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The Trump Dis-ease

   Posted by: chris

The Donald is not the problem He is merely a Symptom

Disease: Disorder of structure or function in a human or animal.

Diseases are recognized primarily by symptoms. You get a rash or have a pain so you go to the doctor who in some cases based on experience knows exactly what is ailing you.

The thing is that it is not the rash or the pain that is the issue they are merely symptoms of an underlying malady.

And so to the present day United States of America and the Trump presidency which appears to be tearing the nation apart.

There appears to be so much hatred attached to his Potushood, and now we have the Russian connection.

Though Trump to a majority of the American citizenry may appear to be the problem the reality is that he is merely a symptom of a much broader underlying issue.

If trump was removed from office tomorrow the reality is that the 63 million Americans who thought/think that electing him to the highest office in the land would still be there.

The dis-ease in America is the stark divide in the thinking patterns of the American people. It truly is a Nation Divided.

Think deeply on this regardless of your political allegiance or your presidential preference:

  • Clinton: 65,844,610 (48.2%)
  • Trump: 62,979,636 (46.1%)
  • Others: 7,804,213 (5.7%)

Almost 63 million people voter for Trump yet most of the world thinks that he is at least a dumpster fire. If he were to disappear tomorrow the 63 million people who thought he was a good idea would still be living and breathing and holding the viewpoints that enabled them to vote Trump.

The problem isn’t Trump, he is merely a symptom. The problem is that America has 63 million people who for whatever reason think President Trump  is a good idea.

In the end it is the political system that has let the American people down. For the truth must be that for a population to be so drastically divided there must be an equally drastic lack of leadership.