Do You Believe in the Power of Magic

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The only thing that we can say for sure about people is that they are stupid. For instance how many donkeys in ancient Greece do you think believed that Zeus was a god? The mere fact that Zeus turned out to be a myth or fairy tale means that the donkeys that Socrates and Plato rode about on where in fact enlightened beings, and that the “philosophers” were for all intents and purposes nothing more than superstitious twats.

It never ceases to amaze me that my local restaurant will serve me up four delicious steak dinners with all the trimmings and drinks for a piece of painted paper. The steak is great; the paper is worthless except for the belief in the mind of the restaurateur that he can trade it in return for goods and services. Just like Plato he is willing to believe any old tripe. Imagine what his paper will get him when as in the case of Zeus it is discovered that the king is butt naked.

All money turns out to be is a condition, which turns out to be a belief, which in turn turns out to be just like Zeus, a myth in passing.

If you ever decide to venture into the wilderness for whatever reason you will soon find that all that really matters is food and warmth. Everything else, all the trimmings that define modern day society, the unnecessary necessities, are just like decorations on a Christmas tree. Nice to look at and essential to the festive season but soon forgotten when the heat goes out and the larder runs empty.

I think someone said once: “You can believe what you want and you do, but don’t expect belief alone to keep the wolf from the door.” No one is coming to save you but for as long as you can get steak for paper I guess that that truth doesn’t really matter.

Society is a large tribe coming together for the common good. Money is an agreement that allows a large tribe to operate.

The purpose of a bank from the perspective of society is to facilitate the economic operations of the society and to fund the growth and wellbeing of the society.

The purpose of a bank from the perspective of a bank is to make a profit.

Obviously the two perspectives are not compatible.

The purpose of a health care system from the perspective of a society is to nurture and heal the members of the society.

The purpose of a health care system from the perspective of a HMO is to make a profit.

Once again the two are not mutually compatible.

The purpose of a myth is to manipulate the believers into swallowing a very bitter pill.

Social, society and socialism all stem from the same parent meaning which is the interaction of people coming together in a group for the mutual good.

Capitalism dictates that the primary reason for society is the production of wealth even to the detriment of the society itself.

Once again the two positions are not mutually compatible.

Society can operate either for the good of capital or for the good of it’s members but not for both.

As always the purveyors of myth, the ones with the most to gain will scream blasphemy when their sacred cow is threatened. You however can believe what you want.

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