Are Googles Days Numbered

   Posted by: chris   in Fish Talk

Has anyone noticed that the search results provided by Google are so poor that they are bordering on spam? The chance of finding relevant searched for information on Google first page results is slim to none.

It appears that Google has failed to keep up with the rapidly expanding universe that is the WWW and like most empires before it will most likely succumb to its inability to alter with an altering environment.

Google’s reaction to altering web site conditions and web master ingenuity is to impose rules and as we all know imposing rules is a sure sign of the loss of control. As in society sanction only serves to keep the law abiding in place. Those intent on doing what they want do what they want regardless of law or sanction.

Not so long ago the internet search world was controlled by a variety of companies that where doing and equally inadequate job. Then along came Google with a new idea and a fresh approach and in true Alexander the Great style took over the know world.

How long will it be until Google itself falls prey to the latest kid on the block? Any empire that thinks it will never fall needs only to look to Rome.

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