Is Google Screwed.

   Posted by: chris   in Fish Talk

Hasn’t anyone told Google that measuring the relevance of a page by the number of back links it has is moronic. And using this moronic logic to produce search results is a really neat way to lose your dominance of the search engine universe.

This is the very reason that most first page results for any given search are irrelevant spam designed to sell eBooks or affiliate products.

Any web master worthy of the term cellar dweller will tell you that collecting back links and Google Page rank is as easy as having your robot spam every blog on the net to death.

The choice for Google is simple, dance with the innovation or be steamrolled by it. The web is in constant flux, every day some new kid blows our minds with a neat trick, everyday the vastness of the web continues to defy gravity.

Google’s job is to provide relevant information to search inquiries. If they cannot do that then the old adage of heat and getting out of the kitchen applies.

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