FYI Tea Party Thick’s

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In the old country we called a really stupid person a thick.

Anyway just dropped my son to school and the radio tells me that some incumbent now has a new republican challenger running on a ticket of being tough on crime and cracking down on illegal immigration.

First wake up dudes, presently illegal immigration is a crime, so being tough on crime covers cracking down on illegal immigration so why the need for the right wing zealots to keep using the illegal immigration mantra.

Because it really works with scared voters which is the m.o. of the tea party thick’s, the worried well afraid to look around in case there is a shadow following them. I mean really does the word paranoid come to mind.

Elementary Watson you dope,  didn’t you know that the voters who vote with their heads firmly immersed in dark place’s are anti immigrant because they have been told by their guru’s and Sarah and Rush  that the people who cut the grass and work for peanuts in jobs which Americans consider below them are threatening their way of life!!

Wake Up!!!!

Far from threatening your way of life illegal immigrants are making it possible!!!!!

Remember George Bush, well King George knew what the rich folk want, lot’s of cheap labor and there is none cheaper than the illegal type.

Relax and ask yourself why do people come to the US without the proper visa and the only answer that works is that they come for financial reasons which in most cases is to work.

Then ask yourself who is employing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just because some politician who would in all likelihood prostitute his children to get elected came up with the bright idea of writing legislation that inserted the word illegal in front of immigration for certain groups doesn’t necessarily mean that this was a good idea for the economy at large.

The only illegal immigrants who are in this country not to work are living in hotels like the Ritz and in the most expensive towns in your State.

Illegal immigrants are here living illegally within the borders of the United States because the economy welcomes them with open arms.

Give me your huddled masses has metamorphosed into give me your cheap labor.

So the next time you feel like voting for hard on crime or tough on immigration count to ten and ask the dude how he/she is going to make America a better place for a legal immigrant to live and die in.

The illegals are more than capable of taking care of themselves, haven’t you noticed. It’s the people who claim to be here legally that I am worried about and if you are a card carrying US Citizen or Resident Alien then that is all you should be worried about.

After thoughts

Do you know what the unemployment rate for illegal aliens is, it’s zero percent, there are no illegal aliens unemployed. The reason for this is:

(a) To be unemployed in America you need to be signing on for unemployment benefit and this perk is not available to undocumented aliens, so officially it is not possible to have an unemployed illegal alien.

(b) But the real reason is that if the only reason you are in the US is for money and you have no job hence no income then you move on.

Want to stop illegal immigration then simply cut off their money supply.

Message to politicians campaigning on the illegal alien ticket. Hit the employers who employ illegal aliens hard and this includes homeowner’s who have illegal aliens fixing up their property! See the guy nailing shingles onto your neighbors roof, chances are 50/50 that he is undocumented.

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