Divide and Conquer-A Strategy

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A Lesson in Manipulated Societal Delusion

1. Prologue.

The war in Northern Ireland was fought out by the lower working classes, Catholics and Protestants without a pot to piss in, slaughtering each other while the Catholics and Protestants with money, seemingly uninvolved went on with the business of staying rich.

The tactic is/was simple, feed a myth to the masses, let them digest and then simply sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

The masses are stupid, they believe what those they look up to tell them, remember Santa!

2. An Economy.

An economy is a group of people interacting supposedly for the benefit of the whole. However it appears that the benefit is not proportional to work but rather to scheme.

The money within an economy is produced by the masses, however it is dispersed in an extremely erratic fashion.

The vast majority goes to a few at the top, a small quantity goes to the poor in the form of benefit/entitlement/bribe, the remainder is divided amongst the middle masses (middle class) who actually create it.

3. The Trick.

Somehow or other the few at the top have delude the masses in the middle into believing that their problem is with the unfortunates at the bottom who are entitled.

4. The Reality.

By dividing the masses into those in the middle and those at the bottom, the few at the top are free to act with impunity while they harvest the labors of the masses for their own benefit without doing any work other than using the rhetoric of bought and paid for politicians to spread rumor and innuendo.

5. Safety Nets -The Myth.

The reactive middle classes, tea party types, proclaim to hate large government. In reality what they hate is welfare and medicare, the entitlement benefits to the lower classes which they believe are costing them an arm and a leg.

6. Safety Nets-The Truth.

The safety net which costs the middle masses the most and is the real cause of large government is the 1% safety net.

“What”, I hear you say, the mega wealthy don’t need a safety net, but my friend, my dearest friend, you have forgotten that you are deluded, you have been brainwashed into believing that which your betters wish you to believe.

You and your fellow nobodies at the bottom have been purposely set against each other, divided and conquered by the few at the top for their own selfish benefit.

You have been herded into the pens they want you in and somehow miraculously you have lost sight of the threat they are to your pursuit of happiness and see some in your own camp as the enemy.

This form of mental dysfunction is often referred to as delusion.

Only in truth can happiness be found.

7. The 1% Safety Net.

The 1% safety net which costs so much is actually large government, without it the 1% would be merely ordinary people, struggling to survive like the rest of us.

The police exist to keep the masses in order, which in turn allows the 1% types to do as the wish within the framework of the laws which they had their bought and paid for politicians frame in their favor.

The military exists to ensure that the masses in other countries outside of the control of the police do as they are told by the 1%.

Welfare to the disenfranchised exists to give those with nothing to lose, something to lose, in actuality welfare is a bribe and a threat. Do as we ask and we will pay you, mess with us and we will cut you off.

The sting in the tail is that though welfare is designed to benefits the 1% it is paid for by the middle masses.

Think for a moment the effect the eradication of all welfare programs would have on the normal running of society. The 1% need a stable society to operate at optimum.

8. End Game.

If you are stuck in the group sarcastically named middle class you need to wake up and realize that your gripe is not with the welfare/entitlement types but rather with the upper class/entitlement types.

The truth is that the wealthy don’t create money they merely manipulate the middle masses into believing this and thereby willingly ceding the fruits of their labors to them freely.

The real truth is that the money in an economy is created by those operating within the economy, which is basically the middle masses.

A small portion of this money is skimmed off to fund entitlement programs for the less well off in the form or welfare, medicaid, etc.

An extremely large portion of the economy pie is skimmed off to fund entitlement programs for the 1% in the form of large government, the police, military, etc.

A gigantic portion of the money created by the middle masses goes to fund the lifestyles of the rich and famous or the 1%.

Whats left goes to the middle masses in the form of wages, income, salary, etc.

9. Epilogue.

A traveling salesman told me once: “Seeing is believing, trouble is most people believe what they want and then go ahead and see it.”

You my dear friend have deluded yourself into believing that your feud is with your disenfranchised colleagues who need a helping hand.

In reality you are being worked into an early grave to pay for the lifestyle to which the 1% you so admire believe they are entitled.

Now that is one hell of an entitlement program and you, sucker, are willingly paying for it.




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What an eloquent post father. Thank you!

June 2nd, 2012 at 5:30 pm

So the masses can not think for themselves

June 4th, 2012 at 11:52 pm

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