Dude we are F#*&%#

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Wall Street got the latest jobs news and the DOW acted like its favorite dog just got run over by a cement truck.

Jobs are going nowhere but down and Obama the fearless tells us it will get even worst, after all folks it took us a long time to get here so expect a painful journey back to full eight dollar an hour employment.

 Here’s the list that doesn’t bear reading:

  1.  At least 10% jobless for the rest of 2010 and that’s if we are lucky.
  2. Seven million home loans in default.
  3. Our future mortgaged to China.
  4. Afghanistan is a money pit.
  5. Iraq is an even bigger money pit.

 If you want to know where the economy in your area really is take a look around your local mall:

  • If there is full occupancy of the mall units then the economy in your area is doing just fine.
  • If a large number of units are vacant you are in trouble.
  • If there is a Chinese massage therapy unit in your mall your local economy is really bad.

Things are sad and to think some dude in the white house thought it was a good idea to give like a half trillion dollars of taxpayer’s money to the banks.

Imagine a full year in office with an absolute majority in every branch of government and what did he achieve, well other than advancing the republican mandate nothing. His new nickname should be Obama the Useless. It’s like George Bush term three in the white house.

Look out for an article named Obama the Useless.

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