Imagined Reality

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The horrid reality of reality is that because it is image based it is by nature individual. And because it is individual it is therefore perspective based.

Reality as a collective experience does not in fact exist.

Reality is by nature and design individual. Every conscious perceiving creature has its very own perception of reality. Therefore there is no reality. There are many trillion perceptions of reality but no actual base reality.

Going further without an observer there appears to be no reality whatsoever. The awful truth is that reality only comes into being when it is observed. The rule is no observer equals no reality.

Without consciousness there is nothing. So therefore reality is merely a symptom of consciousness which in turn makes consciousness the prime mover of the universe.

Reality is that consciousness created/creates the universe so that it could/can have something to observe.

All that we consider to be real is nothing but an image projection of consciousness.

The human mind is the ultimate illusion, accepting this illusion as representing reality is the ultimate delusion.

And so it transpires that for possibly all human life reality is at best imagined and at worst delusional.

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