Fishing For Cash

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Just for fun lets use a fishing analogy to try and understand why modern day living sucks for most people. There are a few points that must be accepted in the analogy  


  1. We will be alternating between fishing for fish and fishing for money.
  2. Our fishing equipment will include our chosen profession.

So you wake up one morning and your mom and dad tell you that it is time to think of fishing and this in turn means that you will be heading off to the college of your choice that they can afford to pay for.  


So lets assume that money is no object and you arrive at the sporting mall and find yourself in the fishing equipment emporium surrounded by a mind blowing array of the best fishing equipment known to man.  


How do you decide, which rod, which lure, which bait. Well seeing as money isn’t a concern you decide as would most young people with starry eyed parents to go for the Cadillac of rods designed specifically for big game fishing, marlin, shark and swordfish.  


Everything is rosy in hometown surbiaville. Mom and dad are so happy, little Johnny is fully equipped for a life of shark fishing, finally ready to be pushed over the edge of their cozy 3 bedroom nest with its pretty picket fence into the big bad lake where the Johnny’s of this world fish.  


Now I don’t know about you but I find it hard to tell Johns dad that in the whole history of earth no one has ever caught a shark, marlin or swordfish in a lake, and true to form neither did little Johnny.  


And because he was fishing with hooks the size of knitting needles and using whole dogs for bait he didn’t catch any trout or perch either.   


This was/is a really frustrating time for mom, dad and their precious one. Was little Johnny really a failure, really a loser, really useless. I don’t know do you.  


Ok So I do know. If you want to fish for shark beside having a great rod designed for the purpose of catching shark you also need to be able to get to where the shark like to nip at hooks. They unfortunately neglect to inform you of this distasteful little truth in Harvard business school, on purpose.   


The business model for Harvard is to hand out degrees and make a buck in the process. Admissions at Harvard never mentioned telling you how to get to where your chosen fish swim, they only promised to tell you about fishing.   


Johnny would have been better served going to Walmart and buying the $14.99 special with a dollar pack of hooks baited with bits of stale hotdog. At least he would have made a living and not have had so many late night mind discussions with himself on the subject of failure, not to mention bouts of depression.  


Anyway the real point is that this morning my better half informed me that as far as she is concerned money is what she stuffs into the cable envelope to enable me to sit on my fat ass and be amused by Squawk Box while she deals with the real world.  


And this is the cusp of my analogy. If you know nothing about fishing and use this knowledge to equip yourself for a lifelong fishing trip then you will most probably have a frustrating journey through earth time.  


The sad reality of personal finance is that though most of us dedicate our life on this planet to fishing for money, yet we have absolutely no idea what money actually is.   


And if you are like my significant other you are most probably overwhelmed trying to cope with fishing for sardines with a rod designed for sharks that you have no inclination or time to discuss the finer details of something as obviously obvious as money.  


If you don’t know what money is how do you expect to prosper. If you get to be rich it will be by a stroke of luck or an accident.  


The moral of the story is: If you don’t know.  

You don’t know.   


A rod is a tool. A great fisherman knows fish.  


Oh! and by the way money is the currency we use to trade human energy. In the US money represents human energy owed. A dollar is an IOU for a certain quantity of human energy.  


Most of our individual balance sheets reveal that we owe far more of ourselves than we actually own.   

In the great ocean that we call society, careful observation will reveal that rather than being a fisherman most people are actually fish.   


Yes my friend you are a resource.  


An even more depressing factoid relating to fishing is that big game fishing is reserved for the offspring of big game fishermen. Oh yes they might let you buy big game fishing equipment and they may even teach you how to fish for trophy fish but do you really think that they are going to actually let you land one.  


If the coach don’t call your name you don’t come to the plate and the rest is history. 



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