Arrogance is the Fatal Flaw

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Arrogance is the Fatal Flaw

Any time you find yourself second guessing yourself in light of conventional wisdom just remember that in 1993 a news organization as venerable as the New York Times taught it wise, expeditious and timely (a good idea) to purchase the Boston Globe for One Billion Dollars.
Now at that fateful time in 1993 the news mammoth that is the New York Times obviously was totally unaware of the havoc that the fledgling internet would wreck on the print media, but rather than exonerating the Times this merely goes to show that Arrogance is the Fatalist flaw and that just because you think you know and like to tell everyone who cares to listen that you know, you may not be right in any way shape of form and that just maybe once in a very blue moon the little guy talking nonsense should be listened to.
On October 14th 2009 after fruitless efforts to unload the burden that the Boston Globe has become the venerable New York Times took the for sale sign off the Globe. Reputedly the highest offer they received for their ailing billion dollar headache was in the region of 25 million.
So remember in an era when even the Sage of Omaha appears to have lost his touch it just might be time to trust in the real knower inside your “youness”.
With all the sign posts pointing to the demise of conventional wisdom, thinking and action don’t you think it just might be time you considered surfing the curve that you just might be ahead of?

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