Can you Really Believe What you See

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There are two types of seeing, one which is extremely rare and one which is a commonplace everyday occurrence.

Seeing as you believe.

Believing as you see.

Seeing the outside world through the filters of a constructed belief system or seeing the outside world as it is.

Seeing as you believe in reality means that you are in fact seeing what you want to see but which in all probability is not there.

Though this may enforce and nurture your belief system it only serves to advance the illusion that drives you deeper into the black hole of delusion which you currently inhabit, deepening your depression and unhappiness and increasing your reliance on medications both legal and illegal, both physician and self prescribed.

Believing as you see on the other hand is to observe the world and its happenings as they are. Now because you have seen events without the distorting effects of your conditioning and belief system you have in fact perceived reality and if you choose to believe what you have observed you are in truth believing truth.

To see as you believe is to see a lie.

To believe as you see is to see truth.

The theory of Cognitive Dissonance basically states that we as people are so addicted to our lifestyles (habits) that we willing adapt our belief systems to suit our habits. In other words we are willing to lie to ourselves in order to continue doing what we want rather than what we should.

This little mind altering trick allows us to continue in our status quo reality no matter how dysfunctional it may be. We may be deluding ourselves but we do get to continue smoking or beating the wife or stealing other peoples stuff. This could also be labeled the theory of justification.

The problem for the vast majority of humans is that we see or perceive the world through the filters of our belief system. We see as we believe. What we perceive as reality is actually an outside world that we have created in our mind which is in agreement with our belief system, and then when events don’t play out in accordance with our carefully crafted scheme we become sad, mad, angry and/or depressed.

A travelling salesman told me once and I quote: “Seeing is believing, trouble is that we believe what we want and then go ahead and see it.”

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