Derek Jeter and the History of Asterisks

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Thanks to George Bush and Brian Cowen and the unwillingness of the known world to offer me gainful employment I am forced to watch an idle recipe of Squawk Box and ESPN’s Mike and Mike  each and ever morning for the rest of my life.

What a life sentence you might say, beats waking up next to Bernie Made off with everybody’s money and maybe you might be right, but there are health concerns to be considered including but not limited to elevated blood pressure.

The great thing about Mike Greenberg is that though he is delusional he is honest in his New York “homie hood ness”. He who believes in asterisks being placed in stat sheets for cheating now has the nerve or delusion to go on TV and say that Derek Jeter wasn’t really cheating when he held his arm after a ball bounced off the nub of his bat in an effort to con the umpire into giving him first base.

True Jeter didn’t make the call but the act of holding his arm as if it had been hit was a deliberate attempt to con the umpire and I for one think that the asterisk should be removed from Bill Belichick’s back pocket and embroidered onto Jeters hall of fame uniform.

Good old New York, New York so good they named it twice, hope I am not eating my words with a quick snack come Sunday when the slouch Moss returns to Gilligan’s Island.

And while we are talking politics what have Brian Cowen and Barrack Obama got in common besides being loved by the ballot box crowd?

They are both useless, lack leadership qualities and are devoid of the ability to inspire.

People who could have been great leaders if they had been able to see the forest from the trees it is pretending to be include but are not limited to:

Ian Paisley; needed to put all the people above a notion of loyalty to a notion. Opinions will always get you in trouble, The willingness to stand and fight for an opinion will get a lot of people killed. Opinion 101 states that an opinion is a belief which is something for which there is absolutely no proof but which you choose to believe anyway.

Don Chaney; needed to put all the people above loyalty to corporate capitalism. Making money is good but making money by making war is a poor and limited choice. If one has the ability to lead and inspire confidence in that ability, then history would have remembered him far more favorably if he had erred on the side of the American people rather than the American Corporation and its blood/money lust.

Hey Don there is still time for you to do the “ghosts of failed leaders past” thing. This country needs a hard man like you to pull us through and if you don’t fancy reentry to the American field of dreams which you helped to shatter, Ireland is crying out for a Man with your skill set to pull it through. Where is Margaret Thatcher when you need her!

I personally would feel comfortable knowing that Don Chaney had my back and if you care to look up inspirational in the dictionary the words given to describe inspirational also describe Ian Paisley. Go Figure!

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