An Economic Society

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  • For an economic society to exist there must be continuing economic interaction within the society.
  • Society as we know it consists of people interacting.
  • People require food and shelter to exist.

Somewhere lost in the illusion and rhetoric of western economic endeavor is the fact that economic interaction is and must be between people, regardless of the guise these interactions or people exhibit.

A corporation, a government, a condo association,etc is people action out under the guise of a corporation, a government, a condo association, etc.

  • People create food, people buy food, people consume food.
  • People build houses, people buy houses, people live in houses.

There is no natural money, money is created by the state, which is people, to facilitate ease of economic interaction between the economy members, commonly called its people.

Somehow a certain percentage of the members of western economic society have come to believe that they have the rights to control the economic interplay within society by controlling its money flow.

Moreover the hording of money by individuals and corporations creates a bottleneck in the economy by limiting the money available for easy interaction between the economy participants.

Without sufficient money supply there cannot be economic interaction and therefore the economic society cannot thrive if exist at all.

The state has ensured that there is sufficient money supply, however the people who distribute this money to the other society members have decided to cease distributing.

In short the financial institutions are destroying our economic society by blocking the free flow of money.

To unblock this blockage in the money system which enables the economy to function, it is necessary for the state to institute a new method of money distribution to save us all from the few.


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