Be Careful Where you Watch the News

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The News is Toxic Read all about it

There is very little that we can know for sure other than the fact that we appear to be and that tomorrow it will be today again and that today will once again be yesterday.

Knowing is the funniest thing, you spend a lifetime hanging onto some truth that you just hope and pray pans out and then out of nowhere some Hiroshima nukes your carefully manicured vision of reality, some vague ships captain sails around the world without going over the edge, some new deity rambles down the well worn pages of time and just like that Thor, Poseidon and Venus are pink slipped and short shifted to the fantasy shelf’s at your local book emporium and you are left holding the bits and pieces of a broken dream, the veritable ashes of a lifetimes beliefs nuked and flattened lie dormant on your very doorstep.

Is there anything that can be done? Is life purposely designed to offer hope and then snap it away from our hungry hands at the last moment leaving us hopeless again, looking everywhere for that proverbial hope thingy?

Well for one you could choose to watch TV with the tiniest grain of salt. You do know that TV news is carefully scripted. Not in the sense that they script/create the news though I wouldn’t put that past them but rather in that they carefully choose which of the available news items to actually put into their broadcast.

Imagine that there is a news supermarket where you pick up the ingredients for your broadcast like picking up the bits and pieces for a blueberry pie. The thing is that if you want a blueberry pie then you don’t pick up apple filling.

The news you choose to watch on TV for your opinions and beliefs is as carefully crafted as any blueberry pie in the history of creation. The whole purpose is to feed you carefully selected information in order to control the possibilities of decision that may be available to you. In short what you perceive as news is actually propaganda. What you perceive as your beliefs and opinions is actually your conditioning.

Our present day society is a created notion, it is man made and just like the early Roman or Egyptian formats ours is itself in passing mode. Regardless how hard the beneficiaries try this too will pass.

Yes there are certain individuals who have huge personal investment at stake in our current societal model, and their losses in terms of security, power, comfort and privilege would be catastrophe if events transpired to alter present accepted societal norms.

Imagine Bill Gates vying with Mike Tyson for lunch without the powers of the State backing up Gates, just Bill and Mike alone in an alleyway. I’m sure you get my meaning. Society is designed primarily to benefit short fat crafty men. A perfect example is Nathan Rothschild, the runt of the litter who basically created our present financial system and enormous power and financial clout to boot. He by merely manipulating paperwork created a class of men who took over where monarchy left off.

These men need the myths that society perpetuates to be swallowed hook line and sinker. They have so much to loose, they have so much to gain. You on the other hand who swallows the morsel attached to the hook with emotions of gratitude like the fish have very little to gain from an afternoons fishing. You my friend are a resource, you are the firewood that heats the master’s ass, you are the table he sits at to dine, you are the feast which fills his pampered belly, you are the very paper that wipes his rear. And the sad truth is that all these things which you are, you are willingly. You are his boy, you are owned, a veritable slave laboring for a buck fawning at his every word, willing to do his bidding up to and including the incarceration and murder of your fellow man who threatens to upset the apple cart, the balance of power that is so delicately set up to favor the few in mammoth proportions.

So look anywhere you want for news except the news. The news you are currently devouring in large chunks is the version of events that is scripted to delude and hypnotize you into passive submission. How else do you think your owner could afford to sip pink champagne while you scrub his floor?

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