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The Fairy Tales of Moneyhood

It appears that the greatest weapon of capitalists is the knowledge that the masses will believe absolutely anything. After studying Santa Claus for numerous years it was decided to carry out experiments on adults with similar myths and totally unbelievable hair brained stories to see if they too would believe any old guff and lo and behold, what do you know, it worked, they bit.

So immediately money was made available to Rudolph Murdock to buy every newspaper and TV station in the world. At the same time a competition was put in place to find a latter day Hans Christian Anderson or someone who was capable of writing an outlandish proposal for corralling all the money in the world at the expense of Joe Public that the same Joe Public would swallow hook line and sinker.

History will tell that Fox news came into being to broadcast the fairy tales of Corporatology and what do you know, just like that, a new happy ever after kingdom was born on the fantabulous boardwalks of Wall Street.

It is a game you know and like any game you don’t have to play if you don’t want to. And just because 50 gazillion flies tend to like eating gooey stuff doesn’t always mean that you should.

The unfortunate problem for the human race is that they are designed to operate like sardines. That is people like to do what everyone else is doing. I mean how could anything that appears to be right, actually be right, if no one else sees it that way. I don’t know, do you, why not ask some ship captain whose vessel didn’t fall over the side of the earth all those fairy tales ago.

Also if you decide that you don’t want to join in the game the dealer will send his police around to coerce you into a rapid mind altering shift with any force deemed necessary to prevent your tantrum form upsetting the happy illusory equilibrium that we have put so much effort into creating.

Here’s the thing, if word ever got out that Santa was a hoax how do you think the kids would react. Threats of coal in your sock and nothing for you this Christmas wouldn’t hold any weight and the kids just might revert to being kids and the adults would not be happy. So don’t you see you have to be stopped?

Now if there happens to be more of you than the police can handle well we have thought of that too, yes, you guessed right again, yes, as well as a fairy tale police we have a fairy tale army armed to the teeth with non fairy tale ordinance. F#$%$% with us at your peril.

We really are serious about this, there is a lot at stake, so much mula, so much power, all the hot chicks, all the caviar and such splendid champagne. Do you really think we are going to let someone who figured out our little scam ruin this for us?

Look we have everyone believing (can you believe we really pulled this off). These people are so stupid (deluded) that they willing police our system (game, fairy tale, myth, illusion) for us. They go overseas and beat up unbelievers for us, it’s cooperate or, well you know what.

Look at our old buddy Saddam swinging from the end of a rope and to think all he had to do was what we told him to do and he would still be living of the fat of the land, sitting at the top table in the marble mansion we built for him, ruling and stuff.

So the moral of this little tale is that we intend to live happy ever after and if you go about spreading your malicious little rumors, well, what ya gonna do when we come for you.

Freedom does have a price and that price is play the game!!!!!

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