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selflessnessHave you ever noticed how politicians are always at the top of their game when the economy is running smooth and just as the economy hits a bump in the road the political princes turn into frogs.

This isn’t mere accident or coincidence, rather it is a glimpse into the true metal of men. The harsh reality is that politics attracts the worst kind of people, useless types who see quick money and easy lives making promises and doing underhand deals.

The morals required for success in politics are underhandedness, cheating, lying, greed and it appears infidelity.

However political office prides itself on qualities like righteousness, courage, service and selflessness.

The system that allows shallow types access to high office is at fault only because the people who power the system, the electorate are, (and there really is no other way to say this) grotesquely stupid beyond any hope of redemption.

If you are a person privileged with a vote and you are willing to cast that vote based on something you heard on TV especially a channel like Fox News which is “fair and balanced”, then you do not have the right to vote.

Remember that all the people have to suffer the consequences of your stupidity, including those who do not have voting privileges like children, those incarcerated, citizens of other sovereign countries,  and aliens both legal and illegal.

The reality of elections is that the people who are elected actually get 4 years in which there is no control over them, their actions and/or the damage they are doing to the country, its economy and its people.

Obama never had a right or the credentials to be president of America, he was elected because he is a really good orator and he is black and in all truth the black part is the biggest reason. Put simply if Obama had been white he would not be president and I personally think the country would be in a better position.

I do however understand the huge significance the election of an African American has to a people who have been so terribly wronged by the United States, but I am not talking civil rights here, rather I am talking politics and Obama was not and is not the right man for the job.

From the perspective of an uninvolved entity looking at the USA form outer space the Obama presidency has been merely Bush 3.

And the actual tragedy in this is that I do believe that Obama has all the right qualities and morals to be a leading politician, I believe that his heart is in the right place, he does however lack nuts, balls, kahunas, manhood, whatever.

For the first period of his presidency he owned all three pillars of government and wasted this precious resource looking for Republican support which he didn’t need, instead of pushing through the agenda for “change we could believe in” which got him elected in the first place.

There was and will be no change, the greatest democracy/republic in the history of the planet has been sold out for quick profits and the privilege of the few, right under the noses of 300 million Americans, who for reasons that can only be surmised as brain-deadness stood idly by and did nothing other than vote on dancing with the stars.

What this country needs more than anything in the upcoming election is a person who is willing to call a spade a spade, a person who is willing to get into the faces of the powerful  interest groups and scream NO! NO! NO!.

A president who is capable of understanding that he/she was elected by the people to do the peoples work, a president who is man/woman enough to stand in the face of money and power and do the right thing for the Country, The United States and its People.

A President who is willing to cherish the office and the constitution which allows it.

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People pay thousands of dollars to get smuggled in to America to get terribly wronged…others with needed skills wait patiently for visas for the same.

January 2nd, 2012 at 3:07 am

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