Depression is a Symptom

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Depression is a societal disorder or rather society is a disorder and depression is a symptom of this disorder. As in all cases there will be the few cases of depression that do not meet the criteria of societal depression but the vast majority of depressions are as a result of people not fitting into the one size fits all mold required for the well adjusted member of society tag to apply.

Depression is a symptom of inability to adequately adjust.

People where never designed for society. Society was designed to protect the property rights of the privileged.

But merely designing society and putting it in place isn’t enough to control the uncontrollable masses, a greater controlling measure was/is required. Enter conditioning, both societal and religious.

With the combination of a societal structure governed by carefully crafted laws and the twin conditioning factors of religion and morality the template/trap was set to forever guard the rights of privilege at the expense of the masses.

It might be worth noting that the higher up the ranks of the intelligence charts a person goes the more likely depression or some other form of mental illness is to be found.

The reason being that intelligence smells the rat that is most definitely in the room, but conditioning blinds consciousness to the presence of the rodent.

Somehow you know that the rat is there but because you can’t see what you know, you play head games with yourself resulting in a variety of what we have come to term mental illnesses.

There’s nothing wrong with you, you are not mentally ill, you are merely exhibiting the symptoms of intelligence questioning the stupidity of society and being shouted down by conditioning.

Accepted norms are akin to written for TV movies. You might cry, laugh and experience a range of emotions but wake up dummy it is written for TV it is fiction.

Every single law written by every single legislature that ever existed in the history of the universe, just like the written for TV movie is fiction.

It is also true that there are enough deluded people out there with so much at stake in their particular fiction that they will severely sanction you if you question or contravene their fiction/belief/opinion/law.

Regardless it is still fiction and because your conditioning is overriding you inherent knowing and intelligence you are in fact denying your inner truths and the result of this denying who you are in favor of a conditioned myth, the proverbial rat in the room, is that you are experiencing symptoms of what is mistakenly referred to as mental illness.

The real irony here is that because you are experiencing symptoms of mental illness you are actually showing signs of waking from the deluded slumber that afflicts the majority and that you are in fact the sanest most un deluded person you know.

Mick McCann told me once that just because 30 million flies are eating shit doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a delicacy. However because we are sheep and like to run where the other sheep run we are more inclined to eat any old shit rather than believe our own observations in relation to its gourmet value.

It is only natural that societies one size fits all hat tends to work better for the average individual. Duller people tend not to question; they are therefore better equipped for the mundane mediocrity that befits the role of worker bee. And god only knows privilege needs all the worker bees that it can get.

Intelligence on the other hand poses far too many questions. When these questions are posed to a deaf loud mouthed bigot like conditioning the result is invariable an acceptance of ones inadequacies and the onset of depression.

Question not yourself but rather question your beliefs/opinions/fantasies/myths/fairy tales. It really doesn’t matter which word you choose to explain your conditioning, which is your belief system; the reality is that it is fictitious.

Believing in fairy tales is the primary source of mental illness. If schizophrenia is characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality then it would appear that the vast majority of the population is actually mad and that the only sane ones among us are those labeled as mentally ill and discarded to the reservations of Prozac Nation.

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There’s nothing wrong with you, you are not mentally ill, you are merely exhibiting the symptoms of intelligence questioning the stupidity of society and being shouted down by conditioning.
did u write this urself? clever. or atleast i like it.

August 21st, 2009 at 12:11 pm

now i finished reading all the article.
u’re brave to say these.
by the way, now that someone is “discarded to the reservations of Prozac Nation” and is the sane one despite they’re labeled as dipressed,…. what’s the advantage here? or what should they do now??
there’s an old story in our litrature which says: there was a wise man living in a village. one day he predicted that the next rain water has a problem and if anyone drink from that water, she/he will get mad. so he and his wife warned all the people of village. and the rain came. but people of village drank it wanted or by mistake ( i dont know, maybe they didnt believe him but thats not the point). so now in all the village everyone is mad , singing and jumping around and saying nonsense. except the wise man and his wife. but they couldn’t be different in that society, or i dont remember what reason story says, but they drank the water too to become like other people. they couldn’t live with that people , being different.

so what else could they do?

August 21st, 2009 at 1:00 pm

how long does it take u to check ur comments? a decade?!
or maybe u just write and write and not looking for comments. if that’s so , ommit the comment part from ur site. it’s funny that it says “NO COMMENTS” following each post.

August 21st, 2009 at 5:36 pm

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