An American Tragedy

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As anyone reading the news already knows there are seven million US home loans in default. Yes 7 million. And if the experts are right and 4 million of these homes are foreclosed on this year this will create some interesting statistics.

For instance:

Four million homes going to foreclosure in the US is like every single person in Ireland losing a home.

It is also the equivalent of half the population of  pre earthquake Haiti losing their home.

Now it must be remembered that if four million American homes are foreclosed somewhere in the region of 12 to 16 million people will actually lose their homes.

That is 4 times the population of Ireland and 1.5 times the population of Haiti.

The earthquake in Haiti has left 400,000 homeless. Guestimating four people to a home that equals 100,000 thousand homes destroyed in Haiti.

So 100,000 homes are lost in Haiti and we have half the world making donations, every rock star in the history of earth lining up to sing and the US has sent battalions in to help.

Please don’t think that I begrudge the Haitian people aid. My family donated as generously as we could, I believe everyone should give more that they can afford to help with the horrendous human tragedy.

But, yes but, what about this horrendous human tragedy happening right here in America, right in front of our couldn’t care less eyes. The standard catch phrase on the street in relation to families in foreclosure seems to be “serves them right” or “they should have know what they were getting into.”

Such sympathy, such empathy. And don’t you know if we had to defend ourselves against a threat form outside the war cry would be “we are all in this together.”

Well we are not all in this together, and we are not all financially inept fools who took out silly mortgages on houses we should have known we could not afford.

Most of the foreclosures in 08 and 09 were subprime loans, the so called liar loans with no documentation. However the seven million default tsunami we are now looking at are mostly hardworking folk who lost their jobs to the recession. And perhaps the safe cynics should note a recession that they had no hand, act or part in causing.

So answer me this; if our generosity can reach Haiti which is good and admirable and our generosity can reach too big to fail banks which is immoral why can’t it reach seven million US families suffering through no fault of their own. If they made a mistake it was that they trusted their Government to take care of the economy.

It is interesting to note as we close that the total population of Israel is 7.3 million.

In direct aid the US government gives Israel somewhere in the region of $3 billion each year depending on the source. It could be argued that most of the money being spent fighting Islam is also aid to Israel but that argument is for another day.

This quote is from the Christian Science Monitor “Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. If divided by today’s population that is more than $5,700 per person.”

And so the question remains: “What about our people here in this country, yes our people, American people, should we just forsake them.”

And no I am not in foreclosure nor is any of my family.

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