Capitalism is the Problem

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Looks like the only things that have changed since the election are names. Democrat replaced Republican, Obama replaced Bush but otherwise nothing else has or is likely to change.


The reality of a system is that it really doesn’t matter who is administering it. As the great debater once said “It’s the system stupid.”


So if you are feeling pinched, overworked, broke or just hard done by don’t keep looking to politicians for change. What can they do? It’s like speaking English and wondering why you aren’t hearing French. The system is the system period.


In the last few months gas has risen again by almost a dollar a gallon. Why, there is no new condition to cause this. The reason the price of gas is escalating is that gas is viewed as a commodity and as such is traded by brokers.


Would it be fair to ask why a person who fills up their car once or twice a week is buying $20 million of gas. The reason is to sell it to someone else and make a profit. Now it might also be fair to ask just who is paying the commodities trader the profit for holding a $20 million gas contract for a few days. The simple answer is you are at the pump.


If Obama really wanted change he would say that gasoline is a resource that is vital to the security of the nation and as such could not be traded and re traded by a succession of brokers. Mr. Obama would legislate that gasoline could only be acquired by suppliers with a legitimate business interest in it.


Cut out the trader, the broker, the Wall Street type and their profit could be kept by the government as a gas tax to fund necessary government spending.


But that will not happen. Because the system which controls the everyday operation of America is capitalism. America is not run for the good and benefit of its citizenry, rather it is run for the benefit of capital and the citizens are viewed as a resource to be used for the benefit of capital.


For meaningful change to occur the system needs to be changed.


The reality of the average American stuck in 5AM traffic racing against stress to feed a family is that wall street is a detached parallel universe away from his/her everyday survival battle.


If one is lucky enough to have the resources available to play roulette at the Wall Street tables that is really OK. But please let us all end this pretense that Wall Street in any way mirrors the plight of the citizenry at large. What effect does the stock price of MacDonald’s have to do with a cheeseburger and shake? None.


Regardless of its stock price the company operates. Perhaps its stock price might reflect how market sentiment is viewing the company, but the reality of French fries is that if they are good the people will come. Who do you know whose fast food buying decision is influenced by the price of the companies stock? It’s like “Hey dude I’m buying Wendy’s fries today, MacDonald’s stock price is down.”


Wall Street and Main Street are only attached in as much as how the Wall Street seers wage their bets. Just like the gambler at the horse track uses the form guide to pick his horse. Wall Street uses the form guides from Main Street to pick their stock.


Main Street affects the price of stock. Wall Street affects the sentiment of the deluded public.



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