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Honesty is the process of using and abusing people and taking their stuff legally.

It really is something when a way can be found around the rules of every religion and moral code that ever existed merely by creating a law allowing the forbidden practice under certain circumstances.

Consider murder for instance, it is perfectly legal for the state of say Texas to take a prisoner and execute (murder) him/her because a law has been passed allowing the death sentence in that jurisdiction. 

Whereas in states like Massachusetts good old honest to God legal murder is not permitted only because state sanctioned murder has not yet been legislated into existence.

So in Texas murder can be committed legally and therefore is not an offence against any religious group or God whereas in Massachusetts all murder is an offence against God, State and religion. This is a very curious case of human psychosis bordering on schizophrenia.

Regardless of terms like humanity and civilized which we throw around like confetti at a drunken wedding celebration the reality exists that we who like to call ourselves a civilized, moral, god fearing people are really just another species of animal going about our day doing what all animals do; taking what we can and keeping what we can hold. The only difference between the animal species defined as human and all the other species is that we like to do our taking and keeping legally.

Consider legally, which is the process of messing with your fellow man’s head in a very controlled fashion using a complex set of rules devised to get around the stupid rules made by your accepted version of religion. After all very few of us would risk upsetting the big fellow and having his wrath fall on us like a ton of very heavy bricks.

So we do what any creature with an extremely large cortex would do in this scenario, we create laws that in a given set of circumstances allow us to legally achieve what our God forbids. Now it should be noted that the wording of the given set of circumstances is always carefully crafted to meet the needs of the dude with the most money.

In very olden times it was what suited the dude with the biggest sword but civilization has seen to it that money overrules the swords except in very rare circumstance like when Madame La Guillotine woke from her drunken slumber to discover that she had been compromised below the waist and demanded blood. So much for a train of thought, where was I.

Anyway consider a lawyer or attorney. Almost every act committed by the legal professional in his/her daily routine would be considered an offense against some God or other and almost every imaginable moral code in the history of earth and as such would be punishable by a multitude of sanctions and hell fires if it were not for the simple fact that because of some carefully drafted legislation their actions are considered legal and as such are immune from prosecution by God, man or innuendo.

Then there is the corporation. In almost all cases the rights of the corporation supersede the rights of the ordinary man, this can be observed in every court of law in the land and in the legislatures of ever governing body in the land. Yet the corporation is not really a real entity.

A corporation is a legal entity brought into existence by carefully crafted legislation to ensure that the owners of the corporation cannot be held responsible for the actions of the corporation which in reality are their actions. Brilliant really, so the sub prime meltdown wasn’t caused by couldn’t care less money hungry humans rather it was caused by corporate greed and as we all know there are no corporate gods and no corporate hell fires and even in the great State of Texas you cannot hang a corporation.

So lets say you have a gazillion dollars and you want to get rid of your wife and hook up with this really hot chick that you just came across but your boring God has said and I quote: “What I have joined together let no man put asunder.” I mean what’s to be done, hold on I know lets draft a law creating the Church of England and I will be its leader and then I can do whatever I want and there goes Anne Boleyn’s head and everyone lived happily ever after, except they didn’t.

Really anything can be achieved honestly, morally and without incurring the wrath of God merely by creating a law allowing it.

Anything that is except love, which in the end is just another word for acceptance.

The awful truth is that humanity as a condition cannot be legislated or imbued rather it is in who or what you are. And just because you find yourself walking around upright on two legs does not in itself signify that you are anything other than a descendant of Homo Erectus pretending to yourself and anyone who cares to watch the performance that you are something other than the animal you actually are.

The sad truth is that Humanity cannot be bought with all the gold in Christendom rather it is a badge worn by the noble granted to them by their own actions.

As a post note I would like to set the table straight on love. When you say that you love your wife of boyfriend what you are really saying is that as long as you please me and I am not talking sexually, as long as you please me I will love you. However as soon as you stop pleasing me then I will be angry with you and hey presto as quick as you can say divorce all the love in your heart is gone.

This kind of love should more correctly be referred to as a threat.

Love as in unconditional love is acceptance. Regardless of who you are or what you do I accept you. Parents of gay children should consider this.

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