Economic Illusions

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So a totally right wing government in a totally right capitalistic country destroys the economy of the western world and the reaction of the voters in recent European elections is to vote right wing candidates into office. This is probably reason enough to limit voting rights to people who can display basic intelligence and a minimal understanding of economics and politics.

However I guess that for the time being that we are stuck with the present system.

Just a thought but if the NFL was run by the same rules as the economy then the team that wins the super bowl would get the first 20 picks in the draft. The team that finished second would get the next 10 picks. The third team would get 1 pick and the final pick would be raffled off by the national lottery to the other 29 teams.

It appears that man as a dominant species has been around for 5 to 10 thousand years; capitalism on the other hand has been the chosen game for around 300 years. My guess is that it won’t be around in another 100 years. It doesn’t work, and for a system that doesn’t work to be allowed to continue requires the consent of the ordinary people. The very people who are suffering more at the hands of capitalism than they ever did under a monarchy are the ones who are supporting it. And just like Marie Antoinette and the guillotine when the base of the pyramid gets tired of supporting the pin point at the top heads will once again roll.

Why would anyone want to support a system that virtually enslaves them and their children to a life of service bound by the chains of debt and credit? The reason is that like the voters in Europe most people are naïve to the point of stupidity when it comes to understanding anything that strays from a 2 minute fox news report or who should win the biggest loser. Perhaps the main reason America is so uninformed is the excuse for a news media that reports on a cat being rescued from a tree on the same day that the deaths of 4 soldiers go unreported. Now if there is one thing I know it is cats and believe me no cat needs to be rescues from a tree. However the failure to report matters that affect the consciousness of a nation is bordering on conspiracy.

So how many people actually believe that Barrack Obama runs America or for that matter that the prime minister of Great Britain runs Great Britain. America and Great Britain being capitalistic countries are actually run by capital. Now I don’t pretend to mean that a fifty dollar bill is sitting in the oval office calling the shots but that is not far off the mark. The people who control the capital control the government which in turn controls the citizenry for them.

When I talk of capital I am not talking of some guy with 100 million in the bank. That kind of money makes you comfortable but won’t get you an invite to the room where the players meet to decide what the government should do next.

As previously mentioned society works on the pyramid principle. The people, who call the shots, sit on the pin point at the top, and the rest of us support them. The guy with 100 million is located comfortably above the middle. The vast masses fill the bottom portion.

If one was to look back at the typical American “middle class family” of the fifties you would find that one bread winner with a decent job supported a family, paid the mortgage and put the kids through school.

Today the same “middle class family” needs 2 bread winners and in most cases the male works 2 jobs to support a dwindling standard of living.

The great men who run our lives by controlling the purse strings decided that they could effect maximum control over the plebs by burying them in debt and the servitude required to service this debt. How did they accomplish this?

By inflation silly. They decided to increase the price of everything by lavishing credit on the proletariat and encouraging them to abandon all reason in search of the American dream. But as any fish swimming in hot oil in a frying pan will tell you the bait was not intended to be a free meal. If you care to look carefully before you dine the hook has other plans for you.

So the Average Joe ventured out in search of the American dream with funds borrowed from the fisherman capitalist, who incidentally created these funds from nothing. Yes you guessed right again, the people at the top of the capitalism food chain are magicians and they have discovered the secrets of alchemy or how to turn scrap paper into gold merely by having the Government of the day back it with the taxpayers tax receipts.

It really is amazing that someone would have the gall to create something out of nothing. Then lend this nothing something to Joe the Plumber to overpay for a house or car, and justify the madness by calling it the market and as we all know the market never lies.

So the Joe the Plumbers of the world succeed in driving the price of homes from affordable by one bread winner 1950 prices to implode the worlds economy 2008 prices and hey presto we have an economic tsunami of massive proportions. But fear not for this was all part of the plan. As written in a previous article a recession is when capital harvests the fruits of the middle classes. So the downturn for most of us is actually the harvest for the magicians who created Camelot with the stroke of Merlin’s pen and the complicity of presidents, the senate and congress.

As a great man once said and I quote: “He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.”

Also it should be noted that in today’s globalization that he who controls capital controls the globe. So forget about presidents and kings who ruled a piece of land. The magicians rule the world with the complicity of politicians elected to serve the people.

Does anyone really think that anyone could be elected to office if capital decided against it? Capital owns the media both electronic and print. Oh and by the way do you really believe that Obama got elected by $10 donations collected from you tube and face book.

It really is simple you are a cog in a system. The fruits of your labor are not intended to be enjoyed by you; they are earmarked for the magicians who discovered the secrets of creating gold out of the illusion of stability.

Society is the largest zoo ever built. For the illusion of safety the vast majority of people surrender their basic freedoms to their keepers. That’s why outside of the family dog the only place you will ever find a depressed animal is in the city zoo. They are safe but at what a price.

As a closing point for the average Joe/Jane who believes that he/she lives in the bastion of freedom. Try exercising freedom sometime and you will quickly find that they have a place where they put people who took the freedom notion too far. They are called prisons.

You are free to do what you are let. Everything else is a crime.

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