Hijacking the Constitution

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The founding fathers made one immense mistake that ensured that their dream of a nation free of the injustices that had caused them to flee Europe would never emerge. They left a vital last clause out of the constitution which should have stated that this constitution is complete and can never be altered or amended.

Every single amendment to the constitution was at the behest of minority interest groups to server their individual needs and wants, with complete disregard for the majority, the founding fathers, the state and/or the constitution itself. These amendments signaled the demise of the just and moral state that the founding fathers so gravely desired, and delivered the fiasco that we have today.

The USA as it is today exists solely for the benefit of capital, the very capital that the founding fathers where fleeing when they left Europe. They envisioned a democracy of government of the people by the people for the people. Democracy USA style is democracy by name, rhetoric and propaganda. In actuality it is government of the people by people chosen by capital for the benefit of capital. The rhetoric says that we are free and created equally. Effects on the ground show a very different reality indeed.

America is like a beautifully wrapped package with junk inside. For all the talk of equality and freedom neither in fact exists. The “American Dream” has turned out to be a cruel joke masquerading as a nightmare and all the while we are drip fed sugar tripe by a media designed by our betters to keep up medicated just one degree above consciousness. The method behind this madness is to keep the majority dull but useful and to keep them safe. There is no edge to the American soul, like a cliff face it has been worn down and blunted by the incessant pounding of waves of propaganda designed for this very purpose.

Capital has no need for bright resourceful people. Bright resourceful people know that if it looks like a rat and smells like a rat then without doubt it is a rat. Over medicated brain dead people on the other hand will believe any old tripe and consequently thank the thief that is stealing their dream away. Note for the brain dead who don’t get it; the medication is conditioning and media propaganda.

America like all great nation states before it is being ground down by the shear weight of the greed of capital. Like Rome and Greece it too will soon vanish into the history of myth.

The founding fathers knew what they where fleeing and designed the constitution to save their creation “America” from these forces. They where gullible and naive in thinking that their descendants would not have a price. The price of freedom is insecurity, capital knows that this is a price very few are willing to pay. It knows that it can buy men, heart and soul.

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