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terrorismSo Osama bin Laden is dead, I guess we can all exhale a deep breath and sleep in our beds in peace in the knowing that terrorism has finally been laid to rest, the free world is once again free!

However being of the right age and origin I seem to remember a rag tag bag of extremists with no mountains to hide in and very little political or public support terrorizing Mother England for 30 years despite the best efforts of the SAS who it must be remembered wrote the book on state sponsored terrorism.

If Ireland with only 4 million people provided more than enough recruits from it’s disenfranchised ranks to totally wreck “Great Britain’s” buzz, what problems do you imagine the vast herds of disenfranchised Muslims pose for the USA!

The harsh truth of the answer America had for the 911 problem is that it was folly at best and base stupidity at worst. The answer was force and more force!

No one ever seemed to pose the simple question: “Why would someone want to fly a jet liner full of people into a high rise office building full of people killing so many people including them self”.

And perhaps they did ask this question but didn’t like the answer that kept coming up again and again, and if you don’t know the answer then you should be watching “Dancing with the Stars” and not reading this little piece which is way above the limits of your tiny little mind.

Ireland has somewhere in the region of 4 million people who in general have no love for England, however there are enough people in a 4 million population who hate enough to be willing to die. And it must be remembered that the Irish are not historically martyr nation.

According to Wikipedia there are between 1.2 and 1.6 billion people who call themselves Muslims, or roughly one-fifth of mankind.

I wonder what kind of signal will invading a sovereign nation (Pakistan) which just happens be be Muslim and taking out a revered Muslim (Osama Bin Laden) give to this group that makes up 1/5 of the worlds population and is historically maythr based and fond of killing.

And then they drop his body into the ocean where all evidence of his actual demise is gone forever.

Something in me, some rogue grain of conspiracy asks why would you want any trace of the most wanted man since Hitler to simply vanish.

But then again why would the only airplane allowed to fly after the events of 911 be the one picking up the Bin Laden family members in America and flying them to safety in the Middle East. The Bush’s and the Bin Laden’s are not only business associates, they are close friends.

Go figure! or do what you always do, watch e news!




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