Happiness is a Humble Pie

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I’m sure that there is a recipe for happiness I just don’t know how to bake that peculiar pie.

However I do know the recipe for unhappiness, which is a pie I have feasted on far too often. So as a thank you to my loyal readers who might want to sample this delicacy for themselves I thought that I might lay out the recipe to enable them to fulfill their dream.

Unhappiness a Recipe:

The first ingredient necessary for this delightful pie is to look into yourself and find what really makes you mad. Grind it in a processor with a large pinch of anger and a twist of revenge.

Next find someone to blame this particular something that is upsetting you on. It is not really important who you choose to blame but a friend or family member works best.

The third and most important ingredient is to totally and completely deny any ownership in how or why you are feeling so angry/sad/mad/bad.

Believe me it works every time and it is so utterly wonderful to luxuriate in misery and have someone to blame.

As it turns out a far easier way to bake this pie is to just fill a pound cake pot with blame and bake for ten to twelve years. This will work every time. For those who don’t know blame is unforgiveness squared, doubled and beaten with a broom.

My dog just interrupted and told me that happiness was easy, just let everything go and get on with living. There is no one to blame not even yourself with the one exception that you might be to blame for looking for someone to blame.

It’s a funny old world really and if you ask me it was Adam and Eve and the Serpent that started it all so I suggest we blame them.

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