Einstein’s Lie

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Some days are better than others and what goes for days definitely goes for theories.
In Einstein’s world the spoken language is maths. The one and one equals two variety. But there is a noisy little issue that Einstein glossed over that just wont stay quiet and go away.

Yes one and one just might equal two but what does one man and one woman equal.

One man and one moon equals two things
One golf ball and one computer equals two objects.

Two objects and two things equals Einstein has a migraine.

The reality of any language which is what math’s is, is that it is case specific. There is very little use in being fluent in French in a land where the only language spoken is English.

A dollar though to all intents and purposed looks and feels like a dollar is actually 100 cents. Ten dollars is 1000 cents. The base unit of the US currency is the cent and any denomination of the US currency must be a multiple of the base unit the cent.

Back to Einstein and his beautiful theory of relativity. What Einstein neglected to mention is that the universe onto which he placed his theory is comprised of vast quantities of things and objects. Now as we already know math’s does not work to good with different things and objects like men women golf balls and refrigerators.

For his theory to work with the universe there must be a base unit. As with the US currency and the cent the universe must have its base quantity to manipulate.

So for the purpose of this exercise we will create a base universal value and call it the dot. And just as the dollar is comprised of 100 cents every universal quantity be it men, women, or golf balls will be multiples of the dot.

So perhaps a dog might be 100 dots, a man might be 1000 dots, a woman 999 dots (so politically incorrect but fun). Now the universe is cooperating and Einstein is validated.

But just as the ten dollar bill is a delusional 1000 cents, for Einstein to be validated you must also be proven delusional. For you are not in fact a man or woman you are merely a grouping of dots, only differing from your neighbors dog in the quantity of dots that form your apparentness.

And not alone are you no different than your neighbors dog or his refrigerator you are also no different than the sun, the moon, the stars and the smelly stuff your neighbors dog insists on dropping on your lawn.

Yes my friend you a nothing but a group of dots, but then again so is everything else.

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It is quite possible that you are trying to get at something important here, but, so far as I can tell, you have absolutely no understanding of physics or mathematics. However, perhaps physics and mathematics were not your intent, and this is merely intended as a humorous observation.

July 14th, 2009 at 8:22 pm

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