Come in Ireland Your Time is Up!

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 A Postcard Home. 

Someone needs to tell the frenzied Mick’s on Live Line that there is nothing that they can do to fix the Irish economy except wait. In an extinction level event scenario like a massive comet striking a planet or a massive correction striking an economy there is little that can be achieved by resisting the forces and outcomes that must be. 

Here’s the realities, 3 bed houses on Beach Road in Dublin where selling for 1.5 million Euros and upwards, property values in Ireland where so unrealistically inflated in relation to the wealth/earning power of the average citizen that there was never a shelter from any storm, never mind a storm capable of shuttling the good ship Lehman. 

The Celtic tiger was a mirage created by American Corporations looking for a cheap backdoor to the new European Union and Ireland was a fine candidate with a weak government ripe for manipulating and a highly educated low paid population. 

In 1986 Ireland was a third world economy if not a third world country, twenty years later it was the toast of capitalism, then in a mere two years Lehman sank and with it the hopes and dreams of a nation went down. 

Remember that historically Irelands only export was its people, who endured the no blacks or Irish need apply era to rise and control the politics of the eastern seaboard of the United States. 

The Irish people have strong stomachs, they have endured rape and pillage at the hands of the English for 800 years and lived to tell the tale, they have endured famine, civil strife, and successive incompetent governments since 1922, and they will endure this economic correction if they accept the fact there is no quick fix. 

Even Newton knew that what goes up for no reason must naturally come back to earth usually in the form of a painful crash and so an annus horribilis or two is on the cards for Mother Eire and her people.

Brian Cowen should have teamed up with Mary Harney to form a pub spy/restaurant spy conglomerate and left the government of the country to anyone who understood that 1 and 1 is only fish and chips in Dublin. In the rest of the counting world it turns out to be 2, and as for Charlie and his shirts and Bertie and his anoraks give me a break. 

If you are willing to believe any old rhetoric from the mouth of a charleton  just because you want to, then you most probably deserve the government you get. As the jilted lover was heard to say when she found herself alone the next morning with a sever hangover, cleaned out and violated: “But he told me he loved me”. 

This is a correction not a recession, the only cure regardless of what you want is time. I think that it was a sage who said “Hope is for the Hopeless”, no on second thoughts that one-liner originated from me fein. How do you get this contraption to do a fada!

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