Expect the Worst

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Expect the worst and you will most probably get it.

Life it appears is a self fulfilling prophesy falling into place just as we believe it will.

And if this is so and you have spent all these years eating humble pie just as you predicted you would, then mightn’t it be  reasonable to suggest that just for once you experiment by expect the best, just to see if you get it.

Men and women for wiser than me insist that we live in our mind which is little more than a fertile field where we plant our life in the form of thoughts.

As with all crops we harvest as we sow and if we constantly think the worst and expect the worst, then by default we consequently sow the worst.  Why do you think it would be possible to harvest anything other than the bitter crop you insist on sowing.

If our exterior lives are merely reflections of our inner life then it is only logical that if you wish to alter your exterior life that you must first alter your interior life, which as it turns out is merely the thoughts you plant in your oh so fertile field.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

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