Conservative Values and Lobbyists

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To my knowledge not a single corporation holds a vote in any US election and few if any United States citizens have lobbyists representing their concerns in Washington DC.

The fact that there are five lobbyists in Washington DC for every Senator, flittering around money like confetti would lead on to believe that the corporations know something that the American electorate doesn’t.

The outcome of the American political system as it is presently constructed in these Corporate States of America paints a dull and dreary picture for the average citizen who can’t afford a lobbyist to represent them and are forced to rely on elected officials who are owned lock stock and barrel by corporate America.

And as for the brain dead who scream that they are not happy with the direction that the present administration is taking the country. Take a civics class. The President does not write legislation he merely signs it. So if you are not happy with the direction the country is headed in talk to your elected representative who writes the legislation on behalf of the corporations. He/she is the person kissing the lobbyists derriere (that’s French for ass).

Then we have the conservative elite who like to lecture on fiscal values. Were they on vacation on the moon when the taxpayers were being looted to prop up the too large to fail. It appears that in true Leona Hensley (“We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.“) fashion, fiscal values are for the little people and the wealthy get to do what they want because the wealthy can afford the services of a lobbyist.

Then there is the curious case of health care which turns out at least in America to be a for profit business. I don’t know of any other country where the health of the nation is used as a resource for the generation profits.

Now in most fields a business thrives by the proliferation of the commodity it trades in. In health care the product of choice is sickness. So the more sick people there are in America the more money the corporations that control the US health care system stand to make. Most of their profits are generated by denying sick people the care that they have paid for by years of inflated premiums.

Ah! Conservative values. Do you know that the word conserve literally means to keep? Check out Merriam -Webster. From the perspective of the wealthy it is very important to conserve the status quo as in their wealth and the mass poverty that their privilege is constructed upon. You do know that without poverty wealth is not a possibility; don’t you.  

So when you have very little money and still feel compelled to drink the Republican cool aid and heed the fiscal lectures, remember that what you are getting to conserve or keep in nothing and what they get to keep is all the benefits of the privilege your being poor affords them.

It amazes me how many people with next to nothing have conservative values. Either they are borderline frontal cortex dysfunctional or they are verbally challenged. The American Dream of improving ones position and place is counter to conservative values which strive to cement the status quo into place.

Conservative values equal the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. There is no place in conservatism for dreams even American ones.

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