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Food for thought:

  1. Just because you believe doesn’t make it true. Believing that something is wrong without doubt makes it wrong for you and controls your subconscious to make you a lesser threat in the mortal combat that is existence on this planet. If you believe that an action is wrong then you will perform it without due diligence.
  2. You will die alone and whether you care to believe it or not you also live alone. Within you where your humanity resides is a place only you can go. Friends and lovers may accompany you through the journey that is life but like runners in a marathon each is running their own race and more pertinently each is racing against the entire field. In this ballroom where the dance of life takes place you are dancing with the entire universe as your partner. There is you and there is everything else.
  3. There is no right and there is no wrong. There is only perception of right and wrong occurring within reality. If there is a God and he/she created you in his/her image then if you are wrong so too is God. If you are bad so too is God.  For just one thing to be right it naturally follows that everything else must be wrong. For reality which is now to be perfect there can only be “Not Right” and “Not Wrong”.
  4. So regardless of the apparent heinousness of an action from the perspective of reality it is merely human behavior and neither “Not Right” nor “Not Wrong”. Perhaps from a particular human perspective it is horrid but that is just the way you are looking at it. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong, we are just animals trying to survive with the tools we were gifted at birth.


The reality of life is that none of the above exists for the vast majority of people. We are infected by conditioning. Conscience is not a natural thing it is conditioned or planted into us by the dual forces acting within the environment that formed us. Religion and society.


Because of your particular conditioning you see the world through the eyes of your master. It is like gelding a horse, your natural tools for survival are rendered useless by the belief that it is wrong or a sin to perform certain actions. However a close examination of society reveals that the very actions that are wrong for Joe Average are everyday practice for the Elite.


How else could a frail man control the masses if not by controlling their minds?


Any law that is enacted by man is not a law but rather a rule. What the old adage “The exception that proves the rule” is saying is that if it cannot be broken then it is not a rule. A rule denotes a forbidden action. A law on the other hand has not exceptions. Laws which are the basis of reality cannot be broken.


So why would a God so great and loving go to the trouble of creating the perfect universe and make everything within it except man perfect. The only creatures within the realms of the know universe subject to rules and not laws and humans.


So if God and his/her blueprint for perfection has no qualm with you and yet you still don’t feel good about yourself or some action you have performed or would like to perform don’t you think it is time to ask yourself why. Why are you feeling bad or guilty?


The answer is you have been conditioned to feel this way. And the reason you have been so conditioned is to enable you to be controlled and thereby become a well adjusted member of your society which is another way of saying that you have become a resource to be used by your masters.


This isn’t meant to be cynical or incendiary in any way. It is just an attempt to explain how things really are. Knowledge is power and when you know the truth you can navigate the seas with greater ease.


At present you are operating in your everyday life with a belief system that is at least delusional and at worst enslaving. Wake up and look at the reality that all you are is a man or woman. You are not a good man or a good woman. You are merely a man or woman. If God is not judging you by man made rules why are you so willing to judge yourself?


All that God requires of you is to live and die.


Unlike God those who see you as a resource require that you live in a manner that fits their plan.

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