Are We Just One Atrocity from Tyranny

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I was just wondering, is there any real difference between a modern day prison guard and a Nazi guard in a concentration camp.

It appears that the only difference is the orders coming down from above.

If the Governor of a State tells a prison guard to take inmate X from his cell and place him in an electric chair and pull the switch then you can take it for granted that inmate X is toast.

If circumstances allow the Governor of a State could just as easily notify the warden of a prison that every inmate in a cell block was to be processed and it would be done.

The problem for authority is in creating the mass public mindset that allows them to carry out actions that would normally be considered atrocities.

Hitler was so adept at sculpting the public mindset that he was able to gas and incinerate countless millions of human beings, men, women and children alike. The German people said nothing while the German police and prison guards carefully and systematically carried out his orders and created what we now call a holocaust.

The only necessity for oppression and unopposed atrocity is mass public compliance, which can be easily achieved by the manipulation of events. The personnel to carry out another Holocaust are already in place waiting for the orders to come down from above. Gestapo and SS are merely terms for prison guards, police and army.

Consider the events of 9/11. There are words and there are actions. It doesn’t take a degree in brain science to know that words are used to manipulate and seldom portray the true motive of the speaker. Actions on the other hand almost always tell a persons true motives.

Look at the 9/11 events and the play out of world events from then until now and ask the simple question; “Who gained from 9/11.”

3000 people died in the initial attacks, another 5000 US personnel have died since. Hundreds of thousands of Arab people have died and whole populations have been reduced to subsistence living in their own countries. If Al-Qaeda acted for the Arab people on 9/11 then they surely carried out a very poorly thought out plan.

Who gained, maybe the oil companies, maybe Halliburton, surly the corporate structures that have gained billions of dollars from the events that spiraled from the effects that the 9/11 atrocity had on the American Public Mindset.

Conspiracy theory aside the events of 9/11 as they have played out point to the master mind behind the attack being a white male corporate king intent only on manipulating the American public to enable him to get his hands on the riches of Iraq.

There really is no difference between the actions of eighteenth century colonialists and modern day corporate globalization. The only difference is the words, the actions speak for themselves.

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