Fleece the Middle Classes

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A recession is the financial equivalent of a harvest. It is the time when type A wealth collects the resources of the middle class.


In keeping with the farming analogy the players are

  1. Wealth who is the farmer.
  2. The Middle Class who are the crop.
  3. The Poor who are the soil.
  4. Credit which is fertilizer.


For a great crop it is necessary to have good soil so it is imperative that the farmer nourishes the soil. All good conservatives should know that welfare is a premier requirement of the wealth building process.


The second requirement is good seeds so the education and conditioning of the middle class is also a premier requirement for a great harvest.


The third requirement is time to allow the middle classes to root and flourish and bear the fruit (wealth) to be harvested. A boom is the signal to the farmer of the onset of harvest or recession.


The fourth is credit which is essential for a bountiful crop.


As with farming this is a cycle from boom to bust, planting to harvest.


Recession as with harvest is the desired end result of the cycle, and is the only reason the farmer and type A wealth bother to nurture their crop be it corn or the middle classes.


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