Free Enterprise System

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Free Enterprise System

Someone needs to tell the free enterprise system that there is no such thing as a free enterprise system.

OK so here are a few free enterprise home truths:

Free = free = no regulation for any party involved in the enterprise that is being referred to a free.

Enterprise = undertaking/plan/business/project.

System= a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole (miriam webster) it is interesting that the term “business system” in not contained within the files of Merriam Webster so according to the dictionary does not exist.

Free Enterprise System-What is IT.

So a free enterprise system should be an interaction between interdependent groups in undertakings without any regulation.

In reality the free enterprise system in the eyes of capitalism is a coming together of interdependent groups in undertakings in a highly regulated atmosphere where the regulation is in disportionate favour of capital.

So when the expert on Squawk Box talks of regulation he is talking of regulation of capital which capital sees as a really bad thing as it limits its ability to legally fleece the highly regulated ordinary joe.

Within the “”””free enterprise system””””” regulation is the name of the game, however if you are a bank or big corporation the trick is to ensure that it is your customers who are regulated while you remain regulation free and are permitted to do as you please.

Most homeowners are struggling under high interest mortgage rates even though much lower rates are available. The reason for this is because their credit scores do not allow them to avail of the low rates.

Funny but all the banks have refinanced their debt at close to zero percent. Judging by the bailout of the banks which only excaped a fate worse than Lehman Bros through a government enforced public bailout the banks should have really low FICO socore.

A bail out by the way by the very public who are now paying above market interest rates to the very banks that they bailed out.

Zero regulation for banks, FICO scores for regular people. This is a perfect example of the free enterprise system at work.

Go Figure!!!!!!!

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