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Corporate Profits


You Too WBUR

So I’m driving home from dropping my son to school and wbur is doing a piece on al-Qaeda and when that piece finishes they start off on Bahrain and seeing as I’m sick of listening to Bruins talk on sports radio I turned the radio off and drove home listening to the engine.

I-am-sick-of-listening-to-anything-and-everything-MIDDLE EAST-PERIOD.

I mean why are we even over there anyway, all they have is oil and we get most of our oil from Canada and they never mention Canada on the radio unless it’s ice hockey related.

So I was thinking (I had to because you don’t) that other than Israel the only reason for our involvement in the sand infested middle east is corporate related.

The smell of money to a corporation is as irresistible as the smell of poop to fly, and because the only reason to become a senator or congressman is to get on the corporate payroll via its lobbyists and because there is major money in oil and because there is major oil in the middle east our corporate sector like a fly just can’t stay away and because we have to make sure that the rules on the ground in this oil rich place are favorable for our brave corporate raiders, we as a nation are deeply entrenched in its sands.

I sometimes wonder why can’t the corporations simply go to these countries and play by their rules instead of having us send in the cavalry to soften them up. It’s not like our brave corporate raiders are bringing their spoils of war back home to share in the form of taxes hell we even give them subsidies.

In truth it appears that the corporate system offers a very poor return to everyone in America other than their shareholders and the elected members of the house and senate, and while we are naming names let’s not forget the president. For the rest of us paying 4 bucks a gallon at the pump, well put simply we are getting screwed.

I have a really weird idea, how about we put America and Americans first, I mean real flesh and blood people and let the paper corporations take care of themselves. I know this is radical and your congressman would have to rearrange his/her budget, but wouldn’t it be fun to have your son/daughter working here at home rather than softening up Iraq for Chevron or Exxon.

Hasn’t Cheney and Halliburton made enough money yet, how much longer will we as a nation have to pay his stipend.

I envision a nice utopia where Americans work in America making stuff that Americans use and export.

I also envision a world where Arab countries rule themselves anyway they want without American noses stuck into their business. If they want civil war that is their prerogative, after all remember that we fought our own in the 1860’s.

We fought ww1 because I can’t remember, we fought ww2 because we had no nukes to take out Hitler, we fought Korea because of Hiroshima, we fought Vietnam because we didn’t nuke Korea and we couldn’t nuke Iraq because we had to protect the oil.

No the only statement with any truth in the above paragraph is the one relating to Iraq, because we are the Unite Corporations of America and we love oil

But seriously a time is coming and it is coming very soon when we will not be able to afford to act  globally as a nation. Look at every other country that calls itself a player, Great Britain, Germany, France, their involvement outside their own borders is minimal.

Our defense budget for 2010 was over $687 billion, our nearest competitor on this list was China at $114 billion, Russia spent $52 billion.

Can someone tell me why we need to spend 6 times more on defense than China and 13 times more than Russia.

Did you know that a B2 Stealth (Spirit) bomber costs us more than $2.1 billion, that’s for 1 (one) aircraft, we have at least 20 of these beasts.

I suppose very little is going to change in relation to our corporate culture or our overseas policy, but is there any hope that WBUR can at least give equal air time to the state of our economy.

While the corporations love to gather money, me personally, I love to hear people talk about it.

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The government makes much more on a gallon of gas than Exxon does through taxes and I really wish we fought Iraq and took all their oil

January 2nd, 2012 at 3:38 am

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