Craigslist Sex Bust

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According to the Boston Herald (read article) there has been another Craigslist sex bust in the very same hotel where the infamous Craigslist killer struck just a year ago. 

The history of Craigslist is that it started out in 1995 as an email list of friend in the San Fran Bay Area check it out here on Wikipedia 

However since then it has gone through the Jekyll and Hyde stage and is now unashamedly “Corporate”. 

If you post something like an affiliate link in one of their free forums not alone will your email address be banned from posting, so too will your IP address. These people are serious in their efforts to clean up unpaid spam. 

The difference from Craigslist corporate owner’s perspective between a spammer posting affiliate links and a prostitute touting for business is that they get to charge the prostitute a posting fee, so I guess in the eyes of Corporate America even prostitution is OK if it is good for the bottom line.

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