Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy Theories

In keeping with the maxim that all spoken language is designed to persuade, that every single word that flows from a mouth is an effort to convince the listened in a fashion that will enhance the results of an interaction in the favor of the speaker, the question must be asked are conspiracy theories really as far fetched as accepted opinion would label them.

What is accepted opinion but the result of an interaction between listener and speaker on a very large scale? Some might refer to this process as brain washing by means of propaganda.

So you are a powerful person in a global interaction and by speaking reality into existence by means of media propaganda you have achieved your desired result and got a majority of the people to believe in whatever cock and bull story you have had the gall to utter in your pinky and the brain goal of taking over the world and its resource. And out of nowhere a meek voice has the impertinence to proclaim that the king is naked.

The accepted and conventional reply to this manner of minority non compliance is to label it a conspiracy theory.

So here you are a jaded oil man and you really need a way to put your next mega deal together and you look at what’s on the horizon waiting to be had and to be honest the only real whale in the offering is the lush black fields of Iraq. But there is a problem and it’s name is Saddam. So you need a plan. I know lets get the White House by whatever means necessary and go get that oil.

Here’s what happens in a conspiracy theory:

  1. You steal the election and put one of your buddies in the White House.
  2. You arrange with your friends to have one of their sons have his people fly a few planes into a few buildings.
  3. While every plane in the country is grounded you have a private plane pick up all the main conspirators family members and fly them to safe haven.
  4. You then set about having your friends in the media label Iraq a danger to US security even though pre the invasion of Iraq the greatest enemy both Al Qaeda and Bin Laden had in the world was Saddam Hussein.
  5. Having created reality by spewing propaganda via media you then give the finger to congress and invade Iraq illegally.
  6. You are now primed to milk the other mans cow.

In other times when you wanted someone’s stuff you merely sent your army to take it, that was called Colionizim instead of murder and theft. However in these sophisticated civilized times Globalization has replaced Colonization as the preferred method of murder and theft and Media outlets are it’s weapon of choice.

Conspiracy theory or not ask yourself who gained from the unfortunate events of 9/11/2001. It certainly wasn’t the Arab peoples.

Then we have computer viruses supposedly spread by mentally retarded geniuses who get their kicks out of wrecking people’s days by wrecking their computers.

So some kid in Singapore who is so good on computers that he could be making all kinds of money designing legitimate computer programs would rather be spreading viruses for nothing.

The conspiracy theorists might ask who benefits form computer viruses and the simple answer is:

  1. The companies who sell new computers to replace the ones wrecked by viruses.
  2. The people who sell operating systems for the new computers.
  3. The people who sell spyware and anti virus software.

So once again ask yourself conspiracy theory or not who gains from computer viruses and the answer is certainly not some misadjusted hacker.

If I owned a glass company and was looking around for a sure fire method to increase my sales I think that I would pay some punk to drive around in a pickup truck and hurl rocks with my business card attached through perfectly good windows (no pun intended or meant).

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