How to Fix the Economy

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How to Fix the Economy

Is there an elephant in the room or better yet in the economy?

It is 21 months since Lehman Brothers failed emitting shock waves that rocked the economies of the world to their very core, the housing market collapsed, foreclosure became an everyday ordinary event, the money supply dried up and jobless figures soared upwards.

Countless commentators babble on about the reasons and legislators formulate countless bills to ensure that the events of September 2008 will never occur again.

And I just woke up and a question keeps rattling around in my head. What exactly was/is the problem? What exactly caused the economic collapse that we are now suffering through?

Ask anyone you know what caused the economic collapse and you will get as many answers as people asked. The truth is that no one knows what caused the economy to collapse. One day everything was fine, the banks where lending, jobs where available, houses prices where high, confidence was abundant and the next day Mount Vesuvius erupted on wall Street and the rest is like Lehman Brothers is as they say history.

So what exactly happened to bring about the economic meltdown was it really sub prime lending or is that way too simple a hook to hang the blame on.

Is it possible that the problem is the system itself?

Is it possible that a natural function of our financial system is meltdown?

Is it really possible that most people are supposed to lose their shirt every ten to fifteen years so that the aristocracy of the finalcal universe can harvest what sowed?

The large pink elephant in your living room that won’t go away is there because you want to believe any old junk that suits you and deny the realities that are jumping screaming right before your eyes.

It’s the economy stupid.

So the banks are too big to fail and George Bush speaks reality into existence.

Imagine just for a moment what would happen if all the banks and Wall Street vanished right now. Everyone would still be breathing oxygen, everyone who didn’t from panic that is. And if everyone decided to go on as before everything would go on as before with the exception of financial institutions.

The government who prints the money could control it and dish it out as it saw fit. I mean who do we need banks in the first place? Oh! You don’t know. We need banks because rich people need somewhere safe to store their cash and because banks are a great way of enslaving the vast hordes under mountains of debt.

The system didn’t fail in September 2008; it did exactly what it is supposed to do. The system isn’t broken it is operating at optimum performance. This is as good as it gets.

The 10% unemployment rate for the nation when examined closely holds an almost 40% blue collar factor. This recession like all recessions is a poor mans recession. It’s the Status Quo baby. Poor people are supposed to be poor and rich folk are supposed to get richer at their expense. And man is this system working just exactly as it was meant to work.

The elephant in the room is there to tell you that you are one stupid mother. The elephant in the room is there to tell you that the system isn’t broken and doesn’t need fixing. The elephant in the room is there to tell you that all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men are telling you what you need to hear to keep you from waking up to the realities of capitalism.

Before you burst a blood vessel, no I am not a commie; however I have been known to look at the world without the blindfold of sacred cows that the masses wear.

Socialism is supposed to be a societal system with people as it basis. I say “supposed” because socialism in practice has turned out to be nothing more than oppressive monarchy. This is not socialisms fault this is merely opportunistic men at work. All law in a socialist society should be formulated for the protection of people.

Capitalism is a societal system with money as its basis. All law in a capitalistic society is formulated for the protection of money.

Within a capitalistic society people are viewed as a resource for the creation of wealth.

However there is a need to keep the unruly masses under control while they are worked to the bone for the good of their betters, so they are fed garbage like liberty, morality, religion and patriotism.

There is nothing like a conscience to control a man.

There is nothing like conditioning to control a conscience.

There is nothing like money to control conditioning.

So your homework for tonight is to turn off the TV, radio and any other source of garbage that is telling you what your betters want you to believe and examine the evidence that the elephant has assembled for your perusal.

Of course you could decide that it is easier to do nothing and bitch.

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