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American Justice at It’s Best

First let me get the small print out of the way.

I am not a proponent of drunk driving.

I do not think vehicular homicide is a good thing.

I do however think that to label the American legal process as the Justice system is laughable.

Now to the meat of the issue.

A construction worker who drove drunk, ran a red light and killed a major league athlete and two other people has just been sentenced to 51 years to life. Some might say he deserved this sentence and I don’t argue this point.

Donte Stallworth a major league athlete who drove his Bentley while drunk and killed a construction worker served 24 days of a 30 day sentence for the killing of Mario Reyes.

It is interesting to note that the DA charged Stalworth with manslaughter whereas Andrew Gallo who killed major league pitcher Nick Adenhart was charged with murder.

As part of his plea deal Stalworth agreed to make a contribution of  $225,000 to mothers against drunk driving and settled with the family of the person he killed for a figure in excess of $3 million.

Unfortunately for Andrew Gallow he is a construction worker with no access to cash to buy his way out of his crime.

It appears that the recipe for success in America is to do what you want within the framework of the law, and if the frame work of the law is constricting your ability to succeed and you have enough money you can always send your lobbyist to Washington and have the framework of the law altered to suit your needs.

The real problem with the American justice system is perception. The average Joe is conditioned to believe that the courts are in the business of dispensing justice, when the actual reality of the Justice system is that it is in the business of  processing law. There in no correlation between law and justice.

Seeing as the laws of the land are basically written by people with money for people with money then it obviously follows that the courts are in the businness of protecting the interests of money.

There is an old adage the says if you want justice don’t expect to find it in a court of law.

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