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Ratko Mladic was a powerful man, so powerful that he could order the summary execution of 8,000 people and there were people ready and willing to carry out his wishes.

just doing my jobAbraham Lincoln with the stroke of a pen could alter the course of armies and the greatest nation ever to come about from nothing, for it must be remembered that long before Abraham Lincoln sent the armies of the Union to battle the secessionist South, the lands that came to be called America where the reserve of nomadic tribes far outnumbered by the buffalo who sustained them, the same vast herds who would also become a passing memory in times ever evolving scrap book.

And you, what of you my friend, are you sure of yourself, do you know who you are and what will become of you as time slides slowly forward pushing you to face unknown boundaries.

If an individual retained a semblance of self after death and could be contacted and inquired of, I wonder what wisdom a Mr Lincoln could impart to us who now walk the weary road of time he once trod. Would he validate the importance we place on our matters of state, society and religion.

So I walked from South Station in Boston to the Massachusetts Court of Appeals, a journey through the cannyoned streets on Boston bound on all sides by high rise office buildings, a veritable man made grand canyon built as an edifice to the legal and banking professions.

Great fortunes have been wrought from these streets which also enable countless hordes of invisible dispensable nobody’s to pay mortgages and send future inmates of the high rise prisons to college.

For these buildings are prisons, people factories, designed to convert a human resource into money for the benefit of a relative few, a relative few who can control a congress or a president and send a nations sons to fight their battles for the resources of others.

I love nothing better than a conspiracy theory, and if truth be told, there is probably more substance to most conspiracy thories than to the rhetoric we are fed by the jesters we label media.

A hundred years from now Fox News will be a comedy show, it would be a comedy show now if it where not for the damage being done by the mindless hordes who actually believe the concoctions being dispensed by their “news station“. I italicize news station because an acquaintance asked me recently what news do I watch, as if he could pidgeon  hole me if he knew my news channel of choice.

To be honest with you if I where to be omnipotent and watch every news on every channel simultaneously, I don’t think I would be watching the news, but rather someone’s opinion of what I should be believing.

I tweeted a little tweet last night that went something like this: Success and failure are subject to perspective, there is looking and there is seeing and then there is seeing what you want or believe you are looking at.

To cut a long rant short, people are in essence stupid. They may be able to count to 10 and some may be able to make change when the power to the cash register fails but they are stupid none the less. How else do you account for the people who took the 8,000 men and boys to their death at the behest of Ratko Mladic and how do you account for the so called diplomats who are willing to bring Mladic to justice but conveniently forget those who did the bidding and killing for their master.

To use the excuse “”””””””I was just doing my job“”””””” is a far greater indictment in my humble perspective (way of looking at it-opinion-belief) than merely giving the order. Think of how many people are required to take out 8,000 people bring them to a secluded spot murder them and bury/hide their remains. Would it not have been easier for this horde of instruction takers to kill Ratko and leave the 8,000 alive.

If you like big numbers you can supersede Ratko with Hitler and Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen and Dachau and we call ourselves human beings.

If you are content with examples then you only have to look to Palestine and ask any member of the Israeli army what was learnt from the Holocaust other than how to kill.

Me, well I guess that I have been blessed in that I was never captured or indentured to the corporate culture, and although I must live in the age of corporate dictatorship and feed a family, a cat and a large dog with an even larger appetite I do find that needs are met and wants are dreams that we mostly don’t care to pursue preferring molehills that are easy to mountains we could be ( There’s a Closet in All of Us– 8th poem down).

Did you ever go to a deposition, I did once, on Federal Street in Boston, a lady attorney who told me her father was Irish lened over the table when the stenographer was taking a break and doing her best Kapo impression said and I quote: “I really don’t like doing this, but someone has to pay the bills”, and the thought occurred to me at that instant that this lady had all the credentials necessary to apply for a job at Dachau.

Anyway enough of my tit for tatness and on to the conclusion of this piece of early morning, the day after my birthday trash. If all is in passing and if you don’t believe me ask any dead person, and other than feeding the next generation there is nothing to be gained, then why are we as a race so awfully mean to each other.

Can you imagine some righteous Jew or Christian standing in front of their judging God trying to explain why they didn’t turn the other cheek, or why they felt compelled to view their fellow man as a mere resource, that would be priceless.

Wouldn’t you rather be a sinner in the eyes of your religion of choice and take your chances knowing that at least you didn’t do anyone wrong, and for the last time “”””””””just doing your job””””””” is not, repeat, is not a valid excuse! It might work while your boss is still in charge of retribution but unfortunately when you ramble up to those pearly gates you and you boss both will be answering to a different authority.

And to tell you the truth if there is a god and a heaven and the likes of Bush and Cheney are there, then me personally, I’m opting for Hell, mingling with Jesus and the Buddha will be much more fun, having a blast reading Rumi’s poems with Emily and listening to Eva playing guitar and singing Danny Boy, even getting to meditate with Maura.


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I turn to msnbc for comedy. It certainly is ok to kill one who has his sights on killing many.

January 2nd, 2012 at 3:22 am

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