in law writing to please your patron.

The reality of law is that it is usually written for the uncommon good or put in a very base form for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.

On the 16th of January 1920 it was very legal to sell alcohol in the United States however the very next day January 17th it was a crime. And then out of nowhere like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat come December 5th 1933 selling alcohol wasn’t a crime anymore.

In the 13 years that prohibition ran many people where tried and convicted for crimes that did not exist outside of this time frame.

So what we actually have when we consider crime is not a fundamental wrongdoing but rather wrongdoing at the pleasure of some nincompoop who just happened to be elected by a whole group of nincompoops simply because he/she was/is either (a) rich) or (b) funded by someone who was/is rich.

So what is actually transpiring before our very eyes is the awesome reality that because all law is actually formed and legislated by money for money then all crime is actually created by money for its protection and promotion. And you thought that you mattered!

The evidence is everywhere right in front of your eyes but as a traveling salesman told me once and I quote: “Seeing is believing, trouble is most people believe what they want and then go ahead and see it.”

Take a bite out of that with your breakfast you sanctimonious, you, you!

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