Hope is for the Hopeless

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Hope is for the Hopeless


Isn’t it funny how we never experience the need for hope when everything is going good in our lives? We reserve our need for hope to times of crisis, lack and loss. This apparently would make hope a mere symptom of negative emotion.

When life is good we tend to sail through our days with a careless abandon. We need nothing and the realities of life are hidden away lest they spoil the moment. Yes you will die but today there is no need for such unsavory thoughts, this day is reserved for love and laughter. On days like these somewhere deep in your soul you know that regardless of what you have been told nothing can ever harm you, nothing can ever come between you and this pristine beauty gushing through your being, nothing that is except yourself.

Then when out of nowhere darkness descends on the brightness that had illuminated your life and the old fears replace the pristine-ness coursing through your being the first thing you are likely to reach for is hope. This is proof pudding eating style that hope is reserved for the hopeless.

Hope is the realm of fear and incompletion. Why would the greatest creature that ever lived on the planet earth ever feel the need to resort to hope. What can hope do for you with the possible exception of relieving worry doubt, panic, anxiety, fears,etc and allow you the benefits of a good nights sleep?

Hope is a medication for the psyche, and the only reason that the psyche needs medication is because the constraints of society, law, moral codes and conscience, which incidentally are all made up notions, rob us of our abilities to cope with an environment over which we are uncontested rulers.

A human being can achieve anything that it commits to achieving. This is not an idle statement this is an irrefutable law of the universe. The problem is in the commitment.

To commit to any achievement, belief that the achievement is possible is required. If you don’t belief at your very core then don’t bother trying you will absolutely definitely fail.

Where belief doesn’t exist hope comes in to fill the gap. People who believe do, they take action, they have no need for hope. People who don’t believe wait and cling to hope for salvation.

The world is simple; we however have complicated it with our rules based society. None of the rules that we live by can ever be enforced except by the person who decides to obey. Societal rules are self enforced, admittedly the occasional person is imprisoned for breaking a societal rule, but this does not change the reality that compliance is personal albeit under the duress of peer pressure.

There is only one universal rule. If you are not alive your are dead, if you are not consuming you are being consumed.

For as long as you are alive you are free to do as you wish. Mostly however because we are so afraid of death we tend to take very little risk in how we live out our life. This translates into we are so afraid of dying that we don’t dare to live.

When you are scared to live, to do what you need to do to exist all that is left for you is hope.

Hope is truly for the hopeless.


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