George Bush Could Have Been Great

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George Bush Could Have Been Great


Don’t you sometimes think that George Bush could have been an absolutely great president if he hadn’t been so interested in the well being of corporate America and the needs of capital? The reality of corporate American and the capital culture is that they are very capable of taking care of themselves.

The little man and woman, Joe and Jane Public on the other hand are crying out for a leader to look after their issues. Leader if I am not wrong is derived from the verb to lead. George didn’t even try he was more interested in herding the public into the corporate resource corrals.

But when you think of him as a man, he is/was funny, gregarious, not afraid to laugh at himself, surprisingly calm in the face of events careering out of control as witnessed by his body verve to avoid the shoe. And his ability to get things done in Washington will be recorded as mammoth. Think of invading Iraq and Afghanistan, think of Homeland Security.

Now imagine if he had put his considerable resources in terms of his personality and influential friends to work on issues that impact the average Joe, where would we be now as a nation and where would Mr. Bush’s legacy as a president be.

Mr. Obama is struggling to right a sinking ship a horrid legacy that just might sink his Presidency and tarnish his legacy, but he doesn’t come as well equipped for the role of President as his predecessor George Bush.

He doesn’t have the same light hearted air about him. He appears to take any criticism grudgingly. He is far to preoccupied with political correctness and appears to lack the fortitude and friends necessary to accomplish any meaningful change within the realms of a Presidency that is languishing on stricken vessel on a vast ocean of pain and hopelessness.

This country and this crisis needs a bold man, the type of man who will swing at a high pitch on a 3-2 count with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth in game seven of the World Series. What good is a walk when we need a grand slam to win?

Obama needs to stop worrying about corporate culture, the banks and the rich folk who appear to be running the show. Get rid of Geithner and that other stiff Bernanke; recognize that attendance at Harvard Business or Law school doesn’t equip a well meaning incompetent to direct traffic on the most congested highway on earth especially after a major incident.  

Money and corporations as preciously stated can take care of themselves. This country and its ordinary citizens needs Mr. Obama to look at the achievements negative though they may be of Mr. Bush and frame the rest of his term around his methods for accomplishing necessary reforms in Washington.

The crisis facing the country now is far greater than the panic stricken days surrounding the horrible events of 9/11. George Bush did what he deemed necessary, now it is time for Barrack Obama to follow in his footsteps and take the necessary if unpalatable steps required of his Presidency.

George Bush’s greatest legacy is that he has laid a ground plan, a template, for future leader to follow in times of crisis. All that is required is a leader with the intestinal fortitude to follow the template that Mr. Bush proved will guarantee success in the corridores of Washington DC.




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