Corporate Profits and Food Prices Soar

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unrestricted capitalismWe really do live in an absolutely amazingly funny world, if the joke was not on us it world be really hilarious, however as things stand it is just laughable in the cynical form.

So I checked out the BBC as I do every day for a slightly unbiased look at what is happening in the environment that is the planet that I am locked into for the duration of my mortal existence.

The top two BBC news stories this morning are:

We have reached a position on our evolutionary journey to hell that is startlingly similar to the realities of France in 1789 which cost Marie Antoinette her head.

The vast majority of the population of the planet have become no more than mere resources in a food chain that is designed to enrich a tiny few at the expense of the many.

In America they believe that they have found the eternal recipe to calming the masses in the form of reality TV. It is believed by the people who run the US that a pint of Jersey Shore followed by a shot of American Idol or dancing with the stars is potent enough to keep even the most ardent doubter in a mindless slumber and allow the pillage and plunder to continue unabated.

I think they are right! But God help them if the sleeping giant that is the US people ever wake up and see the truth.

The City of Boston is covered in snow with mountains of ploughed white gunk lining both sides of every street cutting down the width of the road and making parking next to impossible.

So the city has started handing out parking tickets to motorists who park tight to the snowbanks, the reason being that they are parked to far from the footpath, but the snow that the city neglected to clear is stopping them from parking any closer to the footpath.

This clearly is a dilemma, but the reality of the system that is modern society is that it is expected to continue as normal snow storm or not. The show must go on!

Workers are not paid if they do not show up for work, mortgages, rent, utility bills, etc must be met regardless of snow, and to be honest no one asked anyone in the City of Boston to be in charge, rather they mostly campaigned relentlessly to get the jobs.

So if you cannot run a city like Boston when mother nature decides to give an extra helping of snow the question is why are you in the job.

And when you expect people to do their normal routine despite the snow that you obviously cannot deal with why give them parking tickets.

This is a typical example of government of the stupid by the stupid and while the politicians who run Boston and Massachusetts for that matter might be street wise I really do believe they fall into the stupid category.

Did you know that in excess of 1 million homes where foreclosed in the US in 2010, and even if 75% of these foreclosures where strategic moves by their owners to rid themselves of negative equity this still leaves 250,000 families in the bastion of freedom who lost their family home while a government that proclaims liberty and invades Iraq in the name of democracy stands by and does nothing as the banks evict families in the name of profit. The almighty dollar is the true God of Capitalism.

Toxic assets aside, most of the homes foreclosed in 2010 where as a result of the jobless recovery, just working people who had no work to go to through no fault of their own waking up to the American Nightmare.

It appears that the same quality of nincompoop who run the City of Boston are to be found on Capitol Hill. Loud mouth narcissists who promise they will still love you in the morning but as soon as the last ballot is cast run home to their corporate lovers.

Getting back to corporate society and regardless of how I or this piece may be labeled be it communist, socialist, anti corporate, anti capitalist, whatever. The point is that this is reality.

And for the less enlightened who may believe that capitalism is the true way I would pose this question.

How many of the worlds 100 richest people do you think are capitalists?

In answer to my own question I would hazard a guess that none of the worlds richest people are capitalists, well not in the fashion of capitalism that is generally accepted as the norm by the deluded masses.

Socialism is supposed to be a societal system where people and their concerns are addressed and legislated for. With the possible exception of Sweden I don’t believe this system has been tried out.

Capitalism is supposed to be a societal system where the rights to possess and own are address and legislated for, believing that if people are allowed to exercise their creative and entrepreneurial skills and gifts that society as a whole will thrive.

If this is capitalism then very few rich people are capitalists.

The reality of wealth is that it is not a possibility without poverty after all you must be rich in comparison to something.

Therefore the reality of unrestricted wealth is that it is not a possibility without unrestricted poverty.

One corporation Shell announces that it has doubles its profits to 18.6 billion dollars coincidentally on the same news day that the UN’s food and agriculture organization announces that world food prices have reached a new high which I presume is a record high.

The tea shirt party is really an amusing bemused group of nobodies who mostly don’t have a pot to piss in, however they seems to have a bottomless ability to swallow, believe and regurgitate any old nonsense that their guru’s care to spew.

Imagine if you where in a situation where you where basically one pay check away form the gutter, working for the man who was making all sorts of money from you and your fellow servile classes under the wonderful umbrella of capitalism.

Man you loved your conditioning so much that you decided to take to the streets to protest the rise of any fool politician who thought that social issues mattered.

Then imagine one night you woke up from your daydream of perfection into the real nightmare that is life to find out that you where no more in the eyes of your beloved system that a steer waiting in line for the knife so that your master could be enriched by your carcass.

Here’s the truth of what scares the rich the most. The awful moment when the pain gets to much to bear and the dam bursts and the people say “Ah here!” and the party is over and then you will be sorry that so many hillbillies have Glock automatic’s with 33 shell clips.

The only reason for welfare and believe me this is the absolute truth, is to keep the poor in their ghettos a very safe distance from the rich.

Regardless of your political affiliations if you think there is any other reason for welfare you are more deluded than I thought.

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